Used on the Day of Issue


1/2d SG213: a fine example used on the Day of Issue, April 17th 1900.

This is the first example, not on cover, we have been able to offer.

Examples on cover we have sold for over four figures.

 An opportunity to have the First Day of Issue of this stamp in your collection

at a fraction of an on-cover price.

A rare item. 

Price: £62.00 SOLD


A colourful franking to New Zealand


1/- SG211, 5d SG207a and 1/2d SG197:

each fine/very fine and tied to a part postcard by a very fine strike

of a Fancy Geometric Type of squared circle, London E C, for November 13th 1896. 

On the reverse is an adress in Auckland, New Zealand

 with a part Auckland receiver for December 21st (1896).

A scarce cancellation and a scarce destination.

An attractive item. 

Price: £47.00


Superb unmounted mint block of SG198.



Three halfpence SG198:

superb unmounted mint top marginal block of four

 in Post Office fresh condition. 

Price: £55.00


SG201: superb unmounted mint block



Twopence halfpenny SG201:

superb unmounted mint side marginal block of four

 in Post Office fresh condition.

Printed in a shade close to that of deep purple. 

The side margin allows the blue paper to be seen to advantage.

A very attractive item.

Price:  £55.00

NB: the scan does not do justce to the shade.


A Front to Algiers 1887


Two pence halfpenny, SG 201, tied to a fine Front of the Whitaker's Almanack advertising Mulready caricature. 

The stamp is tied by a squared circle of ENFIELD for October 14th 1887. 

The destination, Algiers, makes this a rare item. 

Price:  £75.00


The apparent brown areas are a trick of the scanner

except for a few which are far fainter than the scan suggests. 


2d SG199 on a redirected registered envelope.



A clean and uncreased registered envelope from London to Plymouth.

The 1d postage has been paid by a fine 1d lilac Die 2 and the Registration fee by a very fine ‘jubilee’ 2d SG199:

the value tablet in a scarlet shade.

Each has been cancelled by a South Western District Office cds for December 15th 1899. 

There is a Registered S.W.D.O oval for December 15th 1899 applied next to, but not overlapping, the cds SWDO date stamp. 

On receipt in Plymouth, the envelope has been readdressed to Babbicombe, Torquay and a very fine 3d, SG202,

affixed to pay the postage and registration fee: it is tied by a very fine Registered Plymouth oval for December 18th 1899. 

On the reverse are six transit date stamps and, remarkably, none overlap.

The Plymouth receiver cds is for December 16th 1899; the Plymouth Registered oval is for December 18th 1899

as is the Torquay Registered oval and the Babbicombe receiver. 

There is no date for December 17th 1899 as this was a Sunday. 

An attractive and rare item with well struck date stamps none of which overlap on the front or the back.

It would make a very fine Exhibition/display page. 

Price: £285.00


SG199 is priced by Gibbons at £260 used on a stamp not on cover and a cover price, for the less scarce SG202/203,

at more than five times the used price.

Hence an estimated Gibbons price for SG199 on cover is in excess of £1,300 and that is without

the 50% premium for the very fine cds cancellation. 

The shade of the value tablet is characteristic of the SG199 from printings in the latter part of the 1890’s

and tends to be more ‘vermilion’ than that of the early printings that resulted in SG199 examples.

The scan does not do justice to the shades of this SG199 item and the envelope is cleaner than the scans.


The Alice in Wonderland Postage - Stamp - Case Invented by Lewis Carroll




When originally sold, the contents were contained within a brown printed envelope:


very flimsy which was originally torn probably when opening in a hurry to take out the contents.


The periphery has suffered but it did its job in protecting the contents as you will see from the scans. 


At least it survived and is very rare: the first we have seen.


The contents are:


A Postage – Stamp-- Case with its own enclosure and a small 39 page booklet entitled ‘Eight or Nine Wise Words about Letter Writing’ by Lewis Carroll.


The Postage-Stamp Case has on the front a superb coloured picture of Alice nursing the Duchess’s Baby. 


Carroll comments in the booklet on Letter Writing: ‘This picture of Alice is an entirely new combination as it does not occur in the book.


When the enclosure is suddenly pulled out the Baby has turned into a Pig! If that doesn’t surprise you,


why, I suppose you wouldn’t be surprised if your own Mother-in-Law suddenly turned into a Gyroscope!’ 


He goes on to write ‘the Case is not intended to carry about in your pocket.


People seldom want any other stamps than Penny-Stamps for letters, Sixpenny Stamps for telegrams and


a bit of stamp-edging for cut fingers – it makes capital sticking plaster and will stand three or four washings, cautiously conducted’.


On the reverse of the case is a coloured picture of the smiling Cheshire cat sat in a tree.


The enclosure when opened out has pockets, that according to Lewis Carroll, can hold six stamps each comfortably, with the denominations from 1/2d to a 1/-. 


With the exception of the 1d pocket, which was for the 1d lilac, the other pockets would have taken the then current Jubilee Issue values. 


Carroll further writes in the booklet: ‘What made me invent it was constantly wanting stamps of other values, than the 1d, for foreign letters, Parcel Posts etc.


