the 1d LILAC Issues 


6d Plate 8 SG108: used before the official date of issue


4d, SG93 plate 11 and 6d SG108 plate 8 'JA', on a piece to Mauritius, London EC duplex for MARCH 5th 1869, and a handstruck '1d' in red. 

The 6d plate 8 was issued on MARCH 8th 1869 and so the example here was used 3 days before its official issue date.

The handstruck '1d' would appear to indicate a Late Fee payment.

The piece was posted to MAURITIUS: Messrs.Ireland Fraser and Co who had an Office in Port Louis:the internet has information and photos about this Company. 

The second piece almost certainly was sent to the same address in Mauritius with a similar franking, 4d SG93 and 6d plate 8 SG108: 10d was the single rate to Mauritius at that time.

London EC duplexes for March 18th 1869 and the 6d is lettered 'IA', the position of the stamp on the sheet is directly above 'JA', the latter used on March 5th 1869. 

This would suggest that almost certainly both stamps were bought on the same day ie March 5th 1869, 3 days before the official date of release.

In 'GB Surface Printed P0stage Stamps 1855-1883' by Galland and Louis, only TWO examples are listed of the pre-issue of any surface printed stamps:

6d SG146 plate 13 and 6d plate 8 SG108 on a small piece the latter with the same date of March 5th 1869 as the item offered here.

A remarkable rarity that would make a memorable Exhibition item. 

Price:  £1,385.00


Piece to Mauritius with a rare franking combination


3d SG77, 6d plate 4 SG85 and 1/- SG90: tied to a large piece by MANCHESTER duplexes for October 26th 1864. 

On the reverse is a Mauritius date stamp for November 26th 1864.

The addressee was: Messr. Ireland, Fraser and Co whose Office was located in Post Louis:

information and photos of this Company are available on the internet. 

A rare combination of stamps and the first we can recall sent to Mauritius. 

A rare item. 

Price: £275.00

NB: see 152279 as it would make an outstanding pair of Exhibition items.


The rare Plate 17

152291.  21/2d SG141 Plate 17.

A fine/very fine example on a clean wrapper from London to Lille, February 4th 1880:

the day before the change of colour to the 21/2d blue, SG142. 

The SG141 was issued in 1880 and the example offered here at February 4th 1880 is the earliest usage we have seen

Priced by Gibbons in the latest QV Volume 1, 2011 Edition, at £550 on cover and is undervalued in our experience. 

The duplex leaves the plate number clearly visible. 

A rare item. 

Price:  £310.00


6d SG147 Dotted Circle to New Zealand: rare combination

152292.  6d Plate 15 SG147: very fine/fine tied to a

flimsy envelope from Edinburgh to Mount Ida, NEW ZEALAND

by an Edinburgh Type A9 dotted circle, January 4th 1877, codes 14 Y.

The envelope has peripheral faults and a part missing of the front at the right. 

Arundel does not record Edinburgh, Dundee or Greenock Type 1 with any dotted circle cancellation on a 6d value

and only Greenock Type 2 is recorded on a 6d SG147 and that on a letter to Portugal.

The superb handstruck deficient postage, with a fine and surcharge of 1/-, is illustrated by

Johnson in 'Unpaid and Underpaid Mail of England and Wales', number H4. 

This London mark he rates as rare or important enough to be in any serious collection of the subject. 

A superb and rare Exhibition item with a likely unique combination of features. 

Price:  £220.00


1d Lilac Ship Letter from Teneriffe 1900

152235.  1d lilac Die 2, tied to a picture postcard from TENERIFFE to Edinburgh, by a LONDON SHIP LETTER cds, December 8th 1900. 

Interesting message on the reverse showing it was written on board RMS RAGLAN CASTLE, November 30th 1900. 

The photo of the Raglan Castle is available on the internet with more information. 

An fine item that would make an interesting Display page. 

Price:  £48.50 

NB: the apparent age stains are far fainter than in the scan. 


1d SG166: Offset with different letterings


152268.  1d SG166: with an exceptional offset, no gum. 

The stamp is lettered 'QA' BUT the offset stamp is lettered 'KA'. 

This stamp is rarely found  with an an offset BUT this is the

ONLY example we have seen or can find from our researches,

with the offset having different letterings to the original printed stamp. 

A unique item? that would display well. 

Price:  £185.00

NB: the front of the stamp has been mounted for display and has the marks from the hinge.


5/- Plate 4: the UNIQUE Missing Design

152223.  5/- rose plate 4, SG130, 'GE':

some slight wrinkling with a Mark Lane London Registered Oval date stamp April 3 1884,

The famous and unique example with a large portion of the design missing

caused by under-inking of the plate on three sides of the design.

This remarkable ‘Dry Plate’ variety was first published in ‘British Postage Stamp Varieties Illustrated’

by Alcock and Meredith in 1949 and illustrated on page 14; after 70 years it remains the only known example.  

It has been featured in various publications over the years a notable one being, with an illustration,

in an article by H W Fisher in the Great Britain Philatelic Society’s ‘GB Journal’ in May 1965;

a photocopy of this article is provided with the item. 

One of the outstanding and unique surface printed rarities. 

Rarer and with more visual impact than any of the surface printed abnormals as it is unique. 

An unusual opportunity to acquire one of the, if not the, rarest of all surface printed varieties.  

An Important and memorable Exhibition item.   

Price: £6,285.00  


1d Lilac Die 2: Inverted Watermark


1d lilac Die 2 SG172:

very fine used with a '130' cds of ECCLEFECHAN, February 7th 1891, and an Inverted Watermark. 

A very scarce variety and grossly underpriced by Gibbons in their catalogues. 

One of the finest examples we have been able to offer.

Price:  £58.00


Superb example: SG137 £5 Orange 

15183.  £5 Orange, SG137: 

a very attractive example of this popular high value, superb colour and perfs,

cancelled with a finely struck 1896 Edinburgh cds leaving a clear Queen’s profile. 

Excellent overall condition with possibly a very minor rub on the reverse in the top left corner. 

One of the finest we have seen for some time and the scan does not do it justice. 

Gibbons priced at £4,750 without the 75% for superb used!!

Price: £2,150.00

NB: there is NOT a crease under the cancellation as the scan may be suggesting: it is the watermark.


6d SG84: Error of Watermark


152243.   6d SG84d, Plate 3, 'TF', Error of Watermark, 3 roses and a thistle. 

A defective example, closed tear at the left, but a very collectable example

of this rare variety with the London cancellation leaving a full clear profile.  

Priced by Gibbons at £8,000 and offered at a small percentage of this figure.

The rose emblem replacing in error the shamrock can be clearly seen on the reverse.

Price: £385.00


6d SG84: Error of Watermark


152241.  6d SG84d, Plate 3, 'TF', Error of Watermark, 3 roses and a thistle.

A very fine/superb used example, very minor crease/wrinkle at the bottom,

lightly cancelled by the upright '159' numeral of GLASGOW. 

Priced by Gibbons at £8,000, this is arguably one of the, if not the,

finest example extant of this rarity. 

Exhibition quality. 

Price: £2,680.00


6d SG84: Watermark Error Shamrock MISSING


152245.  6d SG84c, Plate 3, 'TF', Watermark Error, shamrock emblem missing;

this error can be clearly seen on the reverse side.  Listed by Gibbons but unpriced.

There are only two other examples known of this rarity. 

One has a London Chief Office numeral and the other appeared in a Grosvenor Auction in November 2002.

It was illustated, Lot 2070, and fully described with its faults:

a vertical crease at the left; tone spots on some perfs and a few very short perfs almost trimmed.

It was cancelled by a Liverpool '466' and sold for £4,750 inclusive of the Buyers' Premium. 

The example offered here is very fine except for a light horizontal crease below 'Postage'.

 Cancelled by the '114' of DUNDEE, it is a far finer example than that sold at auction 17 years ago!  

An exceptional surface printed rarity and a wonderful display item.

Price: £4,285.00 

NB: a precursor to the error: the missing shamrock replaced by a rose, SG84d.

This and the next item, SG85 with a similar error variety, would make a truly remarkable and unique pair.


6d SG85: Watermark Error Missing Shamrock


152246.  6d SG85, Plate 4, 'TF', Watermark Error, MISSING SHAMROCK. 

The error is clear on the reverse side. 

This is the ONLY KNOWN EXAMPLE and unlisted by Gibbons.

It is cancelled by a '46' in diamond and bars and is fine used: the colour is better than in the scan.

There is one example known of the missing shamrock replaced by a rose emblem

which is listed by Gibbons as SG 85d but unpriced. 

An outstanding surface printed rarity and a wonderful display item.

Price: £4,785.00

NB: a precursor to the error: the missing shamrock replaced by a rose, SG85d. 

This item and the previous one, SG84c with a similar error variety, would make a truly remarkable and unique pair.


4d SG66: cancelled Contrary to Post Office Regulations


152231.  4d SG66, a very fine pair:

cancelled Contrary to Post Office Regulations by a single '530' of MILNTHORPE, Westmorland.

The stamps show evidence of dry printing.

Attractive and very scarce item.

Price; £58.50


4d SG66: cancelled by the Calais transit cds

152232.  4d SG66 very fine/fine pair: 

unfranked in London, date stamp April 27th 1857 on reverse,

hence each stamp cancelled by the AMB CALAIS date stamp, April 28th 1857.  

A clean small envelope addressed to Poste Restant, Lisbon.

Very rare to find a French date stamp having to be used in this way. 

An Exhibition item.

Price:  £325.00


Glasgow Experimental Duplex, 'Madeleine Smith', on Transatlantic Envelope


152239.  1/- SG71, DEEP GREEN, tied to a clean envelope from GLASGOW to New York by a fine strike of

the Glasgow EXPERIMENTAL DUPLEX, February 6th 1857:

there are no postal markings on reverse but an embossed 'The Queens Hotel Glasgow'. 

In m/s red is 'over 1/2oz' with a red signature alongside and in black '38 cents' and '48' charges. 

This item would have been carried on the Cunarder 'ASIA' which sailed from

Liverpool on February 7th 1857 arriving in New York on February 22nd.

Very unusual not to have postal marking in Liverpool and no cancellation on arrival.

The 1/- has some very short perf at the top right but is from the early printings of the much scarcer deep green shade. 

This shade is priced by Gibbons on stamp alone at £550. 

Examples of any Scottish Experimental Duplex on cover with other than the contemporary 1d values are rarely found. 

An attractive and rare item. 

Price:  £145.00

NB: see the next item, 152240.


Greenock Experimental Duplex on Transatlantic Mail


152240.  1/- SG72, fine, tied to an ENTIRE to New York by the GREENOCK Type 2, EXPERIMENTAL DUPLEX for April 29th 1858. 

At the top on the front in m/s is 'per packet of 1 May': this letter would have been carried on the Cunarder 'PERSIA'

which left Liverpool on May 1st 1858 and arrived in New York/Boston on May 11th 1858.

Examples of any Scottish Experimental Duplex on cover with other than the contemporary 1d values are rarely found. 

The interesting family letter, rather fragile, is easy to read.

An attractive and rare item. 

Price: £125.00

NB: see the above item, 152239.


2/6 SG178 on Envelope to USA


152229.  A fine 2/6d SG178:  tied to an envelope from London to Chicago by a large single ring LONDON cds for August 4th 1899.

The cancellation centrally applied and upright upright ties the 2/6d at left and right sides over the perfs.

The postage paid by a very rare SINGLE usage of this high value indicating a letter weight of more than 5.5oz or 156g. 

 This was at a period when many postal administrations were members of the UPU and high value stamps were only needed in exceptional circumstances. 

Brauers in ‘Scarce Victorian Postage Stamps of Great Britain on Cover’, records only ONE OTHER commercial single usage of this 2/6d value

and that is on a printed Registered Envelope but the stamp is damaged. 

The reverse side of the envelope is partially toned but the front is clean with only the one vertical filing fold.

On the reverse is a CHICAGO receiving cds for August 18th 1899.  

The description could be easily expanded with further information about the addressee available on the internet.

A rarity which displays well. 

Price:  £785.00 

NB: The envelope is addressed to Melville E(lijah) Stone. Briefly from his biopic on the internet:

Stone's parents were Reverend Elijah Stone, a Methodist minister, and Sophia Creighton.

In 1876, Stone, who started out as a reporter, founded the first Chicago penny paper, the Chicago Daily News.

In 1881 he established the Chicago Morning News (renamed the Chicago Record).

He became general manager of the reorganized Associated Press in 1893 which

under his direction became one of the great news agencies.

There is a photo of him on the internet.


4d Plate 14: used in MALTA


152224.  4d SG94 Plate 14 'QK':

fine example tied on a clean envelope to Middlesex by a fine MALTA duplex, December 29th 1875. 

On the reverse is a fine strike of McKay fig 3060, used originally as a Late Fee strike when struck in black. 