Since I have possessed a ‘Wonderland Stamp Case’, life has been bright and peaceful'.


I believe the Queen’s (Victoria) laundress uses no other.  According to my experience, the 5d, 9d and 1s stamps are hardly ever wanted’.  


The condition of the Stamp Case and the enclosure with the stamp pockets and the Booklet on Letter Writing is excellent .


As said, the brown envelope did its job protecting them and despite its faults is a very rare survivor: this is the only one we have seen.


It is interesting to reflect that Lewis Carroll would have kept his Jubilee Issue stamps in such a Stamp Case. 


I do not know if his Stamp Case survived and was amongst his belongings now in various museums.


A fascinating and rare item especially in such complete and fine condition with the brown envelope 


and one that  would make an interesting and memorable Display.


Price: £375.00


NB: the browning on the Letter Writing Booklet is an effect of the scanner and is not present.


One wonders if his comment about a Mother-in-Law is a personal one!??


Dundee Registered to Aachen


A fine twopence halfpenny stationery envelope from DUNDEE to Aachen.

Registered to Germany, the additional postage paid by a fine 2d ‘Jubilee’, SG200,

and tied by a fine, and scarce, Dundee Registered oval for December 18th 1893.

This mark is also neatly struck on the reverse and a superb Aachen receiving date stamp, December 21st 1893. 

A very attractive item with none of the cancellations overlapping and displays superbly.

Price: £48.00  SOLD

NB: the 2d is in finer condition than the scan as is the envelope.


Rgistered envelope to Switzerland


A very fine registered envelope from BRADFORD, Yorks, to Switzerland, September 14th 1892. 

The twopence halfpenny postage and 2d registration fee paid by a

very fine right side marginal ‘Jubilee’, 2d SG200 and a fine twopence halfpenny SG201. 

The stamps placed Contrary to Post Office Regulations at the top left, missed the Bradford Registered oval cancellation

and were subsequently cancelled, and tied by the ‘R’ in black, with a second off the stamps. 

This is the first registered item we have been able to offer cancelled in this way.

A very scarce and attractive item. 

Price: £48.00


1/2d SG197: INVERTED Watermark


1/2d SG197, fine lightly used, very small wrinkle at the base,

with Watermark INVERTED, SG197Wi.

A rare stamp used and grossly underpriced by Gibbons at £60.

Price: £66.50


Hartlepool to Japan and redirected locations over almost a year


Two pence halfpenny, SG 201, envelope from Hartlepool to Yokohama, Japan, May 3rd 1900. 

A remarkable amount of redirection, including to India, for this letter as it followed

Mr Gill, Second Engineer to his various ports of call over an almost 12 month period!!

One wonders if he ever did receive it:

let us hope so after such effort by the various postal administrations. 

A very fine, rare and memorable display item. 

A remarkable and much-travelled survivor.

Price: £145.00

NB: in better condition than the scan and very fine considering its travels!

There is information on the internet re SS Albion, a Cargo Vessel, built in 1892.

She sank in 1908 and details are again on the internet.

From the redirection date stamps it could be possible to track the route of SS Albion




1/2d SG197Wi: an irregular unmounted mint marginal block of FORTY with INVERTED watermark,  

There is some light overall toning, much less than in the scan, and some perfs slightly overlap

on some stamps in the horizontal row next to the marginal fold as per the scan. 

In the side margin is almost the full 'POSTAGE' watermark.

In the early 1990’s, the last complete sheet of the 1/2d SG197 with inverted watermark

was reported to have been broken up.

The item offered here was acquired in 1993/4 and is from that sheet. 

From our researches it is the largest known block extant with inverted watermark and

with the exception of a control block of 48 of the 1d lilac with inverted watermark, which we also recently acquired,

there is no larger known block of any QV stamp with inverted watermark.

A remarkable, and important, Exhibition item. 

Price:  £1,775.00

NB: Gibbons, 2019, prices an unmounted mint single at £90: no price is quoted for a block of four.

The item is offered at less than half the Gibbons price as singles.


4d: strong original colours

152369. 4d SG205:

very fine/superb used block of 4 with the green in its original colour, small corner crease bottom left.

The scan does NOT do justice to the green shade. 

Light cds cancels for April 30th 1898 leaving two stamps with clear QV profiles/head.

 It has a very clean back and is well centred.

This stamp off cover is very difficult to find in such a fine condition and especially so in a block.

Gibbons prices a used block of 4 at £90 plus 50% for the cds cancellations well centred.

 A rare multiple in this condition and from our experience underpriced by Gibbons.

Price:  £55.00


Fourpence halfpenny: unmounted mint Pane of 20 from Pane G

152321.  Fourpence halfpenny SG206, a complete unmounted mint pane of 20 with margins. 

Some 3/4 stamps have light gum creases and the rest are fine.

The colours of both the head plate and duty plate are in the original shade and NOT as the scan suggests. 

The gum is NOT brownish as again the scan suggests.

On the reverse is a small offprint from another sheet of similar stamps caused when the Mill Sheet

from which this pane was printed was put on top of another when the ink was not fully dry. 

In the bottom left corner margin is a small watermark cross and on the right hand bottom margin a red coured dot. 

These features confirm that this pane of 20 comes from the bottom left of the Mill Sheet of 16 panes of 20 ie from PANE G. 

There is some marginal thinning in the top margin as per the scan but not affecting the stamps. 

An attractive item with the enhanced feature of being able to know its position on the Mill Sheet. 

Price:  £145.00  RESERVED

NB: the condition of this item is in finer condition than the scan suggests.


SG206a with Certificate


Fourpence halfpenny, SG206a, Green and Deep Bright Carmine:

with a light cds, July 1895, and tied to a small piece. 

Priced by Gibbons at £650 before the 50% premium for so lightly cancelled is added.

Offered with a clean PEGB Certificate confirming the shade.

The light cancel allows the carmine shade to be seen to advantage

and not having been soaked off has helped preserved the shades. 

Price:  £335.00

NB: the scan does not do justice to the shade


ARMY OFFICIAL: unmounted mint block of 24

152362.  1/2d SG197 overprinted ARMY OFFICIAL, SG041:

a very fine unmounted mint block of 24 from the bottom left corner of the Post Office sheet. 

Two stamps, Row 18, (11 and 12), have some creasing with the rest in very fine condition.  

Over the years this stamp has become scarce in mint blocks greater than four,

and this is one of the largest, and the finest, we have been able to offer. 

Gibbons prices a mint block of 4 at £40.  

An attractive and rare/very scarce item especially in such fine condition. 

Price:  £150.00  SOLD


10d SG210 a USED Pane of 20

152228. 10d SG210 a superb used full pane of 20 with margins.

 Cancelled by superb upright Guernsey, Gibbons G56, parcel post sans –serif strikes all neatly applied. 

There is a large watermark cross in the bottom right corner: indicating that the pane is from

the left half of the Mill Sheet and from a Pane ‘D’ position on the issued Post Office sheet of four panes of 20. 

The arrangement of the interpane pillars shows those of the Second Marginal Setting.

The purple rules cut away at the corners are rounded showing the printing is from for Head Plate 1:

in Head Plate 2 the rules are cut sharply on the diagonal.

There is apparently a date cut in the purple rule at the right which we have never seen on this 10d value mint or used.  

There is no mention of any such breaks in the Jubilee line in the ‘De La Rue Years’ by Wiseman. 

The colours of the purple and carmine are excellent and the purple is as deep as we have seen on any mint examples.

As per the scan of the reverse side, a few perfs have been strengthened with small hinges.

That so few perfs have been strengthened, bearing in mind the pane has been removed from its original parcel, is remarkable.

There is a light horizontal crease/wrinkling on Row 3.

Only four complete used panes that are known to exist and all used in Guernsey with this same parcel post cancellation.

We have seen each and sold one of them some time ago but its condition was nowhere near as fine as this one.

The pane of 20 offered here is by far the finest of those extant and the only one with such clear upright Guernsey strikes.

 A truly exceptional item and considerably rarer than mint panes from Setting 2. 

A very attractive and memorable item of Exhibition importance.  

Price:  £1,685.00

NB: the scan does not bring out the colours or their freshness.

The top interpane margins is much cleaner than in the scan. 

The left interpane margin appears to have been guillotined before issue.


Jubilee Issue on envelope to Paris from the 1890 July 2nd Exhibition

152113.  1/2d SG197 and 2d SG200( fault bottom left corner), on a very clean envelope to PARIS from the Exhibition.

The stamps tied by the special Exhibition cancellation: the Calais transit cds for July 3rd 1890 has been

considerately applied between the Exhibition cancellations. On the reverse is a Paris Distribution cds for this same date. 

An attractive item and scarce to an overseas destination from this Exhibition. 

Price:  £67.50  SOLD

NB: the 2d is close to or at SG199; the scan does not do justice to the very fine green colour.


1/- SG211: block of 4 and a pair

151979. 1/- SG211: a partially severed block of four and a pair

attached to a small piece of a linen envelope, some light wrinkling and overlapping of perfs. 

Cancelled by six Glasgow cds’s for October 23rd 1890. 

Very fine colour and priced by Gibbons for a block of four and two singles at £560

which increases to £840 when the cds premium is added. 

Price:  £85.00   

NB: the green colour is very fine which the scan does not show.


5d Die 1

151951.  1887 5d Die 1 SG 207: fine used 

block of 4, London cds’s on each stamp, August 17 1888.

Very scarce stamp in a block, and

              priced by Gibbons at £260 including premium for cds cancels. 

Price: £78.00 


                                                                                                      SG213 Block of 9: largest known block used on the DAY of ISSUE                                                                                                        

       151949.  1/2d SG213, superb used BLOCK of 9, tied to a registered envelope from London to Budapest.  

The registration fee of 2d and the ordinary postage of 2 1/2d, paid by a superb block of nine 1/2d green

and tied by Charing Cross Registered Ovals for APRIL 17 1900 – the DAY OF ISSUE.