In this example it appears to have been used as a receiver and struck in red, London January 7th 1876. 

This is the first time we have seen it struck in red as used in tis way - possibly an isolated strike. 

4d plate 14 priced by Gibbons at a minimum of £200 on cover without the premium for usage in Malta. 

An attractive and very scarce/rare combination of features. 

Price: £95.00


6d SG96 Plate 6

152225.  6d SG96 Plate 6, 'RJ' and 'RL':

two fine examples in a deep shade tied to a clean entire to Cadiz by a Liverpool duplex, May 16th 1867. 

A difficult stamp to find with multiple usage on cover

and Gibbons prices a SINGLE on cover at a minimum of £350. 

An attractive and scarce item. 

Price:  £95.00


Printed Decorated Envelope 1879

152226.  SG141 Plate 14 'GF', fine used:

tied to a small neat envelope from BELFAST to Brooklyn, New York by a partial and lightly struck

Belfast duplex for May 1879 leaving virtually the whole of the Queen's head clear. 

The envelope has a delicate printed decoration in lime green of flower motifs on branches/stems. 

Very unusual and an early example of a coloured printed illustrated envelope. 

Price:  £65.00

NB: the item is finer than the scan suggests.



151381. 1d mauve SG174: the Extremely Rare IMPERFORATE Control E.

Very fine mounted mint with small hinge remains at the top. 

The imprimatur sheet of control E is complete and therefore this is a genuine IMPERFORATE stamp. 

Imperforates are known for controls L and M but these are with 'Jubilee' lines.

Gibbons prices a non-control pair at £7,500 in the mauve shade. 

The 'Chartwell Collection', Spinks(2011), had an example of this stamp but

with smaller side and bottom margins; it was not certificated. 

The example offered here has a 2009 RPS Certificate.

A superb rarity and one of only a few extant. 

An outstanding Exhibition item.

Price: £2,880.00

NB: Gibbons in a recent on-line Listing had a mounted mint,

uncertificated Control L imperforate example, for sale at £7,500. 

It was described as 'a wonderful Victorian rarity'.


Parcel Post Cancellations

152227. 6d dull green SG 194, 'LM':

fine colour and tied to a part 'Per Parcel Post Stationery' printed label 'Under 3 Pounds' with the date December 15th 1886. 

The 6d postage paid by a fine example of SG194 and tied by a very fine strike of the GPO Depot in bars, McKay Fig 3543.

This item has with it its Parcel Post label for St. Martin's-le-Grand, London which has been cancelled by

a SUPERB G.P.O- London Parcel Post Depot Scroll for this same date 15 December 1886, McKay Fig 3638.

This scroll cancellation is rarely found and this is the first example we have been able to offer on the original Parcel Post label. 

A rare pairing which would make a very interesting display page.

Price: £125.00

NB: It is hard to see how a finer example of this rare scroll could be found.

Some wrinkling and creasing as per the scan.

See the next item: 152219


Rare Scroll Cancellation

152219.  6d dull green, SG194, 'LH':  the green is stromger than in the scan. 

Cancelled by a part strike of the rare GPO London Parcel Post Depot scroll for May 20th 1885. 

A rare item. 

Price:  £48.50

This would go well with item 152227 above.


1/- SG90: used in Constantinople

152214.  1/- SG90, 'HE', superb used:

tied to a small piece by the 'C' in bars of CONSTANTINOPLE lightly applied. 

The cancellation leaves a lot of the Queen's head clear. 

A very attractive example with a scarce usage. 

Price: £85.50


6d Plate 5: very late usage

152216.  6d SG97 plate 5, 'TD':

tied to piece by FINSBURY PARK Sorting Office duplex, MAY 5th 1883. 

This stamp issued on March 7th 1865 and between then and May 1883 the following 6d values were issued:

SG104; SG108; SG122; SG123; SG125; SG146; SG161 and SG162.

This emphasises the late usage of this stamp: the latest usage we have seen or can trace. 

The stamp is fine except for some toning on the perfs below the 'D' square

which is NOT as pronounced as the scan suggests. 

A rare item. 

Price: £48.00


6d SG107: Dotted Circle Cancellation

152218.  6d SG107 plate 6: fine/very fine used

with an EDINBURGH Dotted Circle Type B2, January 20th 1868.

This cancellation unrecorded (Arundel) on any surface printed issue.

An attractive and rare item.

Price: £47.50


 4d SG154: Dotted Circle Cancellation


152220.  4d SG 154, plate 17:

cancelled by an EDINBURGH dotted circle, Type C, October 7th 1880.

Short perfs bottom left and a defect NW corner BUT

this stamp has NOT previously been recorded (Arundel) with ANY Dotted Circle from ANY location.

The watermark, large garter, has been shifted upwards and it has additional marginal watermark letters.

A remarkable item that deserves to be displayed.

Price:  £78.50


1/- SG 163 Plate 13

152217.  1/- SG163 plate 13, 'PI', very fine:

with a very fine CDS of St Andrews, BRADFORD YORKS,

and centrally applied, for October 24th 1883. 

Rarely found with such a complete cds.

Price: £95.00


Manchester Station Late Box

152221.  3d on 3d SG159, 'PJ',fine used: cancelled by

 the MANCHESTER STATION LATE BOX scroll for December 9th 1883. 

Parmenter, 'London Late Fee and Too Late Mail',

notes that this canceller was sent from the London Office on June 14th 1883.

However, he records it used from January 2nd 1886 to March 4th 1898. 

We have not seen this cancellation used on this 3d issue and cannot trace another example.

The stamp is a pale shade which enables the cancellation to be more clearly seen.

Likely to be the earliest known usage of this rare cancellation.

A very rare item.

Price:  £120.00


Unissued 3d with Spandrels


152207.  3d Plate 2, State 1, with shaded spandrels, not issued, o/p SPECIMEN Type 2:

a very fine/fine lightly mounted mint wing margin example with superb colour

and the watermark emblems displaced.

The Specimen overprint when applied has caused a very light partial crease beneath it. 

Gibbons Spec J25a(s), priced in the latest, 2011, QV Volume 1 at £800.

An excellent example of this attractive unissued design. 

Price:  £485.00


Rideout Number 1 Machine

152208.  The first Surface Printed values issued:

4d SG66 (7bars), 6d SG70 (8bars) and 1/- SG72 (7bars) with the Rideout Number 1 Machine.

The 4d and 6d are very fine and the 1/- has toned perfs but very rare with this cancellation.

The 4d and 6d values are seldom found with any of these cancellations.

The 1/- is the only example we have seen with this cancellation:

it is also shows the perforation variety ‘short ‘A’ row’.  

A superb and rare trio which displays well.  

Price: £120.00

Rideout Number 2 Machine on 4d

152209. 4d SG66, very fine used with Rideout Number 2 Machine cancellation.  

Seldom found on values other than the contemporary 1d.

A very scarce item.

Price: £38.50


Rideout Number 2 Machine

152211. 4d SG66 very fine used cancelled by the Number 2 Machine

numeral and dater with code CR for May 30th 1859.

Seldom found on values other than the contemporary 1d.

A very scarce item.

Price: £45.00


Number 2 Machine on 6d

152210. 6d 70 very fine used with the Number 2 Machine numeral.

Seldom found on values other than the contemporary 1d.

A very scarce/rare item.

Price: £38.50


1d Lilac Die 2 Control U Pair

152147.  1d lilac die 2, fine corner Control U pair with imperf margin and a 1/2d SG197:

the side margin of the pair overlaps on to the back of the envelope. 

Tied to a clean, small and uncreased envelope to Bremen, Germany,

by EALING cds's for December 18th 1896. 

No postal markings on the reverse and the marginal rule with some damage/wear.

A scarce and attractive item in superb condition which would Display well.

Price: £58.50


1d Lilac Die 2 Control U Pair

152148.  1d lilac Die 2, a fine Control U pair,

side margin overlaps onto the reverse side, and with a 1/2d SG197.

Tied to a piece by EALING squared circles for December 11th 1896. 

A scarce item.

Price: £30.00

NB: Items 152147/8 are dated only a week apart and show that

at Ealing, two types of cancellers were being used.

The next item shows a third type.


1d Lilac Die 2 Control V Pair

152146. 1d lilac Die 2 fine Control V pair, perforated margin: the side margin overlaps on to the reverse. 

Cancelled by EALING double ring date stamps for July 29th 1898. 

On a clean and uncreased envelope to Colchester with no postal markings on the reverse. 

Very scarce item. 

Price: £48.50

NB: the apparent browning is not present - a trick of the scanner.

This item and the previous two, 152147/8, would make a very fine Display page

and also illustrates different types of Ealing cancellers.


6d SG69: a very rare pre-printing crease.


152205.  6d SG 69, deep lilac:

a scarce pair in a scarce shade on a small envelope to the USA and tied by a STAINES duplex for January 24th 1859. 

The top perfs on the right hand stamp have been worn by being so close to the edge of the envelope. 

The left hand stamp has a pre- printing paper crease that touches part of the Queen's head and face. 

On the inside flap unusually is printed 'The Song of the Redeemed' and a signed handwritten message. 

This is the first example of a pre-printing paper crease on this stamp we have seen

and cannot recall one on any other surface printed stamp.

 An attractive and unusual item that would make an interesting Display. 

Price: £215.00 

NB: An estimated Gibbons price for a SINGLE SG69 on cover is £380. 

This envelope would have been carried on the 'AMERICA' of the Cunard Line

which left Liverpool on January 29th 1859 and arrived in Boston on February 16th 1859.

On the front of the envelope is a Liverpool receiving date for January 25th being a type used on transatlantic mail.

The letter would have been retained until the next sailing to the USA ie by the 'America'.


TF Watermark ERROR: unique usage in MALTA

15050.  6d SG84, Plate 3, ‘TF-TH’:

very fine/superb used strip of three tied to small piece by MALTA duplexes. 

Stamp ‘TF’ has the WATERMARK ERROR, SG84d, and the

cancellation leaves QV’s Head almost completely clear.

This error is priced by Gibbons at £8,000.

The example offered here is the ONLY ONE KNOWN USED in MALTA

and also believed to be the only used multiple extant with this watermark variety. 

Stamp ‘TG’ is cancelled by the Malta cds and ‘TH’ lightly cancelled. 

An Exhibition Quality item of significant rarity.  

Price:  £3,485.00

NB: Gibbons in a recent on line GB Listings, are offering for sale

a single used example of SG84d, with a Scottish duplex cancellation, for £8,000.


A Rare used Pane of 3d Plate 8


151204. 3d plate 8 SG102: a complete Pane of 20 with bottom inscriptional margin, ‘FA-JD’,


two rejoined horizontal blocks of EIGHT and a bottom marginal inscriptional strip of FOUR.


A corner fault on ‘HA’ and each stamp is pen cancelled and clearly all were attached to the same item. 


No gum with some ink markings on the reverse from the surface to which it was originally affixed. 


 Galland and Louis in their reference publication: ‘GB Surface Printed Postage Stamps’,


record the largest used block of 3d plate 8 to be one of 8 – two are known. 


For some other surface printed values they quote rejoined blocks as the largest known.   


This is the largest such multiple we have seen of this 3d value; we cannot recall seeing even a block of 4 pen cancelled.


A block of 4  in this plate is priced by Gibbons at £425.


Very fine colour and more than likely to be the largest pen cancelled multiple extant of any surface printed issue.


  A remarkable and significant rarity of Exhibition Quality and Importance.  


Price:  £795.00


4d SG62



4d SG62, pale carmine shade, toning on a few perfs and pulled perfs at the left,

otherwise a fine lightly cancelled example of this shade on lightly blued paper.

Priced by Gibbons at £450.

Price: £46.00


4d small garter printed on white paper

152186.  4d SG62e: a pair printed on white paper.

 Newcastle - on - Tyne sideways duplex for October 1855. 

The left stamp has a pulled perf and a small top corner wrinkle;

the right hand stamp one short perf at the top and a clear QV profile.

The white paper variety was caused by the paper manufactures, Turners,

not adding sufficient 'prussiate of potash' to the pulp. 

A rare variety, priced by Gibbons at £1100 for a single example. 

Neither the 'Chartwell Collection' nor the Douglas Latto Collection had an example

and from our researches we cannot trace another pair. 

Highly glazed paper and in a Deep Bright Carmine shade.

A very rare multiple the scan of which does not do it justice. 

Price: £630.00



152189.  4d SG66, fine wing margin example on an envelope to Paris, November 1859. 

Tied by a London 16 in diamond and bars and with the variety: INVERTED WATERMARK. 

Gibbons prices a used SG66 with inverted watermark at £400 which means an estimated price on cover of £600.

In our experience this is underpriced as this is the first example on cover we have been able to offer. 

A rare item. 

Price: £135.00 

NB: the brown marks on the front are less pronounced than in the scan.