On the reverse is another Charing Cross Registered April 17 1900 date stamp

and a Budapest arrival cds for April 20 1900.  

The largest multiple of this value we have previously seen, used on its Day of Issue, is a marginal pair

which we sold in 1986 on a cover to New Zealand and

a block of 4 that we saw in an International Exhibition in 1995: the latter was not on cover.

In the 2017 Booth FDC Catalogue, a single on cover with a First Day cds is priced at £1,800.

A single example on a postcard, used locally within London,

sold inclusive of the Buyers Premium for £1,426 at a London sale in October 2017.

A considerable rarity and the largest block extant of SG213,

or any other Jubilee value, used on its Day of Issue.

It would make a truly memorable Exhibition item.

Price:  £2,985.00  SOLD

NB: from our researches, we can find only one larger multiple of ANY QV value used on its Day of Issue:

the well known block of ten 1d blacks used on May 6th 1840.

The browning effects on the front are a trick of the scanner and the browning on the reverse is much paler than in the scan 


Deep grey-green printing: rare used block of 6

151482.  2d SG200, superb block of SIX, tied to piece by

a Registered Cannon Street BO oval for August 29th 1896 with 1/2d SG197. 

The 2d's are printed in the scarce deep-grey green shade, SG SpecK30(4). 

Gibbons prices a used block of 4 in this shade at £170 and

with the lightly used premium of 50%, at £255. Pro rata for a block of 6, the figure is £380. 

This is the finest and largest used block of this scarce shade we have seen. 

Price:  £95.00 SOLD

NB; the scan does not do justice to the shades or condition.


Very Rare Money Office: no number in diamond in oval of bars

151501.  6d SG208, three pairs and three single on piece:

each stamp cancelled by the 'diamond in oval - no number' variety,

Parmenter, 'Barred Numerals of London', Page 294, the Money Order Office, London.

Each stamp has also been pen cancelled over the oval in bars. 

Parmenter gives this cancellation the highest rarity 'H' grading: very few exist, 

and notes that it has been recorded on stamp only

A remarkable and extremely rare item that is likely to be unique with

a multiple usage in this size.

Price:  £225.00

NB: we have seen only one other multiple of the 6d used with this

cancellation and vertical pen line and that in a block of 4.


Block of 12: Liverpool Roller.

        151499.   SG197, fine/very fine used Block of 12:


cancelled by neatly applied three lines of the LIVERPOOL roller canceller used on parcels.


Very clean reverse with two stamps very light wrinkles.


Attractive and scarce so fine in this size of multiple and with NO perf separation. 


Price: £55.00


Block of 12: Hackney Parcel.

           151500.  SG213, superb used Block of 12, HACKNEY, London, double ring cancellation used on parcels.


Extremely clean reverse with two small hinge remnants and NO perf separation.


A superb deep colour. 


Very scarce/rare so fine in such a large block. 


Price: £46.00


Hand illustrated envelope with contents

151661.   Envelope, trimmed very slightly at the base, used locally within Leeds,

two 1/2d SG197, tied Leeds duplex, July 23rd 1895. 

Fine hand drawn sketch on the front of the envelope - roughly opened on the reverse top flap.

Contents are a printed letter from the Yorkshire Union of Institues and Yorkshire Village LIbrary.

The letter also has, after 'Yours truly', a sketch of the sender, Frank Curzon, instead of his signature.

From our researches, we are aware of one other of his letters, not hand illustrated, also 'signed' in this way.

The sketch has incorporated two Jubilee issue stamps.

In finer condition than the scan. 

An unusual item. 

Price:  £90.00  SOLD

NB: we can not recall seeing a letter signed with a drawing of the sender.


  9d SG209


151870.  9d SG209, superb unmounted mint left side marginal example

in Post Office fresh condition.

Price £60.00




151875.  4d SG205a, used example with only a trace of cancellation at the top. 

A damaged top corner but it has INVERTED watermark. 

Priced by Gibbons at £650 and at £975 with the 50% premium for so lightly cancelled.

There is a small paper adhesion bottom left and an area on the front

where it might have been hinged for displaying the reverse.  

The green is slightly pale but a collectable example of a   

 rarely offered watermark variety.     

Price: £95.00

NB: the green of the head plate is much greener than the scan. 


British Levant: used in BEYROUT


151817.  SG5 5d Die 2, overprinted 80 paras, superb/very fine used block of 4 cancelled virtually by

a single central BEYROUT Britsh Post Office hooded circle date stamp for  August 1 (18)98. 

Parmenter in 'GB Used Abroad' records this cancellation in use to February 1906.  

Very attractive and very scarce in such superb condition. 

Price: £46.00  SOLD


Oil Rivers Niger coast Protectorate


151818.   Niger Coast Protectorate Oil Rivers: SG5, 5d Die 2, superb unmounted mint block of 4.

Because of the climate on the Niger Coast, these overprinted

‘Jubilee’ issue stamps were sent from Britain between blotting paper.

Consequently, mint stamps often have reddish fibres on the gum from the blotting paper. 

There is some slight evidence of this on the reverse.

 In the Gibbons ‘Great Britain Numbers Issued1840-1910’ by Rikki Hyde,

the number of the Oil Rivers Protectorate overprints  is given. 

For the 5d only 33,540 were printed. 

A superb item.

Price: £100.00  SOLD


2d Value Tablet in the INTENSE CARMINE SHADE


151609a. 2d SG 200 in the Intense Carmine Shade:

a truly superb and exceptional unmounted mint marginal block of 12, printed

  in the deepest intense carmine shade we have seen

in more than 40 years of specialising in the 'Jubilee' issue.

The broken marginal rules, of the third and final marginal setting, show the colour to advantage.

This distinctive and known colour variety is as yet unpriced by Gibbons

even though they occasionally offer mint examples for sale. 

From our considerable experience of the 'Jubilee' issue, we can say with certainty that

this shade is significantly scarcer than the listed Green and Scarlet, SG199,

priced by Gibbons at £550 for an unmounted mint single stamp.

This is the second largest known block in this rare shade that we have seen:

we sold the largest known block, one of 15, in 1996.

A fabulous item for which the scan does not do justice to the shades. 

Price: £1,685.00

NB: the green is much stronger than the scan and is in its original colour.


Penny Letter Card: second day of usage

151750.  1d Letter Card pale carmine printed on pastel blue card:

superb complete example, no message inside, sent from London to Antwerp.

The two pence halfpenny postage made up with a 1d lilac and a Jubilee 1/2d SG197. 

All cancelled by very fine London E C scrolls for FEBRUARY 12th 1892 - the SECOND DAY of issue.

First Day of Issue examples sell for up to £2,000. 

Booths Catalogue, 2017 Edition, prices a FDI at £2,150. 

A rare item especially in such superb, and complete, condition.    

Price: £275.00 SOLD

NB. The scan does not show the pastel blue colour at all well.

The earliest usage of a Jubilee issue stamp we have seen on this Letter Card.


1/- SG214: superb unmounted mint

151738.  1/- SG214:

superb unmounted mint vertical pair in Post Office issued condition. 

The scan does not do justice to the superb fresh original colours. 

Price: £120.00


4d from bottom right corner of the Mill Sheet

151272.  4d, SG 205, very fine block of 6, 5 stamps UNMOUNTED,

and the sixth very very lightly mounted.

Couple of light gum wrinkles but an attractive corner marginal positional piece.

The small cross in the bottom left corner indicates that this block was

from the pane 'H' position on the bottom right corner of the Mill Sheet.  

Price: £220.00


The next SIX items all show examples of Jubilee issue values in unusual combinations

with earlier issues eg line engraved and surface printed as well as on rare Late Box mail.


Two different 1d Fiscals with 1/2d on a Registered Envelope

151576.   2d embossed envelope: very fine and registered from London to Germany, April 17th 1893. 

The additional twopence halfpenny postage fee paid with a 1/2d SG197 and two different 1d fiscal stamps:

1d SG F19 (issued initially in 1868) and 1d SG F22 (issued initially in 1878) tied with Registered WCDO cds's.

 F19 priced by Gibbons on cover at £140 and F22 at £120 - priced in the latest, 2011, Edition of QV Volume 1. 

A rare usage of two different fiscal issues. 

An attractive and rare item.

Price:  £110.00


First Day of usage: Edward 7th 1/2d and 1d on Victorian Envelope

151538.   KEV11, two 1/2d's and 1d used on a fine Registered item sent within London, January 1st 1902 - the Day of Issue.

Used in combination with the 1/2d SG213 that was being replaced. 

Unusually a label issued to commemorate Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897 also attached. 

Attractive and scarce item. 

Price:  £275.00


Very Late Usage 1d SG40: 1890

151376.  Registered envelope from London to New York City, March 17th 1890 (St Patrick's Day):

the 2d registration fee and the two pence halfpenny postage charge paid by a 1/2d SG197 and

TWO pairs of 1d SG 40, originally a block of 4, 'HH-II'. 

SG40 issued in 1857 so a very late usage of this stamp. 

'II' perfs damaged on the letter being opened, overlapped onto the back of the envelope,

and 'HI' crossed by a registered blue crayon but 'HH-IH' are very fine. 

Registered SMP (London) ovals for March 17th 1890. 

The latest usage of 1d SG40 on registered mail we have seen. 

Rare item. which displays well.

Price: £140.00


Liverpool LATE BOX

151339.  UPU card to Germany, written in German from H Raschen & Co Liverpool, 30/11/89. 

A 1/2d SG197 added as a Late Fee payment and cancelled by the

Liverpool Station LATE BOX hooded cancel for November 30th 1889. 

Parmenter in his book on Late Fee Mail records this as Die 2 and

is only seen on Foreign mail and rated RARE.

 Diagonal light creasing at the bottom right corner but otherwise fine/very fine. 

Together with The Manchester Late Box item 151371, these are the first examples

 on full cover of this type of Late Fee cancellation we have been able to offer for a number of years.   