Rare usage of the Cresswell Machine on 4d SG66

152188.  Piece to France with a fine 4d SG66 tied by a fine/very fine '72' Cresswell Machine duplex for November 16th 1857. 

The LPHG records this cancellation in use in November and December 1857: Code 10 is unrecorded by them.

The use of this stamping machine ceased on December 31st 1857.

This duplex is rarely found cancelling a value other than the contemporary 1d.

This example and Item 152047 are the only ones we can recall with a contemporary surface printed value. 

A rare item which displays well.

Price:  £48.50

NB: the staining around the dater portion of the duplex is nowhere near as pronounced as in the scan.


 Pair 4d SG66: very rare cancelled by Cresswell Stamping Machine

152047.  4d SG66, fine/very fine pair tied to a clean envelope to Germany,

by the London CRESSWELL stamping machine impressions for Code 5 December 8th 1857. 

The envelope has on the front and back various non-overlapping transit marks. 

The Cresswell duplex is numeral '72' with the small,16mm, dater. 

This numeral duplex is only recorded in use only in November and December 1857 and Code 5 is unrecorded. 

The use of this stamping machine ceased on December 31st 1857.

The Cresswell duplexes are usually found on the contemporary 1d on cover.

This example and Item 152188 are the only ones we can recall with a contemporary surface printed value. 

A multiple usage of such a value makes this a superb and attractive item.

 Very rare and of Exhibition quality.

Price:  £220.00 

NB: the envelope is in much finer condition than the scan suggests.


6d and 4d on Registered letter within UK

152144.  6d SG70 and 4d SG79 on a clean and fine commercial Registered Letter from London to Macclesfield. 

LOMBARD STREET Registered Letter strike Mckay fig 2191: a unique Lombard Street variety used in the 1860's.

There is also on the front a London Registered oval for April 26th 1862.

The 6d paid the registration and on the reverse is a Macclesfield cds for Sunday April 27th 1862. 

Some perfs of the 4d overlap with the 6d but no damage. 

Gibbons prices the 6d on cover at £240 and the 4d on cover at £300. 

A rare internal UK usage of both stamps. 

Price:  £125.00  


Pair 6d SG96 Plate 6

152145. 6d SG96 plate 6, 'SA-SB'.

Fine used PAIR, in the scarcer deep lilac shade: on a wrapper from MANCHESTER to Barcelona, March 11th 1867. 

London and Spanish transit marks on reverse. 

'SB' has an unusual inclusion/adherence to the plate, present before printing, below the bottom of QV's head. 

Gibbons prices a SINGLE 6d SG96 on cover at £350: difficult stamp to fine in multiples especially on cover.

 Price:  £110.00 


6d Plate 9 with Late Fee 2 X 1d

152137.  Two fine 6d SG108 Plate 9 on wrapper to GENOA from London, June 23rd 1871. 

A LATE FEE 2d, Boxed L2 in red, has been paid by two 1d's from different plates.

'SL' is plate 139, virtually a totally clear QV head with 'DC' from plate 143: both are from scarce plates. 

Unusually the two 6d's have been affixed in a 'tete beche' orientation.

Gibbons prices a SINGLE 6d plate 9 on cover at £140. 

A very fine item with an attractive and scarce combination of features . 

Price:  £120.00 


Pearson Hill Second Trial: very rare usage

152090.  A very fine used 4d SG66 cancelled by a superb strike of the Pearson Hill Second Trial Machine. 

Code A was Afternoon Duty and the date at October 5th 1857 is an early usage as the EKD is September 21st 1857. 

This cancellation is usually found on the contemorary 1d and is rare on any other value. 

This is only the second example we have seen used on this 4d:

the other was on a cover, December 1857, and offered by a specialist dealer at £4,000 in 2011. 

On this stamp alone, it is extremely rare and the example offered here is of Exhibition quality and importance. 

An exceptional item.

Price:  £375.00  SOLD

NB: More examples of Trial Machine Cancellations in that Section on the Homepage.


Multiple Inspector Marks

152091.  4d SG160 plate 18:

a fine used example cancelled only by FOUR Inspector marks. 

This is the most such marks we have seen on a single stamp. 

Rare item. 

Price: £88.50  SOLD


Damage to the Plate Number Variety

152092.  6d SG122 plate 11 'NF', pale chestnut:

good/fine used example, some light corner creasing, cancelled possibly by the '114' of Dundee

and clear of the left hand plate number showing the listed variety:

Spec J79d 'Figure 11 on left damaged (stamp NF)' which Gibbons prices at £400. 

A very collectable example. 

The scan does not do justice to the variety. 

Price:  £45.00 


Invalid usage of 1d lilacs.

152096. Two 1d lilacs Die 2, tied to an envelope to Oxford by a Paddington

wavy line machine cancel for April 20th 1922: no postal markings on reverse. 

The 1d lilac had been demonitised by 1915 so the these stamps after that date were invalid to pay postage. 

There is no surcharge so this item got through the postal system unchallenged. 

Very scarce and unusual. 

Price:  £37.50


QV UPU card: invalid usage

152097.  1d UPU card sent from ALFRETON Derby to Shrewsbury and cancelled by an Alfreton machine for August 31st 1963. 

No postal markings on reverse but an interesting dated message for August 30th 1963

with what appears to be the initials of the sender or the recipient. 

This postcard was demonitised in 1915 and should have been surcharged but it was not. 

This is the LATEST invalid usage of any Victorian stamps or postcards,

which got through the system without a surcharge, that we have seen. 

A rare item which would display well.

Price: £52.50


The next two items are examples of very early receipt stamps postally used.

They have been taken off receipts and fraudulently used for postage and 

 are the only examples used in this way that we have seen.


Fraudulent usage of a 1d Receipt Stamp


 1d SG F3, pale tourquoise-blue printed on grey paper tied to a clean, neat envelope to Penkridge by a fine Stafford duplex for March 7th 1898. 

This stamp was originally issued in December 1853 for usage on receipts but mint examples became postally valid in June 1881. 

This example has been used on a receipt in 1855 and the original pen cancellation can be seen under the postal franking.

Hence this stamp has been reused and as such is postally invalid but it got through the system without a surcharge. 

The envelope has a peripheral tear at the right on the front only which affects the stamp.

Despite the fault, this is a very rare rare fraudulent usage of this stamp which Gibbons prices on cover at £350 for a valid use.

Likely a unique usage of this stamp.

Price: £110.00 

NB: the browning around the stamp is hardly visible, a trick of the scanner and the other

peripheral age marks are also fainter than the scan suggests.

There are no postal markings on the reverse of the envelope.


Fraudaulent use of a 1d Receipt Stamp


 Very fine 1d SG F4, light blue printed on blue paper.

Tied to a neat envelope used locally in Wimbledon by a very fine Wimbledon duplex for February 25th 1888.

This stamp was originally issued in December 1853 for usage on receipts but mint examples became valid for postal use in June 1881. 

This example has been used on a receipt and the original pen cancellation can be seen under the postal franking.

Hence this stamp has been reused and as such is postally invalid but got through the system without a surcharge:

date stamp on the reverse for February 26th 1888.

A very rare fraudulent usage of this stamp that Gibbons prices on cover, for valid postal usage, at £550.00

A superb item and likely to be a unique usage of this stamp

Price:  £290.00

NB: the brown area near the bottom of the address is a trick of the scanner.

This item and 152082 would make an excellent display pairing.


1d Lilac Die 2: an extremely early usage



152064.  1d lilac, Die 2: very fine, tied to a clean entire from the Somertshire Bank Taunton

 by a very fine TAUNTON  squared circle for DECEMBER 15th 1881 with a Stogumber receiving cds for the following day on the reverse. 

1d lilac Die 2 was issued on December 13th 1881 and the example offered here is used on the THIRD day of usage after issue. 

This is the earliest usage we have seen, or can find from our researches, either on stamp alone or on cover. 

The 1d lilac Die 1 is priced by Booth in the latest, 2017 Edition of 'Collect First Day Covers' 

used on cover on its day of issue, July 12th 1881, at £10,000. 

NO example for the day of issue of Die 2 is recorded by him. 

The example offered here used on only the third day after issue, is a rarity and would make a very fine Exhibition item. 

Price: £225.00


Rare early usage of 1d lilac die 2 on an interesting envelope.

151947.  Linen envelope, with original letter, posted in RATHMINES, a suburb of Dublin, December 22nd 1881,

addressed to a Post Office in New York.  

Registered Dublin hexagonal date stamp for December 23rd 1881 on reverse.

The postage and registration fee paid by a vertical pair of 2 1/2d plate 22, SG 157 and a vertical pair of 1d lilac die 2.

Letter received in New York January 7th 1882. 

The letter mentions that it contains TWENTY POUNDS: at least £1,000, if not more, in today's money. 

The letter was not well written and the envelope addressed to an individual,

and then 'Post Office to be called for, State of New York'. 

The letter, it would seem, was never collected during 1882 and there are two strikes of the USA Dead Letter Office

triangular date stamps for December 5th 1882, eleven months after the letter was received at the New York Post Office.

No return address on the reverse so presumably the Postal Authorities opened the letter by removing the central seals.

The name and address in the letter are not very clear so one hopes the money was returned safely to the sender. 

A very interesting and rare item made even rarer as the 1d lilac die 2

was issued on December 13th 1881 and this pair used on December 22nd 1881. 

This is the earliest multiple usage we have seen on a cover and

it is likely to be the earliest known usage of die 2 on a registered envelope. 

The 1d lilac is from the early printings and in a shade close to or at the scarce bluish lilac, SG172a. 

A remarkable item, full of character, that would make a memorable and fascinating display page. 

Price:  £295.00

NB: the scan does not show the 1d lilac shade at all well.

See an earlier Item in this Section,152064, for a 1d lilac Die 2 used on an entire on December 15th 1881.


Multiple franking of the 1d lilac in the scarce bluish shade with Cert

151948.  Clean, uncreased, envelope to Germany with a 2 21/2d SG157 plate 22

and a 'block of three', 1d bluish lilac, SG172a. 

Tied by a Rotherham duplex for June 28th 1882 and a receiving date stamp

on the reverse for Nordhausen, June 30th 1882.

The shade of the 1d lilac confirmed by a 1994 Certificate.

A single 1d lilac in this shade priced by Gibbons at £140 on a stamp alone: no cover price is quoted.

A rare franking of this difficult stamp. 

Price:  £225.00

NB: the browning at the envelope edges is very much fainter than the scan.


Addressed to a Bavarian Aristocrat


152057.  SG141 Plate 16 and 1d Plate 196 tied by a Charing Cross Duplex, January 10th 1880, to a superb mourning envelope to Stuttgart. 

Addressed to The Count of Tauffkirchen: he was a Bavarian Diplomat and more information is available on the internet. 

On the reverse is a wax seal with a Crowned Eagle and this may have originated from a German Embassy. 

The 1d has been added as a Late Fee and on the front is a fine strike of the boxed L 1 in red;

this is illustrated by Parmenter in 'London Late Fee and Too Late Mail'. 

This strike used in the West Central Charing Cross Branch Office: rated Very Rare and recorded in use from 26 January 1874 to 22 July 1878. 

However the example offered here is dated January 10th 1880, about 18 months later, so it may be an isolated strike. 

A rare and attractive item of Exhibition quality. 

Price:  £175.00


4d SG62: very rare usage with this type of London Duplex on cover

152046.  4d SG62, trimmed at base and some perfs at the bottom left, but tied to a clean entire to TARARE

by the London '38' duplex with indented sides, Code W, September 18th 1855. 

This distinctive duplex is generally thought to be associated with a late fee payment but

Parmenter in 'London Late Fee and Too Late Mail' casts some doubt on this usage.

In the example offered here, 4d was the correct single rate to France at that time and as

there is no indication of a late fee payment on the letter, its usage supports Parmenter's comment.

On the reverse is a paper seal: 'THIVEL MICHON A TARARE'. 

This cancellation is rarely found on cover with a value other than the contemporary 1d.

It is the ONLY example we have seen used on cover with a 4d value and

with the first 4d surface printed value is an extremely rare item. 

Price:  £325.00

NB: Gibbons prices SG62 on cover at £750 with an 'ordinary' cancellation.


  Pair 4d SG66: very rare cancelled by the Cresswell Stamping Machine

152047.  4d SG66, fine/very fine pair tied to a clean envelope to Germany,

by the London CRESSWELL stamping machine impressions for Code 5 December 8th 1857. 

The envelope has on the front and back various non-overlapping transit marks. 

The Cresswell duplex is numeral '72' with the small,16mm, dater. 

This numeral duplex is only recorded in use only in November and December 1857 and Code 5 is unrecorded. 

The use of this stamping machine ceased on December 31st 1857.