Price: £220.00  SOLD


Manchester LATE BOX

151371.  Very fine clean envelope from Manchester to Zurich, Switzerland.

The 5d postage paid by 2d SG200 and 3d SG203. 

The 1/2d SG197 has been added to pay the LATE FEE. 

Each has been cancelled by the MANCHESTER LATE BOX Hooded Circle date stamp.

Parmenter in his book on Late Fee Cancellations notes that this

cancellation with Code A as the first type and in use to March 1898;

he rates it as scarce but from our experience we would put it in the Rare category.

What adds to its rarity is that the date slugs are in the wrong place:

the 19 should be alongside October with the year in two numerals at the far right hand side. 

In this example the day has been put where the year should be and the year is missing completely! 

This variety is unrecorded by Parmenter and  almost certainly this error

would soon have been picked up as there was no year date indicated.

 We know it to be October 19th 1895 because of the receiver cds on the reverse.  

Clearly a rare item and in excellent condition. 

Price:  £275.00  SOLD

NB: this item would go well with the Liverpool Late Box item 151339.


Late usages on Registered Envelope to Germany.

151467.  February 2nd 1891: 2d SG200 used with 1d red imperf, 1d plate 160 and 2d SG168

on One Penny embossed envelope, Registered to Germany. 

Small part of top flap removed but late usages

of SG8, SG 43 and SG168. 

Some faults but a rare example of a late usage of

line engraved, surface printed with a current Jubilee issue stamp.

 Price: £175.00

NB: envelope in better condition than the scan.


An attractive and very scarce/rare combination

151301.  2/6d SG178 together with a pair of 10d SG210:

fine used and tied to piece by the Lombard Street LS/6 duplex

for October 6th 1893, rated uncommon by Parmenter.

The 2/6 has a very small corner wrinkle/crease bottom left corner. 

A very scarce/rare combination especially so on an original piece. 

Price: £70.00  SOLD


Rare combination

151356.  5/- SG181, fine used with 5d Die 2 SG207a:

the latter with some light wrinkling/creasing.

Tied to piece by the Lombard Street squared circle for October 3rd 1897.

The 5/- is in a superb and very deep shade. 

Very scarce/rare combination.     

Price: £79.50

NB: the scan does not do justice to the shade of the 5/-.


Control P: used block on piece

151691.  1/2d SG197, Control P, imperf margins, fine/very fine used block of five

tied to part front and rear flap by Ealing squared circles, October 22nd 1897,

and by an Indian Overland Postage Due 5. 

On reverse  is a Calcutta date stamp for November 8th 1897. 

Very scarce/rare item. 

Price  £68.00  SOLD


Control O with variety: block of 5 on envelope

151692.  1/2d SG197, Control O, imperf margins, fine/very fine used block of five, Ealing squared circle March 19th 1897,

on envelope to Colchester, rear flap missing, no postal markings on reverse. 

The Control stamp shows the variety, 'dot in oval under 'H', Spec K27: the cancellation leaves the variety clear. 

Have previously not seen this variety in other than a used single and never on a cover. 

Rare item. 

Price:  £125.00  SOLD

NB: this is a brown envelope but an even colour overall and not 'patchy' as in the scan.


Control O: corner strip of five

151697.  1/2d SG197, Control O, imperf margins:

a remarkable strip of five with four TONBRIDGE cds's for July 28th 1896. 

The central stamp has a light vertical crease and the overall condition is finer than the scan. 

Marginal red dot in the side margin. 

A very rare multiple and the longest used control strip from this issue we have seen. 

Price:  £135.00   SOLD


The unique block with DUBLIN CITY perfin: top row is INVERTED

151669.  1/2d SG213 a fine/very fine used block of SIXTEEN,

a few stamps with light creases/wrinkles, tied to a piece by

Dame Street DUBLIN cds's for 27th September 1901.

 Each stamp perfinned by the distinctive and scarce CITY of DUBLIN Arms design

illustrated in 'The Handbook of British Perfins' by Nelson. 

There is no separation of the perfs horizontally between the rows.

The top row has the perfins INVERTED the bottom row are UPRIGHT: 

this may have occured because a sheet or large block of stamps

was folded in two before the perfinning of the stamps. 

Examination of the horizontal join of this block does show evidence that it was folded along this join. 

The last time we were able to offer an example of this City of Dublin perfin was in 2001.

This was on a single used 1d lilac: the perfin was upright and it sold for £18. 

A very rare item indeed which is likely to be unique. 

Price:  £285.00

NB: the item is finer than the scan suggests.



151388.  SG198, IMPRIMATUR:

very fine lightly mounted mint with full margins:

the scan does not show the very fine green of the Duty Plate. 

The Duty Plate in the definitive condition before any wear and tear.

Priced by Gibbons at £725 in their latest, 2011, Edition of QV Volume 1. 

A rare example in such fine condition. 

Price:  £435.00  


SG198: Deformed Leaf Variety, Spec K29e, and pre-repair states



151657.  SG198, three halfpence, five mounted mint examples, some creasing, gum creases and hinge remains.

The first example shows the duty plate in fine condition without wear:

the second, third and fourth examples, show wear around the leaves and damage to berries at the left side. 