The Cresswell duplexes are usually found on the contemporary 1d on cover and this is

the only example we can recall seeing with a contemporary surface printed value. 

A multiple usage of such a value makes this superb and attractive item very rare indeed. 

Price:  £220.00 

NB: the envelope is in much finer condition than the scan suggests.


Rideout Trial: the extremely rare Reversed Code

152051.  4d SG66, fine/very fine used, cancelled by a large part cds and part bars of the RIDEOUT first trial, Number 1 Machine. 

From the date, April 16th 1859, this has seven bars at the top: recorded in use from Feb 4th 1858 to 14th Oct 1859.

The code normally used in this period was 'HS' but this example has the code REVERSED ie 'SH'. 

This reversed code has been reported used only on APRIL 16th 1859, by both the London Postal History Group (LPHG),

and by Parmenter in  'Early Experimental and Inland Branch Duplex Cancellations'. 

LPHG reported a pair of 2d plate 7 SG 45 with the reversed code 'SH' again used on April 16th 1859

 and that is the one in Parmenter's publication.

From our researches it would appear that the example offered here

is the only known reversed code on a surface printed value.

A considerable rarity. 

Price:  £225.00

NB: the Number 1 Machine with 8 bars at the top is known used with the 'SH' code but only on April 21st 1858.


Please see Item 152052 in the 'Early Machine and Trial Cancellations' Section:

a front and part back with an unrecorded date of usage, October 1859, of the reversed 'SH' code.


Pearson Hill Cancellations: October 1860 onwards

152048.  6d SG70, fine, tied to a clean wrapper to France by a superb strike of the

1PH2DieA cancellation, February 23rd 1861: recorded from October 3rd 1860.

Rarely found on values other than the contemporary 1d and the

first we have seen on this 6d value. 

Very scarce item.

Price:  £75.00 


3d on 3d SG159:  Royal Envelope with Gold Initials on Reverse 

152034.  3d on 3d SG 159 Plate 21:

fine used, short SE corner perf, tied to a clean and uncreased envelope to Munich by a

superb and rare early type of London EC squared circle for May 18th 1883. 

The edgings of the envelope are in GOLD as are the CROWNED initials M O which indicates,

as with our own Royal Family's letters, that the personal letter was sent from a member of a Royal Family. 

Gibbons prices SG159 at £450 on cover before 100% is added for the dated cancellation. 

A rare and attractive item with a unique combination of features.

Price:  £320.00  SOLD

NB: the envelope is far cleaner than the scan suggests.

We have not seen this early experimental cancellation used on this stamp alone or on cover.


Rare usage: St Malo cds on a wrapper


15192.  2d plate 22, SG157: fine used on a wrapper from London to St Malo, France, June 1882. 

The cover bears no UK postmark and the stamp is cancelled by a St Malo CDS for June 6th 1882

with a similar date stamp on the reverse top flap as an arrival date stamp. 

Quite likely that the cover was posted on board the boat from Portsmouth to St Malo,

via the Channel Islands, and cancelled on arrival in St Malo.  

Although we have handled a number of single stamps, not on cover, also cancelled by a

St Malo cds, this is the first we have been able to offer on cover. 

 A rare usage.   

Price:  £285.00

NB: the wrapper is complete and NOT trimmed at the right as the scan suggests.



9d SG195 on cover: few are known

151572.  1/2d slate blue, SG187 and fine 9d dull green, SG195:

used on a registered letter to Reichenbach, Saxony from Bradford, Yorkshire, August 11th 1885. 

The stamps are cancelled by a dumb canceller and there is a Reichenbach receiving cds on the reverse. 

The 9d, printed in highly fugitive ink, is very sensitive to moisture and light: the example here is in a fine green shade. 

When the 9d was first sold from August 1st 1883, there was no postal need for this stamp other than on some heavy parcels. 

It could be used postally and a small number of examples are known.

In his publication: 'Scarce Victorian Postage Stamps of Great Britain on Cover', Theo Brauers,

provides details and illustrations of only 8 examples, one of these is only a part front. 

The example offered here is not one listed by him.

Moreover, only one of these has the 9d and a 1/2d stamp - on a registered cover to the USA, a correct rate. 

The example offered here would appear to be underpaid as 10d was the rate to Saxony

for a letter weighing between 1.5 and 2 ounces with 2d registration fee: no surcharge markings so it got through! 

Some minor wrinkling to the NE corner and this item is unrecorded by Brauers.  

The price by Gibbons, in the 2017 GB Concise Catalogue, is £4,750 for the 9d on cover and reflects its rarity.

Hence this is a very rare item and the first we have been able to offer.  

Price: £1,490.00

NB: the envelope is cleaner than the scanned image.


4d SG66a: Rose Carmine with RPS Certificate


152032.   4d Large Garter, SG 66a, Rose shade:

superb used block of 6 with ‘620’ numerals of Plymouth.

Large part of original gum and four stamps with a clear Queen’s profile.

A block of four is priced by Gibbons at £775 in the latest, 2011 QV Volume 1: 

a block of six pro rata at £1,160.

When the 125% premium added for the light cancellations this rises to £2,600.

This is one of the finest used blocks we have seen and the finest we have been able to offer. 

A very rare and attractive multiple with a clear RPS Certificate.  

Price:  £745.00.


4d SG66: INVERTED watermark


151562.  4d SG66: superb used pair with Inverted Watermark. 

One stamp with a London cds for July 12th 1859. 

A rare multiple so fine with this watermark variety. 

Gibbons, SG66aWi, prices a single at £400 without the 125% premium for the cds example. 

Hence Gibbons price for this item is in excess of £1,000. 

Superb item and the finest we have seen.

Price:  £320.00


The first three monetary surface printed stamps: 4d, 6d and 1/-


152033. 1/- SG72, 6d SG 70 and 4d SG66 on a clean wrapper to Naples from London:

the first three monetary values of the surface printed era used together: 

a total of 1/10d being the double rate by French packet via Marseilles

All are in fine condition with the 1/- overlapping the wing margined 6d. 

This example is the best with this combination of stamps we have been able to offer.

In the March 2018 Edition of the GB Journal, a detailed listing is given of the 39 covers known with this rare combination. 

Of these only 19 are franked with just the three first surface printed values including the example offered here.

A rare and fine item.

Price:  £675.00  SOLD


2/- in the rare Cobalt shade: Inverted Wmk with Certificate

WM 7.   2/- SG120a.

A very fine used example in the rare COBALT shade

with clear Certificate signed by Robson Lowe.

Small paper adherence and hinge remnant on the reverse

and the light cancel leaves both the Queen’s profile and most of the Head clear

thus allowing this distinctive shade to be seen to advantage. 

A very rare stamp so fine, priced by Gibbons at £3,000 but made

exceedingly rare by having an INVERTED watermark. 

 Gibbons price allowing for the inverted watermark and the premium

for lightly used is well in excess of £10,000. 

First example we have seen in this shade with inverted watermark.  

A significant surface printed rarity.

Price:  £2,200.00   


An ABNORMAL on cover with RPS Certificate

152030  6d plate 12 SG124a, PALE CHESTNUT: 

 a fine/very fine example of this ABNORMAL on clean entire to

Messina from London, January 9th 1873, with a clear RPS certificate. 

Used in conjunction with a 1d plate 154 (very small fault).

A considerable surface printed rarity:

only a few examples known on full cover. 

Price:  £3,785.00


6d Plate 11: P and Q Rows in Blocks

151205: A remarkable trio of cds blocks of 4, 6d plate 11, in deep chestnut SG122, chestnut SG122a and pale buff

SG123 and all from the P and Q horizontal rows on the Post Office Sheet, ‘PC-PH’, ‘QC-QH’. The Post Office sheet

was printed in twelve panes of 20.  ‘PG’ has a pulled perf in the top left corner but this block of 4, printed in the rarer

pale buff shade, is one of only a few used blocks known in this distinctive shade as detailed by Galland and Louis

in their reference publication: ‘GB Surface Printed Postage Stamps’ page 93/4.  They mention that a used block of 4 is

the largest recorded in this shade. A used block of 4 in the chestnut shade is priced by Gibbons in their latest edition,

2011, QV Volume 1, at £425; the scarcer deep chestnut block pro rata at £850 plus and the pale buff similarly which is

grossly under priced from our experience.  All these prices are without a premium for the cds’s.  

A truly remarkable and unique grouping showing the plate make up on this part of the Post Office sheet.   

  Price: £650.00

NB: Galland and Louis record a used block of 4, DA-EB’ in the buff shade with Montrose duplexes which was in the

Shaida Collection and they note that in 1987 Macdonnell Whyte, Dublin Auctioneer, auctioned three blocks of 4,

‘BE-CF’, ‘DE-EF’ and ‘CG-DH’ which they say are now mostly split. 


Very rare 3d Plate 2 with Warrant Number


15190.   3d rose plate 2, State 1 with shaded spandrels, ‘AA’, October 1861, Spec J25a:

a very rare corner mint marginal example, small gum thin and fault top right corner,

full deckle edge, overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’, with full original gum and appears unmounted.

Very fine with the wmk emblems significantly displaced downwards and to the left.

This has resulted in the guide line, and most of a rose emblem watermark, in the margin. 

Even on the issued 3d we cannot recall seeing part of the emblem watermark in the margin.

Warrant number 208 in the top margin and the ONLY such example we have seen. 

Priced by Gibbons in the latest, 2011, QV Specialised Catalogue, at £800

and much underpriced for the example offered here.  

Extremely rare/unique item.    

Price:  £675.00  SOLD


4d Imprimatur Plate 3

151305.  4d SG79/80 Plate 3 fine o/g IMPRIMATUR 'TC', 3-margined:

in the Latto Sale of October 1992, Lot 54, and in the Chartwell Sale Volume 3, Lot 130, October 2011,

the adjacent stamp 'TB', with Plate Number attached to the bottom margin, was sold.

The size of the right hand margin of 'TB' explains why 'TC' is 3-margined. 

In the 'GB Surface Printed Postage Stamps' by Galland and Louis, they note that only 25 examples

have been removed from the Imprimatur Sheet and of these 'AK-AL' with Plate Number is in the Royal Philatelic Collection.

Gibbons prices an Imprimatur in this Plate at £4,000 in the QV Volume 1 Specialised Catalogue (2011).

With only a maximum number of 23 examples that could be in private hands,

in our view and experience this rarity is significantly undervalued by them.  

Price:  £985.00 


4d SG153: variety 'large 5' in the plate number

151569.  Very fine Registered Envelope from Leith to Prussia, September 3rd 1879. 

Leith duplex on the reverse cancelling the embossed ' Registered Two Pence' die. 

The unusual franking is made up of a bantam 1/2d and a 4d SG153, Plate 15, lettered 'AA'. 

The very fine 4d sage green - superb colour - shows the listed variety, Spec J64d: Stamp 'AA', 'Large '5' in '15'.

The cancellation leaves both plate numbers almost totally clear.

This variety priced by Gibbons in the latest, 2011, Edition of QV Volume 1 at £800 on a stamp not on cover. 

The estimated Gibbons price on cover is £1,500 plus.

Although we have handled several of this variety, this is the ONLY example we have ever seen used on a cover. 

A very rare Exhibition quality item and likely to be a unique survivor with this variety on a registered envelope.

Price:  £850.00

NB: the browning around the stamps and on the front of the envelope is NOT present

and neither is it present on the reverse side: tricks of the scanner.


Stock Exchange Forgery



SG115, Plate 5, ‘DH’, tied to small piece by overlapping Stock Exchange cds’s, July 26th 1872.

The double cancellation applied by the perpetrator to hide as much of the forged stamp as possible. 

Offered with a genuine plate 5, ‘DH’, showing the genuine stamp had a wing margin as well as a watermark. 

 Priced by Gibbons in the latest Edition, 2011, QV Volume 1, at £850.  

A very fine example of this historic forgery which remains an unsolved crime to this day. 

Price:  £575.00


Advertising Envelope the 'Roth Mago' or 'The Magic Watch' Performance

1053.  1880 Advertising Envelope, London to Vienna , January 6 1880.

Rare printed envelope from The Royal Alhambra Theatre London advertising ‘Rotho Mago,

The Magic Watch’ with a golden pocket watch showing the time of the performance.

Rothomago or The Magic Watch was a grand Christmas Musical

fairy spectacular in 4 acts and 17 tableaux by H B Farnie. 

It opened on December 22 1879. 

The 3d rate to Austria has been paid by a 3d plate 15 SG143. 

A superb and very rare item - probably one of few survivors especially to an overseas destination.

An Exhibition quality item.

Price: £295.00 


1/- SG101: Manchester Roller and Irish Numeral

152017.  1/- plate 4, SG101, 'PA-PD': fine strip of four, 'PD' trimmed wing margin,

with the very scarce MANCHESTER ROLLER canceller across three of the stamps. 

On the fourth is the Irish numeral '147' of COALISLAND, Co. Tyrone. 

This was applied on the item of mail on receipt in Coalisland as the roller canceller had not fully cancelled 'PA'. 

Kirkwood of Edinburgh supplied their patent revolving stamp to several English provincial offices in the late 1850's,

namely to Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester and examples of them are all scarce. 

  A combination of a scarce English roller cancellation and an Irish numeral that we have not previously seen. 

Gibbons prices a SINGLE SG101 at £275.

Very rare/unique usages on a surface printed multiple.   

Price: £220.00


Salsbury Trial Cancellation

152018.  3d Plate 6, SG 103, 'AL':

fine used, cancelled by the SALISBURY, '683', Official Trial Cancellation. 

Initially this type of trial cancellation had four central pins that pierced the stamp as well as cancelling it. 

The later trial had the pins removed and the item offered here has the pins removed.

A very scarce and fine example: the trial was abandoned.

Price: £110.00


1/- 'K' in Circle SG90a

151999. 1/- SG90a, 'KD': used example from AYR, reperforated at the right and a

few other irregular perfs, lower left corner letter 'K' in a circle variety. 

Although the stamp is centred downwards, the upper half of the circle around 'K' can be seen. 

Priced by Gibbons in 2017 at £2,750. 

A rarely offered variety and this very collectable example offered at a fraction of the Gibbons price. 

Price: £390.00


6d Plate 11 rare pair with 'T.0.2'

152000.  6d SG122a, plate 11, 'GA-GB':

rejoined pair with 'T.0.2' cancellations of the elusive Travelling/Temporary Office series, T.0.1-6. 

This is the first multiple usage we have seen on any surface printed value.

Price: £150.00

NB: scroll down for other used examples from the T.0.series on surface printed values.


Piece sent from Jersey with a very scarce/rare franking

151992.  Dated piece from JERSEY (Channel Islands) via/to London. 

A postage of 1/9d made up of: 1d SG29, defective at right; a fine pair of 4d SG66 and a

1/- SG72, fine/very fine with clear profile except for a slightly trimmed bottom left perf. 

The four stamps are cancelled, contrary to PO regulations, by only three  '409', First Type, numerals of JERSEY. 

On the top flap is a superb Jersey date stamp for May 21st 1857 and a London receiver for May 28th 1857. 

Parmenter records this first type of Jersey numeral to January 7th 1857, hence this example extends its usage. 

A replacement '409' numeral, in a smaller size with smaller numerals, was sent to Jersey

from the GPO on June 23rd 1857 and has been recorded in use from July 1857.

Hence the first type examples offered here are believed to be the latest known before the replacement came into use. 

A rare and attractive item. 

Price:  £175.00


6d SG108 Plate 8 to Madrid

151946.  6d SG108 plate 8, fine, tied to an envelope from London to Madrid, December 28th 1869. 

An interesting address: Her Excellency, Ambasadress, Madrid. 

The red 'PD' has been overstruck with the B in bars of the Foreign Office,

and a handstruck ' Insufficiently Stamped', with m/s initials, applied below the B in bars.

The B in bars is given a RARE grading by Parmenter in 'Barred Numeral Cancellations of London'.

An unusual and rare/unique combination of features. 

Price:  £147.00

NB: the envelope is in a finer condition than the scan suggests.


4d SG66 entire to France

151943.  4d SG66, fine, tied to an entire by a London SW/L7 duplex, January 20th 1860. 

Stamp placed contrary to regulations at the top left resulting in a very scarce additional strike of the duplex.

This duplex is NOT LISTED by Parmenter in 'The Barred Numeral Cancellations of London'

and one we cannot recall previously seeing. 

The letter is written in French, some hinge remnants on reverse, to a Professor at Caen University. 

4d priced by Gibbons at £225 on cover.   

Price:  £59.00 

NB; The apparent browning across the envelope is NOT present. 

The effect is caused by the bright light of the scanner.


A pair to the same addressee in Switzerland: incorrect and correct postage

151944.  4d SG 80, a few light wrinkles top right corner, tied to an entire, vertical filing crease, by a BIRMINGHAM duplex, January 23rd 1866. 

Sent to Switzerland, the single rate postage at that time for a letter was 6d; hence it was under franked. 

Originally it cancelled with the red 'PD', but the under payment was noticed by an Inspector. 

The 'PD' was overstruck with the '50' in diamond and bars and the letter struck with 'Insufficiently Prepaid. 

The '50' is listed and illustrated by Parmenter in 'Barred Numeral Cancellations of London', fig 50H and rated Very Rare.

This letter is paired with another entire to the same addressee, again in Switzerland, from Birmingham, but the letter has the correct franking of 6d.

The 6d postage has been paid by a 6d SG96 plate 5.

The right hand side appears to have been double perforated (rouletted); this variety is not listed by Gibbons on this stamp.

The letter has a line engraved heading inside for 'W Ehrhardt, Chronometer and Watch Manufacturers'. 

Both letters are in French. 

A very scarce/rare pairing that would make a fine display page. 

Price:  £125.00


Redirected mail within Ceylon 1869

151945.  6d SG104 Plate 6, fine used, tied by a PLYMOUTH duplex for April 23rd 1869, to an envelope to CEYLON.

Addressed to a Major Reece? 73rd Regiment, Galle then redirected to TRINCOMALIE with a Colombo Unpaid cds for June 1st 1869.

On the front is a m/s 1d for the redirection fee and on the reverse a Trincomalie Unpaid cds for June 3rd 1869.

Very scarce item of redirected mail in Ceylon. 

Price:  £168.00


4d SG63: misperfed pair


151911.  4d SG63, very scarce pair with excellent colour, cancelled by the '280' of PERTH.

Right hand stamp with a small fault in centre bottom margin

but with partial clear profile; both have a few short perfs.

Very unusual to find this stamp with such a degree of misperfing. 

Priced by Gibbons at £1,150 as two singles.

An attractive and very scarce item. 

Price: £110.00


6d SG70wj: REVERSED Watermark

151920.  6d SG70wj: fine/very fine used with REVERSED watermark.

Theres is a very tiny 'rub' in the area below the 'S' but this may be on the plate itself. 

The 'X' of SIX has a printed DOT between the upper lines

and is a variety we have not previously seen. 

Gibbons prices the reversed watermark variety at £475:

little more than the inverted watermark variety. 

In our experience, this variety is much scarcer than the inverted watermark

and their figure is far too low.

A rare stamp especially so with an unrecorded variety.

Price:  £235.00


6d SG70a: AZURE Paper

151910.  6d SG70a, printed on azure paper: an attractive example

which having the wing margin and so lightly cancelled,

allows the paper variety to be seen to advantage. 

Several short/nibbled perfs at the top but a very clean reverse which

shows the characteristic mottled effect for this paper variety. 

Gibbons prices this at £950 without a premium for so lightly cancelled. 

Price:  £190.00  

NB: the scan does not do justice to the superb blueing.   


SG72 London scroll

151931.  1/- SG72:

cancelled by an upright London scroll for January 18th 1862.

 Priced by Gibbons at £350 before the premium for the scroll. 

Light horizontal crease hence the

Price: £47.00


1/- SG73 cds example

151930.  1/- SG73: one short perf bottom left corner

 but cancelled by an upright cds of ABERDEEN for June 24th 1863. 

Rare to find this stamp with a cds but this stamp

shows the most extensive printing from a dry plate that we have seen on this issue. 

Gibbons prices this stamp at £350 but at £780 with the cds premium.  

Price:  £165.00


3d SG75: used in MALTA 

151912.  3d SG76, 'DC', superb used with an upright 

MALTA cds forJuly 11th 1865.

Priced by Gibbons at £350 but at £785 with the premium for cds.

Price: £185.00


4d SG82 Plate 4 cds

151925.  4d SG82 Plate 4:

fine upright WALSALL cds for December 30th 1864. 

Very fine except for a pulled perf at the base. 

Priced by Gibbons at £150 before premium for cds.

Price:  £45.50 


4d SG82 Plate 4 with cds

151929.  4d SG82 Plate 4:

very fine GLASGOW cds for August 11th 1864. 

Small wrinkle at the left side. 

Priced by Gibbons at £150 before premium for cds. 

Price:  £65.00


1/- SG90: Irish cds

151917.  1/- SG90, EG:

cds of Mullingar? September 21st 1863, bluntish SE corner. 

A rare cds example used in Ireland. 

Priced by Gibbons at £300 and at £675 with a cds premium. 

A very scarce/rare item.

Price: £110.00


6d Plate 6 SG104: used in MALTA

151913.  6d Plate 6, 'PJ', SG104,

very fine used but with some short perfs. 

Cancelled by an upright MALTA cds for February 20th 1869.

Priced by Gibbons at £260 including cds premium.

Price:  £55.00  RESERVED


4d SG152 cds example

 151933.    1876 4d SG 152 plate 15, 'PH', superb used 

with a fine partial cds, Saltburn by the Sea, November 1876. 

  Exceptional colour. 

Priced by Gibbons in excess of £1,000 with the premium for cds.

A superb item.

Price: £255.00 


4d SG152 split pair on piece

151915.  4d SG152 Plate 15, 'Hl' and 'IL', a fine split pair:

tied to a piece by the BOOTLE Liverpool duplex, April 12th 1877.

A single priced by Gibbons at £525.

A very scarce multiple franking. 

Price: £185.00


4d SG153 Plate 16 Block of 4

151928.  4d SG153 Plate 16, 'AD-BE':

a VERY RARE used block of 4, London Registration Branch, Holborn Hill, cancellations.

Cancelled Contrary to PO Regulations by only two strikes R/20. 

This cancellation in use from March 13th 1868.

The block is still attached to a large part of the original registered envelope/package to which it was affixed.

'BE' is damaged toward the bottom but this is a truly rare block. 

Gibbons in QV Volume 1, does not price a used block in either Plate 15 or 16:

 this is only the second used block we have been able to offer in several decades. 

Priced by Gibbons at £1,200 as four singles; a remarkable item despite the damage to 'BE'.

Very few collections will contain a used block. 

Price:  £425.00


6d on 6d SG 162.

151927.  6d on 6d SG162, 'MC': very fine used in

a pale shade, with a Registered W C D O cds for January 12th 1883. 

This stamp as issued on January 1st 1883 and this example is

 the earliest usage we have seen. 

Priced by Gibbons at £150 without the cds premium. 

Price:  £60.00

NB: the apparent brown mark near the SE 'C' square is a trick of the scanner.


SG141 Plate 9 on printed embossed envelope from Ireland to USA

151907.  SG141 two pence hafpenny Plate 9: from LETTERKENNY to the USA. 

Stamp tied by a superb '302' of Letterkenny but the date portion of the duplex unclear.

A very considerate sub postmaster/mistress may have deliberately lightly impressed

this portion of the duplex to avoid spoiling the embossed design on the envelope. 

A date of '26' is visible and as it was received in New York on January 6th,

 the letter was more than likely sent on December 26th.

The front of this delicately and attractively embossed/embroidered envelope

is in a remarkable and very fine condition except for a very small portion of the top right flower. 

A very rare, and superb example, and especially so from Ireland. 

Exhibition quality.

Price:  £135.00

NB: SG141 plate 9 was put to press on September 14th 1877.

Envelope in cleaner condition than the scan suggests




151906.  1/2d SG187: fine unmounted mint interpanneau(IP) vertical strip of 4. 

Unusual multiple with the IP margin unfolded. 

The brown marks are very much fainter than the scan suggests. 

An attractive and very scarce item. 

Price: £55.00


1d lilac Control X Inverted: rare perf margin variety

151901.  1d lilac SG172, very fine mint: Spec 32a:

only listed with imperf bottom margin at £200 plus 50% for a pair. 

The perforated margin variety is unpriced by Gibbons and

in our experience considerably rarer than with an imperf margin. 

The non variety stamp has a small hinge remnant;

the variety stamp has a very tiny hinge remnant and

a very small brown area on the gum.

A rare item. 

Price: £175.00  SOLD


1d lilac Control X Inverted.

151896.  1d lilacSG172, very fine block of 20:

16 stamps unmounted mint including the control, and three stamps with light gum creases. 

This is the variety 'Control X Inverted with imperf margin', Spec K32a. 

In the latest, 2011 Edition of QV Volume 1,

Gibbons prices this variety at £200, mounted mint,

with a 50% premium for a marginal corner PAIR. 

An attractive and very scarce block in such a size showing this variety. 

Price:  £225.00


1d Lilac Control X Inverted: vertical comb perforator

151897.  1d lilac, SG 172 Die 2, Control X inverted, spec KC56a,

with extension hole in bottom margin from a vertical comb perforator.

A fine unmounted mint Block of 60(6x10) - a quarter Post Office sheet,

pillars added in interpane region at top, superb condition

for such a large multiple,stamp 240 with small corner crease.