These are pre-repair states of the well-known variety: Spec K29e 'Deformed leaf, Duty Plate 4, Row 19/1'.

The wear was such that the first leaf above the Duty Tablet at the left was, very badly, redrawn,

 and a number of the leaves at the left were strengthened. 

The fifth stamp, with brownish gum, shows this variety, Spec K29e,

which Gibbons prices at £800 in the latest Edition, 2011, of QV Volume 1. 

The pre-repair state examples are rare and the first we have seen. 

A very rare grouping. 


NB: the enlarged image of K29e is from a mint block we previously sold.


SG198: States of the Major Retouch Variety, Spec K29f, and pre-repair


151658.  SG198: these three examples show progressive damage/wear to the Duty Plate

and are rare pre-repair states of the Major Retouch Variety, Spec K29f .

The two fine/very fine non-marginals are mounted mint, with the right hand one having a very small gum thin. 

The interpanneau marginal example, Row 10 stamp 2, is superb unmounted mint. 

The wear to the left of the large '1' is very apparent in each stamp as is

the damage around, and at at the top of, the large figure '1'. 


These three examples are ALL Spec K29f: 'Retouch left of tablet and around large figure 1, (Duty Plate 4, R 10/2)'.

From left to right the amount of retouching of the Duty Plate increases suggesting that the retouched plate was

further retouched at different times as the retouched area suffered wear.

All these attemts were to prolong the lifetime of the Duty Plate and so reduce costs.

The variety in the left hand stamp of the three, is virtually identical to the image of it in

Gibbon's QV Volume 1, the latest Edition, (2011), page 264. 

The first stamp from the left is very fine/fine mounted mint,

the second stamp is fine/very fine mounted mint with a hinge remnant

and the marginal pair from Row 10 stamps 1/2 is very fine, very lightly, mounted mint but the variety stamp has a

diagonal crease at the bottom right corner area and can be seen in the scan crossing the interpanneau margin. 

Gibbon's prices Spec K29f at £800 mounted mint in 2011, QV Volume 1. 

In our experience, although priced by Gibbons at the same figure as K29e,

the Deformed Leaf variety, K29f is the rarer. 

A truly remarkable and extremely rare grouping showing: the progressive deterioration of the Duty Plate;

the attempt to repair it and the subsequent further repairs that were required to stop the Duty Plate from having to be replaced. 

A unique grouping the like of which we have never previously seen.



Major Retouch: Spec M8d

151668.  SG211, fine/very fine used with a Windsor cds for April 14th 1903. 

The stamp shows the listed variety, Spec M8d:

'Retouch left of value tablet and around large figure '1', Plate 4, Row 10 stamp 2'.

The example here shows enormous wear/damage to the retouched area of the duty tablet;

 the most extensive we have seen and also shows the 'falling leaf' variety to the left of the tablet. 

This variety bears witness to the decline in De La Rue's standards.

Forcing the plates until printing was not just poor but impossibe, meant stamps appeared which defeated

the careful work put into ensuring they were perfect when accepted by the authorities, ie when proofed.

Duty Plate 4 was eventually destroyed on June 28th 1904. 

This variety is unpriced used by Gibbons in the latest, 2015 Edition, Volume 2,

'King Edward V11 to George V1'  but at £350 for mounted mint.  



Unrecorded Duty Plate Proof?


151643.  Duty Plate only on perforated,ungummed and watermarked paper.

Gibbons lists De La Rue proofs of the Duty Plate only, with no date markings, for QV and Edward V11 values

There is no reference to a Duty Plate on an ungummed, watermarked and perforated stamp.

Perhaps this was done as the next stage in trialling it on the ungummed watermarked paper?

Have not seen such an example and can find no record of

this variety appearing previously for sale.

A rarity in superb condition.


NB: the scan does not do justice to the clarity of the Duty Plate strike.


INVERTED Watermark


151647.  Corner block of Six, SG197, with INVERTED Watermark. 

Very fresh and lightly mounted on the top right stamp, the rest are unmounted.

Some diagonal creasing affects two of the bottom stamps as seen in the scan. 

A very scarce positional block with this watermark variety.

Price:  £220.00


INVERTED Watermark

151648.  A superb unmounted mint block in Post Office fresh condition.

Very scarce/rare to find blocks in this condition.

Gibbons prices a single unmounted mint at £90:

no price is quoted for a block of four. 

Price:  £225.00


Double Frame Line variety

151645.  2d SG200, mounted mint pair:

 very faint age marks affecting a few top perfs but more obvious on the reverse. 

The right hand stamp is a superb example of the listed variety,

Spec K30b, 'Double Frame Line at Left, Head Plate 5, Row 20/12'. 

Not very clear in the scan, but the doubling of the frame line runs fully from top to bottom. 

Priced as mounted mint by Gibbons in the latest edition, 2011, QV Volume 1, at £325.

 Price:  £145.00


2d Green and Scarlet


151646.  2d SG199, fine unmounted mint block of 4: blunt corner perfs top two stamps.