Gibbons prices(in the latest, 2011, Edition of QV Volume 1),

a mounted mint single with control X inverted at  £175

with a 50% premium for a marginal control PAIR.

A substantial premium can be added for a block of this size.

Very impressive appearance and rare. 

Price: £520.00 


1d Lilac Die 1 Block of 4

151898.   1881 1d lilac 14 dots SG 170:

fine/good used block of 4 on piece.

Priced by Gibbons at £175. 

Very scarce in a used block



4d SG62: a Very Rare Internal UK Usage.

151887.  4d SG62, tied to a neat Sun Life Assurance entire by a London duplex for

December 26th 1855, and used locally within London.

This is a very rare internal UK usage of this 4d:

almost as rare as examples used on its day of issue. 

Gibbons prices this, the first surface printed stamp to be issued, at £780 on cover.  

A superb rarity. 

Price:  £480.00


London to Constantinople: attractive and scarce franking

151889.  A front only from London to Constantinople with:

SG45 2d plate 9; 3d SG76; 6d SG85 plate 4 and 1d SG43 plate 72. 

Each cancelled by the London numeral '1' of the Inland Branch and

rated Rare by Parmenter in 'Barred Numeral Cancellations of London.

The 1d and 6d values are also tied by a fair strike of the

Aus England Per Aachen cds for September 1864 in crimson. 

This cancellation was only struck in this distinctive colour

for about 6 months in 1864 - May to November.  

An attractive and very scarce franking. 

Price: £58.00


3d SG191 on Registered Envelope.

151886.  3d SG191, very fine/superb, tied to a clean and uncreased registered envelope to Wimbledon. 

Stamp tied by a London Registered Oval, August 27th 1884. 

Gibbons prices SG191 on cover at £180 plus 100% premium for the light cancellation.

 Attractive item. 

Price: £46.00 SOLD


2/6 SG178 cds Strip of 4

151899.   2/6 lilac, SG 178, attractive and scarce used strip of 4,

                 EE-EH, each with Holborn BO WC CDS, Nov 19 89.

 Well centred with good perfs.

                 Some very minor wrinkling on EH and priced by Gibbons at £640 as four singles;

at £960 with the cds premium.  

  Price: £240.00  

NB: condition finer than in the scan.


10/- SG183

151900.  10/- ultramarine, SG 183, BK, very fine/fine used,

                  part of two Continental Night Mail CDS's,

well centred and very good perfs.

 The Queen's head is totally clear.

     Gibbons priced at £525 and at £780 with cds premium.     

    Very scarce usage.

Price: £185.00 


9d SG110: Plate Number 4.

15171. SG111, 9d ‘TB’, plate 4:

fine example, light NW corner NW, London EC cds, July 9th 1875. 

In the bottom margin is the PLATE NUMBER 4.

Only two stamps per sheet of 240 had the plate number printed in the margin. 

The only used plate number example we have seen.  

A very rare item.

Price:  £285.00   SOLD


SG101: Warrant Number 236

151854. SG101 1/- Plate 4: fine used with excellent colour

and the WARRANT Number 236 in the bottom margin. 

Only two stamps per sheet of 240 have this number in the margin.

 The emblems watermark is displaced significantly upwards. 

We know of only two used examples including this one.

Price:  £250.00  SOLD


SG117 Plate 5: Warrant Number 256

151855.  SG117 Plate 5: a superb cds with the WARRANT number 256.

Some light diagonal creasing but only two stamps per sheet of 240

have this number in the margin.

A rare item. 

Price:  £125.00  SOLD


SG117 Plate 6: Warrant Number 330

151856.  SG115 1/- Plate 6: superb/very fine used,

one short perf, with the WARRANT number 330.

Cancelled by a very light London cds leaving almost the entire Queen's head clear. 

Only two stamps per sheet of 240 have this number in the margin.

A rare item. 

Price:  £180.00


VR scroll on 5/- SG130


151935. 5/- plate 4, SG130  on blued paper: a fine used example, very small expertisation mark on the back bottom

left and a very small corner wrinkle but cancelled by a fine strike of the VR London Scroll for July 13 1883.

 Code A is associated with Royal Household Mail and much scarcer than Codes B and C. 

We have seen only one other VR Scroll Code A used on this stamp.

A rarity with the basic stamp priced at £4,800 and

at £8,400 allowing for the 75% premium for cds.  

Price:  £885.00   


Rare pair: SG130 Plate 4

151936. SG130, 5/- plate 4, 'AB-AC'.

 Very fine/fine used pair with a Lombard Street L1/LS5 duplex.

AB with almost clear profile, AC very light corner crease,

excellent colour and perfs with good centering. 

Priced by Gibbons at £9,600 as two singles.  

Rarely found in a used multiple. 

Price: £985.00 


SG126 Plate 1

151921.  5/- SG126 Plate 1 'GH':

fine used example and off-centre as often found. 

Light strike of the very scarce Liverpool roller cancellation.

Priced by Gibbons at £675.

An attractive example with very fine colour. 

Price:  £195.00


SG127 Plate 1

151937.   5/- SG 127 Plate1 'GH':

fine used and fine colour with good perfs, off-centre as usual,

               Queenstown, Ireland, cds, Feb 21 1872,

Priced by Gibbons at  £675.


NB: Item 151921 is also lettered 'GH', printed in the other listed shade

and off-centred to a similar extent.

Would make an interesting pair and offered at £375.


5/- Plate 1: a unique pair

151934.  1867 5/- plate 1 SG126:

a remarkable and unique ‘matched pairing’ of two fine used examples.

Each has the same lettering ‘HJ’; each has the same off-centre printing

and each is cancelled by the very scarce Liverpool ‘466’ roller canceller

with this cancellation applied virtually in the same position on the stamp. 

Gibbons prices each at £675.

This unique pair would make a memorable Exhibition item.  

Price: £580.00 


5/- Plate 1: very rare C88

151938.  SG126 1867 5/-  plate 1:

C88 Cancel of St Jago de Cuba.

A fine well-centred used copy cancelled by

the very scarce C88 of St Jago de Cuba. 

Gibbons records this cancellation on the 5/- (Z32),

but no price is quoted. 

A very rare item and offered with a Certificate.  

Price: £750.00


5/- SG127 Plate 1

15939.  5/- SG127, Plate 1, ‘HI-HJ’, pale rose:

a very scarce, very fine pair with a barely discernible minor wrinkling on ‘HJ’,

Gresham House cds’s, January 25th 1872 and a very clean back as per scan. 

Priced by Gibbons at a minimum of £1,350. 

An attractive multiple off-centre as often found on this issue. 

Price:  £380.00

5/- rare postally used block

151670     1867 5/- SG127 plate 1, 'GD-HE':

good/fine used block of 4, London Registered barred ovals.

Some perf strengthening with hinges on reverse but

a RARE block when postally used as is this.

Priced by Gibbons at £4,000 as a block of four

in the latest Edition, 2011, QV Volume 1  

Price: £685.00 


SG127 5/- Plate 2


151849.  5/- Plate 2 SG127: a remarkable example in the pale rose shade

with a small part of a Registered datestamp leaving the whole of QV's head clear. 

Gibbons prices this scarce plate at £1,500 which with the

75% premium for so lightly used rises to £2,625. 

We have not seen a lighter used example. 

A superb rarity. 

Price: £575.00


SG134 5/- Plate 4


151850.  5/- Plate 4 SG130 (white paper): a very pale shade of rose

cancelled by an unusual crown surrounded by GC and TB. 

Can recall only seeing one other example of this type of cancellation. 

The TB possibly stands for Training Board?

The basic stamp priced by Gibbons at £4,800. 

A very unusual and rare item. 

Price: £550.00


Large Anchor watermark unprinted paper

151924.  Very fine unprinted large Anchor paper sample

with a portion of 'revenue' in side margin. 

Price: £44.00


6d SG108 Plate 8: third day after issue

151803.  6d SG108 Plate 8, 'IB': very fine tied to a clean uncreased wrapper from London to Cadiz. 

Stamp tied by a superb London duplex for March 10th 1869. 

This stamp was issued on March 8th 1869 so this is only the third day after official issue

and the earliest we have been able to offer. 

Booth in the latest, 2017, Edition of 'Collect GB First Day Covers',

prices a first day of issue example for this 6d at £3,500.

We can recall seeing only two examples used on the day of issue. 

A superb and rare item. 

Price:  £280.00


3d SG75: TO6 cancellation

151914.  3d SG77, 'FL':  RESERVED

fine used except for small corner wrinkling.

Cancelled by a light strike of the rare T.O.6

from the Travelling/TemporaryOffice series 1-6. 

SG77 priced by Gibbons at £350. 

We have not seen any of the 'T.0.' series used on this stamp.

A rare/very rare combination of features.

Price: £78.00  SOLD


9d SG98: T.0.2 cancellation

151908.  9d SG98,'QE', fine/very fine used with a superb strike of the

 very scarce T.0.2 from the Travelling/Temporary Office series, 1-6. 

This is the only example we have seen with this scarce stamp

cancelled by any of the 1-6 T.0. series.

Gibbons prices SG98 at £600.

A very rare or unique? combination of stamp and cancellation.

Price:  £195.00


4d SG94 Plate 12

151808.  4d SG94 Plate 12, 'LB':

fine used cancelled by a fine/good strike of the

elusive 'T.0.2' Travelling/Temporary Office series, 1-6. 

Price:  £32.50


3d SG103 Plate 9

151807.  3d SG103 Plate 9, 'GD':

fine used cancelled by a superb/very fine 'T.0.2'

of the elusive Travelling/Temporary Office series, 1-6. 

Rarely found so well struck and very scarce on any surface printed issue. 

Price:  £49.50


6d SG123 Plate 11

151888.  SG123 6d plate 11, 'CH', pale buff shade:

a fine/very fine example cancelled by a fine/very fine strike of 'T.0.2'

from the elusive Travelling/Temporary Office series, 1-6. 

A rare strike on this scarce shade and the first such combination we have seen.

SG123 priced by Gibbons at £125 without a premium for this cancellation.

Price: £60.00


3d SG77 vertical pair

151804.  3d SG77, pale carmine-rose, 'PK-QK', fine verical pair:

on a clean thin envelope from London to Milan, November 23rd 1863, with a fine printed address. 

Seldom found as a multiple on cover; the 6d values were currently available. 

A single on cover priced by Gibbons at £600.

The browning along the top of the envelope is a trick of the scanner. 

A very scarce item.

Price: £158.00


6d SG69

151794.  6d SG69, block of 6, deep lilac, used in London:

fine used except for a blunt corner on the bottom left stamp.

The brown areas on the reverse side are a trick of the scanner:

they are either not present or very faint. 

A block of 4 in this scarcer shade priced by Gibbons at £890

and prorata for a block of 6 at £1,300. 

Attractive and very scarce item. 

Price:  £320.00


SG102 Plate 6

151795.  3d SG102, Plate 6, used block of 6, 'GJ-HL': some creasing on

top three stamps and a very small closed tears at the top of 'HK' and 'GJ'. 

For any of this series, used blocks larger than four are very difficult to find. 

Priced by Gibbons prorata for a block of 6 at £630. 

Price: £68.00


SG141 Plate 11

 151796.  SG102 Plate 11, 'OG-PI': good/fine used block of 6

 cancelled by the Western District, W/34, rated Rare by Parmenter in

'Barred Numeral Cancellations of London'.

Some short perfs as per the scan but a

very scarce/rare combination of the size of the block and cancellation. 

Priced by Gibbons, prorata as a block of 6, at £785.  

Price: £110.00


1/- SG163 Plate 13


151806.  1/- SG163 Plate 13, 'AB-BC': a sound used block of 4

cancelled by the Western District, W/27,

rated Very Rare in 'Barred Numeral Cancellations of London' by Parmenter.

Gibbons, in the latest, 2011, Edition of QV Volume 1, at £850 as a block of four. 

Seldom found in a block and rare with this cancellation. 

Price: £125.00


SG163 Plate 13

151797. 1/- SG163 Plate 13, 'ME-NG':

block of 6 with HASTINGS duplexes for September 21st 1882.

Corner fault on 'ME' and a blunt corner on 'NG'.

A very scarce/rare block, priced by Gibbons as a

 block of 4 at £850 and £1,275 pro rata as a block of 6. 

Very fine colour and a clean reverse. 

Price: £170.00


4d SG66 wrapper from Manchester

151754.  4d SG66, very fine, centred high, with excellent perfs, superbly fresh and tied to a clean wrapper to

Paris by a lightly applied Manchester duplex for November 15th 1858. 

Paris receiver on reverse for November 17th 1858.

An attractive item in wonderful condition and

one of the finest examples overall of this 4d on cover we have seen.

Priced by Gibbons at £225 on cover without the premium.

The scan does not do it justice.