From the colour of the Duty Tablet this block is possibly from the earlier printings of this value.

The bottom pair are very fine.

Priced by Gibbons at £550 for an unmounted mint SINGLE in this shade.

From the shade of the value tablet, this block is from the early printings in 1887.

Price: £675.00

NB: the scan does not do justice to the colours.




151644.  2d SG200, a very fine unmounted mint block of 4:

the top right stamp has a small preprinting paper crease near the top

and some offsetting from another stamp. 

The Duty Tablet has been printed in an INTENSE CARMINE SHADE

and the ink is almost suffusing through the paper as seen in the scan.

Unlisted by Gibbons but offered for sale by them on occasion. 

The deep intensity of the carmine is such that it could well come

from the same printing and sheet as the unmounted block of 12, Item 151609a. 

Scroll up to view it. 

Price:  £450.00

NB: the scan does not do justice to the shades.


Unique multiple usage: November 1911.

151577.  Large envelope, 31.5cm by 13cm, used locally in BRIGHTON, November 23rd 1911 with Brighton cds's on the reverse. 

The 8d franking is made up of a 1d SG166, a 1/2d SG 187, the entire top row of 12 of 1/2d SG213

and a single from the interpane area of the sheet with vertical pillars. 

The 1d SG166 was issued on January 1st 1880 and replaced by the 1d lilac the following year. 

The 1/2 SG187 was issued on April 1st 1884 and replaced by the 1/2d vermilion on January 1st 1887.

SG166 and SG187 were demonitized on June 1st 1901. 

Although not demonitized until July 1st 1915, SG213 was replaced on January 1st 1902 by the KE 7th issue.  

A remarkable and unique item in fine condition for its size. 

A memorable Exhibition item!!  



Unofficial Adverising Ring on full cover.

151559. 1d pink envelope with an UNOFFICIAL advertising ring for

 'Publishers of the Permanent Stamp Album Brighton'

with a 1d lilac and a 'Jubilee' 1/2d vermilion tied by the Preston Rd, Brighton duplex, May 29th 1891.

The envelope was sent to Rotterdam with a Rotterdam receiving cds on the reverse for May 30th 1891. 

The envelope has been opened at the base not the top and has a small peripheral fault at the centre top. 

This adverising ring is illustrated by Arundel in 'Advertising Rings'.

His listing for this one is 36.2, 'the 1d pink envelope with an Orange Ring'.

It is priced at £75 for a cut out example and he comments

that the price on cover for the scarcer ones,

of which this is one, is 4 to 10 times the cut out price.

 A rare item and one of the few Unofficial examples

we have been able to offer on full cover. 

Price:  £280.00 

NB: the brown mark at the top is not as pronounced as in the scan.


1/- SG211: the Earliest Known Usage

151563. 1/- green, SG211: a fine/very fine example in a

TRUE deep green shade which the scan does not show.

Tied to a small piece by a London EC scroll for JANUARY 2nd 1887. 

This stamp was issued on January 1st 1887 and in 40 years of

specialising in the 'Jubilee' issue, this is the EARLIEST usage we have seen.

This is reflected in the Booth 2017 catalogue of FDC's which

does NOT quote for this stamp used on its day of issue.

A rarity. 



A franked stamp fraudulenty used

151337. Mourning envelope to London, 1d postage paid by two 'Jubilee' 1/2ds, SG197. 

The left hand one has been lightly used previously and this is the

only instance we have seen of any 'Jubilee' issue being reused in this way. 

It got through the system and cancelled by a very fine and scarce

Rock-Ferry Birkenhead square circle for June 16th 1892. 

Price:  £63.50


SG214: scarce block fine colour.

151540.   SG214, fine/good used block of four:

some creasing/wrinkling but priced by Gibbons at £700. 

The green is much deeper than in the scan. 

Price:  £60.00


5d SG207a: used on a Registered Wooden Box/Crate

151495.  5d SG207a (Die 2):

tied to part of a wooden case/box by a Registered Oval - date unclear.

Addressed to The Town Clerk, EXETER. 

Remarkable item of which we have never previously seen the like!! 

An interesting display item that would promote discussion!

Very rare/unique usage.

Price:  £75.00


FIRST VOYAGE of S S MANHATTAN, August 10th 1932:

151491FIRST VOYAGE of S S MANHATTAN, August 10th 1932:

clean and uncreased envelope carried on the SS Manhattan and

posted on board at Plymouth back to America.

Remarkably, in Plymouth a block of 4, SG213 of the 'Jubilee' Issue

 which was invalidated for postal use by the Post Office on July 1st 1915, 

was affixed and neatly cancelled by a Plymouth cds for August 19th 1932.

The envelope was also franked by a USA 3c which was cancelled

on arrival in the USA by a Newark cancellation for September 14th 1932,

Newark, New Jersey cds in purple on the reverse. 

Very unusual and scarce item. 

Price:  £58.50  SOLD

NB: there is a wealth of pictures and information about this famous ship on the internet.


151271.  1 1/2d, SG198: superb UNMOUNTED mint, Post Office fresh, block of 6. 



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