Price:  £130.00


4d SG66 from London

151755.  4d SG66, very fine/fine rich shade, couple of short perfs at right,

neatly tied by a London duplex, February 15th 1860. 

On a clean wrapper to Lyon with a variety of transit marks on the reverse.  

Attractive and very scarce in such fine overall condition.

Priced by Gibbons at £225 on cover. 

Price:  £95.00


3d SG76 on envelope

151752.  3d SG76, 'CK', very fine, tied to a small, neat envelope with a blue printed monogram on the reverse.

London date stamp on the reverse, November 10th 1864, and addressed to Amsterdam. 

A couple of short perfs at the right and two perfs with possibly very small tone spots at the top. 

Remarkably, the cancellation leaves the whole of the Queen's head clear.

Gibbons prices this stamp on cover at £600.

In view of the light cancellation, the Gibbons premium of 125%

could fairly be added giving a figure of £1,325. 

An attractive and very rare item of Exhibition quality.   

Price: £295.00

NB: the few tone spots on the front are far fainter than in the scan.


Kirkwall Type VI Scots Local

151325.  4d SG66, fine/very fine, tied to a small piece by a superb strike

of the unique Kirkwall Scots Local Type V1. 

This type is illustrated by Alcock, on a 1d star, in 'Scots Local Cancellations Illustrated'

but the strike is a poorish one in comparison with that offered here.

In the 1971 Meridith sale of Scots Local Cancellations, Lot 200, a 2d perf and an example of

this 4d with this cancellation, on two separate small pieces realised, in modern money, approx £600. 

This is the first example we have been able to offer for some considerable time

and the first on a value other than the contemporary 1d.  

An attractive and rare item.

Price: £145.00 SOLD


SG192: pair on entire to Vera Cruz carried on the Inman Line's 'CITY of BERLIN'

151725.  4d SG192, 'SK-SL', a fine pair with strong colour:

tied to a commercial entire in spanish from Manchester, November 27th 1884, to Vera Cruz.

The condition is finer than the scan suggests as the writing from inside is not as obvious on the front of the letter. 

Written top left is 'City of Berlin', via New York. 

The 'City of Berlin' was the Inman Line's Premier Passenger Ship until 1888. 

A single 4d priced on cover by Gibbons at £350. 

A very scarce item which travelled on a famous liner.

Price:  £280.00. 

NB: City of Berlin was a British ocean liner that won the Blue Riband for the

Inman Line in 1875 as the fastest liner on the Atlantic.

She was also the largest passenger ship for six years except for the inactive Great Eastern.

Built by Caird & Company in Scotland, City of Berlin was the Inman Line's premier unit for thirteen years

until City of New York was commissioned in 1888.

She served the Inman Line until 1893 when Inman was merged into the American Line, and she was operated

by her new owners on both the American Line and Red Star Line until 1898.

She was sold to the U.S. Government and was in their service until after World War I.

Photo of the ship on the internet.


6d Plate 11: plate number damage variety

151345.  6d Plate 11 SG122a, 'NF', Deep Chestnut: very fine/superb used example,

BRADFORD-YORKS cds for June 22nd 1872.

The cancellation leaves the left hand plate number clear

allowing the listed variety SpecJ79d, 'Figure 11 on left damaged' to be seen clearly.

There is a small frame break at the bottom corner of the 'N' square

which is always seen on stamp 'NF' but not listed by Gibbons.

Priced by Gibbons in the cheapest shade at £400 but in the

much scarcer deep chestnut shade at £900 before the cds premium added.

The cds leaves the Queen's head with an almost clear profile.

The last time we saw this variety in this scarce shade was at a London Auction in 2005:

the variety was partially obscured by the cancellation and it was slightly creased.

It realised £180 plus Buyers Premium - a final figure of £210.

The example offered here is the finest we have seen.  

Price:  £285.00


3d on 3d SG159

151724.  SG159, 3d on 3d, fine fiscally used pair:

with fine colour that the scan does not show. 

Extremely clean reverse and priced by Gibbons as a postally used pair at £320. 

Attractive and scarce. 

Price:  £49.00


9d SG195: watermark sideways-inverted

151723.  9d SG195, very fine mounted mint,

hinge remnant, with original colour that the scan does not show.

Overprinted 'Specimen' Type 9.

The crown watermark viewed from the reverse side points to the left

and therefore is sideways-inverted. 

Hence the stamp is SG Spec K25bs. 

This watermark variety priced by Gibbons in the latest, 2011,

Edition of QV Volume 1 at £2,000 without the overprint and £425 with it.

Superb stamp combining the two varieties.

Price:  £290.00


1d SG166 Unmounted mint block

1052.  1d SG166: superb unmounted mint side marginal block of 12.

Attractive and scarce.

Price: £175.00


1/2d SG187: mint block of 12

151721.  1/2d slate-blue, SG187:

very fine/fine mint marginal block of 12, unmounted except for one stamp as per the scan.

Some very light gum wrinkling but the stamps with a smooth white gum. 

The apparent toning on the perfs of the middle stamp

at the left on the reverse side is hardly noticeable: it is an effect of the scanner. 

A mounted mint block of 4 now priced by Gibbons at £175. 

An attractive and very scarce block in this size and in such fine condition.

Price:  £200.00

NB: the slate-blue colour of the stamps is excellent which the scan does not show.

The writing in the margin 'January 1886' is contemporary and

presumably when the stamps were bought.


1d lilac Die 2

151720.  1d lilac Die 1, SG170, a superb mint marginal pair with the

top stamp very lightly mounted and the bottom stamp unmounted. 

In the margin is a contemporary note:

 ' First issue of the new Postage and Inland (Revenue stamp) July 18 1881'.

This will be the day the stamps were purchased; it was issued on July 12th 1881.

A superb and rare item. 

Price:  £295.00



151719.  1d lilac SG172 tied to an envelope by the very rare HOUSE of COMMONS duplex for February 24th 1891. 

On the reverse is the embossed insignia of the House of Commons Library. 

Sent to Paisley, there are two Paisley date stamps on the reverse for February 25th 1891. 

This duplex has the time in code, 'ZI'.

The London Postal History Group in their publications suggest that the rarity of this duplex

and code book entries, are indicative of a 'too late' usage which explains why it is a very rare cancellation.

LPHG record this duplex with time code having a short period of use ie between December 1888 and June 1890. 

The example offered here significantly extends the period of use. 

There is damage to the rear top flap as in the scan and some horizontal creasing but the front of the envelope is very clean. 

The first example we have been able to offer: a rare item.

Price:  £85.00  SOLD


1d lilac Control U: HMS MAJESTIC

151690.  1d lilac SG172 and 1/2d SG197 on registered envelope from Crystal Palace, April 23rd 1897,

to HMS Majestic, Channel Squadron:  two 1d lilacs with Control U from different plates.

One with a perforated bottom margin and the other imperforate. 

HMS Majestic was commissioned by the Royal Navy in December 1895

and was the largest pre-dreadnought battleship at that time.

She served with the Channel Squadron until 1904.

Majestic participated in bombardments of Turkish forts and supported the Allied landings at Gallipoli.

On 27 May 1915, she was torpedoed by a U-Boat at Cape Helles sinking with the loss of 49 men. 

A superb item and likely a unique usage to HMS Majestic.


NB: envelope in a finer condition than the scan suggests.


V.R. Scroll 1883


151664.  1d lilac, SG172 and 1/2 green, SG 164: 

tied to an envelope to a Foundry in Sheffield by two superb, and not overlapping,

London V.R. Code B Scroll date stamps for August 6th 1883.

Envelope has overall toning with age marks across its length, but

not as pronounced as in the scan, and a peripheral tear at the centre left side. 

Despite these, this is a very scarce cancellation on cover. 

              Price:  £ 110.00  SOLD                          


1d Lilac Die 2: rare interpane block

151659.  1d SG172, Die 2: a fine/very fine unmounted mint interpane Block of 24, light creasing to three/four stamps top left. 

No marginal rules or interpane pillars hence from one of the earlier printings. 

A rare positional block and rarer still with uncreased/unfolded interpane margins.

The largest interpane multiple we have seen without marginal rules.

An attractive and impressive item. 

Price:  £245.00 


Unrecorded Guisborough Strike


151640.  Mourning envelope to Guisborough, North Yorkshire:

1d lilac tied by Maske-by-the-Sea duplex, March 22nd 1886.

Addressed to a Bank, the envelope was found open without contents. 

Perhaps the address tempted a postal worker to open it thinking it contained money? 

The flap has been carefully opened. 

Superb strike of 'Found without contents in Guisborough' and

another strike across the centre of the rear flap.

 Both strikes initialled 'FP' and written in the same hand: 'Found Open'. 

A superb and rare item. 



Rare Late Fee 1d Scroll

151634.  47 Cannon Street L.1d., 7pm, Scroll cancellation: envelope to Paris, February 6th 1901,

ordinary rate paid by 'Jubilee' twopence halfpenny, SG201, with the 1d late fee paid by a 1d lilac. 

Each cancelled by this unique Victorian late fee scroll type. 

The envelope has the staining from apparently a pin

but this is the only example we have seen of this rare type on cover.

The strike on the 1d lilac is paticularly fine.

Priced by parmenter at £60 more than 10 years ago. 

Price:  £83.00  SOLD


Unlisted Scroll Type

151635.  Envelope, nibbled at the top, from The Manchester Hotel, Aldersgate, London to the USA, March 12th 1896. 

Postage paid by the 'Jubilee' SG201 and tied by a very fine Late Fee Scroll for 7.45pm. 

This type with just 'L' and no monetary value as a Late Fee is unlisted by Parmenter in

'London  Late Fee and Too Late Mail':  the first example we have seen. 


NB: the envelope is cleaner than the scan.


Cracked Plate Variety

151304.  2 1/2d SG 141 Plate 7: fine used 'EA', Manchester 498?,

VERTICAL CRACKED plate across approx 80% of the stamp and going thru QV's face/head.

NB: full perfs at the right side side, cancellation makes it appear some are missing. 

A very rare item with such extensive plate damage affecting Victoria's profile. 

Price:  £110.00


Unprinted area.

151617.  2 1/2d SG157, 'AL', Plate 17:

the London cancellation leaves QV's head and profile clear. 

The cancellation is also clear of a large UNPRINTED AREA

affecting the back of QV's hair and some of the stamp's design.

A couple of short perfs at bottom left corner but

a fine example of damage to the printing plate.  

Price:  £85.00


Unprinted areas.

151618.  2 1/2d SG157, 'AA', Plate 19: 

a London cancellation clear of a large UNPRINTED AREA

at the top of the stamp and another similar area at the right. 

Short/trimmed perfs at the top right and bottom corner. 

Fine example of damage to the printing plate. 

Price:  £78.00

NB: as both the above examples are from the TOP ROW of the sheet,

perhaps the plate was less protected against possible damage.


Frame damage.

151619.  2/- SG118, 'CL', Plate 1:

very lightly used and with much stronger blue than the scan suggests. 

The cancellation leaves the right hand side clear so that significant damage

 to the frame and part of the design can be seen to advantage.

The item has a RPS Certificate which states 'transient variety affecting frame line'.

We can not recall seeing such extensive damage on this value. 

Price:  £190.00


SG183: lightly used

151586.  10/- SG183, 'LC': very light Eastern District August 20th 1891 cds

and a blue crayon line top left corner leaving QV's Head almost totally clear. 

A very attractive example with excellent perfs and centring.

Priced by Gibbons at £525 plus 50% premium for so lightly used. 

Price:  £225.00


1d Plate Number 121

151587.  1d Inland Revenue, SG F22 Die 4:

scarce unmounted mint Plate Number pair.

Some usual gum creasing especially on the non-plate number stamp: 

Plate 121, put to press 5-7-78.



SG F18

151588.  1d SG F18, pale purple: unmounted mint corner example with the usual gum creasing.

Watermark small anchor much displaced upwards as are the corner guide lines. 

There is a large letter 'M' watermark in the margin top left - part of the watermark word 'MARK'

which occurs only ONCE per sheet on some surface printed values and is rarely seen. 

There is also a small diagonal anchor marginal watermark to the bottom left corner of the stamp. 

There is one blunt perf top right corner and some perf separation at the left side.

PLEASE NOTE: the browning on the margins and the stamp is a trick of the scanner

and the shade of the stamp itself is much lighter. 

Together with the 'Crown INLAND REVENUE 1d' hand stamp in blue, this is a rare positional piece. 

Price:  £38.00  SOLD


Scarce destination with War Fund Label

151573. 1d lilac Die 2 and 1/2d SG213: tied to an envelope to Brazil by Failsworth, cds's for September 16th 1900. 

Letter carried on the 'Orellana'. 

On the reverse is the Manchester Philatelic Society Label raising money for the BOER WAR:

damaged when the letter was opened by the postal authorities because the letter was UNCLAIMED.

It was returned to sender almost a year later with a London cds on the front for July 2nd 1901. 

An unusual item that would display well when fully written up. 



4d SG154


151564.  4d SG154, very fine used example of this difficult stamp.

 Lightly cancelled by a London squared circle for May 9th 1881.

 Priced by Gibbons at £550 without the premium for the dated cancellation.

 Price:  £185.00

NB: finer than the scanned image.


5d SG169 from Glasgow to the US

151560.  5d Indigo, SG169:

fine/very fine example on envelope to Chicago from Glasgow, May 17th 1884. 

Chicago cds on the reverse for May 27th 1884. 

Gibbons prices this 5d on cover at £325. 

Price:  £65.00


6d SG70: letter carried on RMS Cunard's 'Asia'

151553.  6d SG70, two singles with overlapping perfs:

tied to a small neat envelope by a London duplex, July 19th 1860

with an additional strike away from the stamps - contrary to PO reg's at that time.

Possibly struck twice as there were two stamps but only one strike on the stamps.

Liverpool date stamp for July 20th indicates that this letter

was carried by the Cunard's paddle steamer 'Asia'.

She left Liverpool on july 21st 1860 and arrived in New York August 2nd 1860. 

Pleasingly ALL the postal markings are on the front of the envelope. 

Very scarce/rare to find this 6d value on cover with a cds cancellation. 

Allowing for the cds, Gibbons price for this single stamp on cover is £540 plus.

 An attractive and scarce item. 

Price:  £138.00  SOLD

NB: the envelope is much cleaner than the scan suggests.


SG166: Glasgow NPB date stamps

151552.  SG166, fine and attractive used, and very scarce, block of 6:

'QL' light diagonal crease at the right corner area. 

Cancelled by very fine strikes of the 'Union Jack type' of the scarce

Glasgow News Paper Branch date stamp for September 9th 1880.

Very difficult to find used blocks of this stamp and especially a block larger than four. 

Very much underpriced by Gibbons at £85 for a used block of 4. 

We have not seen before this stamp in a used block with this cancellation.

Price: £85.00


Plate 17 on cover.

151551.  2 1/2d, SG141, Plate 17: fine/very fine example, a couple of slightly short perfs at the top,

tied by a London EC duplex for April 10th 1880, on an uncreased envelope to New York:

a fine set of transit marks on the reverse. 

Plate 17 is the rarest of the plates 1-17 on white paper and

priced by Gibbons at £550 on cover in the latest, 2011, Edition of QV Volume 1. 

The duplex leaves the plate number at the right totally clear. 

A very difficult stamp to find on cover and in our experience underpriced by Gibbons. 

Price: £265.00 

NB: the envelope is cleaner than in the scan - the front of it is close in colour to that of the reverse.


9d SG110: redirected letter within India

151546.   An entire from London to a Major A Cory, originally sent to Rawal Pindee

then redirected to Muree with fine transit markings on the reverse.

The 9d rate paid by a fine SG110.

Part of the printed senders address at the top of the letter is missing but it reads:

East India Army and General........., 10 Kings Arms Yard, Moor(gate).

SG110 on cover priced by Gibbons at £525.

Price:  £220.00

NB: Item in a finer condition than the scan.


Rare internal use of 3d SG76: Notice of Objection.

151459.  3d SG76, 'MF', fine:

tied to a printed Notice of Objection for a name on a List of Voters for Gisboro' in the North Riding of the County of York.

Sent from Yarm to Gisboro', the 3d cancelled by the '926' of Yarm and rated RARE by Parmenter, August 18th 1865. 

A rare internal UK usage of this 3d which was introduced to pay the letter rate to Belgium and Switzerland. 

Priced by Gibbons for usage on overseas letters at £600.

Rare item.

Price:  £335.00


4d SG154 : a very rare usage on 1880 wrapper.

151407.  4d SG154 plate 17, 'II':

tied to wrapper to San Domingo by a very fine Manchester duplex, October 1st 1880 with in m/s 'per RMS TAGUS'. 

Theo Brauers in his book ' Scarce Victorian Postage Stamps of GB on Cover',

lists and illustrates ONLY 13 examples of SG154 on cover.

This example is not listed and is EARLIER than any of the examples in his book.

Although on a slightly tired wrapper and the stamp affected at the right by a light vertical filing crease,

this is a RARITY as reflected in Gibbons price on cover at £1,700. 

The only example we have been able to offer.

Price:  £485.00


4d SG66: very rare RED and BLACK PD cancellations.

1044.  1857 4d SG66 very fine and cancelled only by PD in circle.

Rare with just this cancellation but this example is

exceedingly rare as it has both RED and BLACK PD in circle. 

The first such combined usage we have seen. 

A remarkable item.    

Price: £250.00 


1/- SG72: rare used marginal inscriptional pair.

1045.   Fine used marginal pair SG 72:

with inscription 'PRICE 1 Shilling per label'.

 A rare multiple and priced by Gibbons at

£700 as two non-marginal singles.  

Price: £225.00 

NB: even in 1857 stamps were called 'labels'.


SG125: variety double plate number.

151419.  6d SG125, Plate 12, 'DF':

very fine/fine used except for a pulled perf at the top.

The London cancellation leaves the left hand plate number completely clear

showing the listed variety, SG Spec J81d, 'Figure 12 on left doubled'. 

Gibbons price for this variety is £550. 

Very scarce stamp with this variety so clearly visible.  

Price: £85.00


SG152: Large 5 in Plate Number.

151464.  4d SG152, Plate 15, 'AA':

very fine used with the cancellation clear of BOTH plate numers

with each showing the variety SG Spec J62d, ' Large 5 in 15'.

This variety occurs on only two stamps per sheet of 240.

Priced by Gibbons at £900, this is the first example we have been able to offer.  

Price:  £425.00


SG153: Large 5 in Plate Number.

151463.  4d SG153, Plate 15, 'AA', fine cds example,

 London November 26th 1877, slightly rounded corner bottom right. 

The cds is clear of BOTH plate numbers

with each showing the variety SG Spec J64d, ' Large 5 in 15'.

This variety occurs on only two stamps per sheet of 240.

The finest cds example we have seen with this variety.

Priced by Gibbons at £800 without the cds premium.

Price: £295.00


4d SG66: rare internal UK usage.

151413.  4d SG66:

very fine example tied to an entire by Edinburgh duplex, June 18th 1859, to Falkirk. 

The two page letter refers to document/Registry Searches carried out re: Fushie Bridge and for the name Wilson.  

4d SG66 priced by Gibbons on cover at £225 without the premium for internal UK usage. 

We have seen very few such internal usages of this stamp other than on registered mail.

In a cleaner condition than the scanned image.

Price:  £87.00


1/- SG72: rare usage to Ceylon.

151414. SG72, 1/-, wing margin example:

tied to a small neat envelope to HAPPOOTELLE, Ceylon from Linlithgow, March 9th 1861. 

Various transit markings on the front and reverse including Colombo Post Paid in red.

The 1/- has a vertical bump in the wing margin caused by the pressure on the original contents. 

SG72 priced by Gibbons on cover at £425. 

Envelope in much better condition than the scan suggests: there is no browning. 

A rare destination. 

Price: £180.00


Mourning Envelope to Italy.

151406.  Twopence halpenny SG 141 Plate 14:

fine example, tied by very fine Chiselhurst duplex for August 1st 1879 to

an unusually wide black - bordered mourning envelope to Italy. 

Very clean envelope and the light corner crease bottom right is not as pronounced as the scan suggests.

The browning on the stamp from the cancellation is also not as pronounced as the scan.

Stamp placed Contrary to Regulations at the bottom of the envelope. 

An attractive envelope. 

Gibbons price for this plate on cover is £150.  

Price: £60.00  SOLD


On June 1st 1881, all types of Revenue/Fiscal Stamps,

previously used only on receipts or other official documents,

were allowed to be used for paying the postage on letters. 

The next two envelopes illustrate this change in usage.


1d Bankruptcy on 1883 Envelope.

151404.  1d Bankruptcy used on envelope: light vertical filing crease at the left,

peripheral faults and hinge remnants on reverse - from Hereford to Leominster, July 10th 1883. 

Leominster receiver on reverse for the same day.

Possibly a very small cut in the top right corner of the stamp.

Rare usage of this revenue stamp on ordinary mail and

the first we have been able to offer.  

Price: £130.00


1d Foreign Bill on 1884 Envelope

151405.  1d Foreign Bill on azure paper, issued in 1872: 

fine/very fine example on clean and uncreased envelope from Ormskirk, September 30th 1884, to Liverpool.  

Received in Liverpool on the same day.

Rare usage and especially in such fine overall condition. 

Price:  £175.00

NB: These two items as a pair are offered at a discounted figure of £290.00



151392.  1d SG F9, Spec L109, wmk Cabled Anchor:

a 3-margined IMPRIMATUR tied to a piece by a London duplex for July 21st 1881. 

An Imprimatur, SGF15, Spec L115, is known used similarly on the same day,

 has a RPS Cert and appeared on the open market in 2008.

The example offered here is the only used example of Spec L109 of which we are aware.

A rare and unusual item and an opportunity to obtain a USED Imprimatur. 

Price:  £245.00


Romsey Duplex in BLUE

151391. SG167 and SG160 plate 17:

both fine/very fine and tied to piece by a ROMSEY '653' duplex in BLUE for December 12th 1881.

An unrecorded duplex in any shade other than black by Parmenter. 

A rare combination of stamps made extremely rare by the coloured cancellation. 

Price:  £185.00


1/- Plate 6 Double Plate Number used in Ireland

151387.  1/- SG115, Deep Green,'KB':

an exceptional example tied to small piece by a superb

DROWMORE Co. Down cds for Octber 31st 1872.

Stamp 'KB' has the listed variety, Spec J106a, 'Double Plate Number at Right'. 

The scan does not show the superb deep green shade. 

This is arguably one of the, if not the, finest examples extant of this variety.

Gibbons prices it at £400 and then £700 when the 75% premium is added.

Exhibition quality plus and a very rare stamp in such superb condition. 

Price:  £320.00


VR Scroll Code A - Royal Household Mail

131365.  2 1/2d SG201:

tied to small piece of a mourning envelope by an exceptional strike of the V.R scroll cancel

with the very scarce Code A – used on Royal items of mail.  

Alongside is another strike in the same exceptional condition. 

Superb and rare item.  



Rare Marginal Strip 1/- Deep Green

151363.  1/- Plate 2 SG89 and 4d Plate 4 SG82:

Envelope to Melbourne from Whitehaven, October 24th 1864,

Melbourne cds on reverse for December 11th 1864.

A 3/4d franking made up of a fine vertical marginal strip of three of

the 1/- in the scarce DEEP GREEN and a 4d, small surface rub.

The 1/- SG89 priced on cover as a single stamp by Gibbons at £750. 

A rare multiple in this shade and especially so on cover. 

Price: £275.00  SOLD


151357.  1/2d SG187, 3d SG191 and 5d SG193:

a remarkable franking including FOURTEEN 3d’s

in a block of 8 and two strips of 3 – one 3d defective ‘RD’. 

Manchester duplex, heavy in places, for February 6th 1885.  

Gibbons price for the 3d’s as two blocks of 4 plus the two strips

is £1,750 and £1,970 with the 1/2d and 5d included.  

The stamps are still attached to the original letter/package material

and so the true colours have been preserved. 

The largest franking of the 3d’s we can recall seeing! 

A very rare and impressive item. 

Price: £385.00


5d multiples on piece

151350.  5d SG193:  

two pairs, one vertical, ‘CA-DA’, and one horizontal ‘CC-CB’,

tied to a piece of a linen envelope by London EC hooded circles for July 31st 1885.

Some wrinkling on ‘CC’ but all have very fine colour.  Gibbons prices a single at £210. 

Very scarce multiple usage with strong colour for this issue.   

Price:  £150.00

NB: the apparent brown marks at the right bottom corner of 'CC' is NOT present.


Scroll down to the end of this Section for more Lilac and Greens


6d SG85 Irish CDS


151344.  6d Plate 4 'DK', hairlines, SG85:

very fine/fine, centred low but cancelled by a superb BALLYMENA upright cds for April 29th 1865.

At the base is a small part of a PANAMA? name cancellation.

A few nibbled perfs at the right and the scan does NOT do justice to its fine colour. 

A rare stamp thus cancelled and one of the finest we have seen:

 cannot recall a finer example used in Ireland

Priced by Gibbons at £225 but with the 125% for the cds this rises to £500. 

Price: £128.00


4d SG154


151346.  4d plate 17, wmk Large Garter, 'ML', SG154:

a fine used example of this difficult stamp.

A few slightly trimmed perfs at the bottom but lightly cancelled

by a Dover squared circle for December 9th 1880. 

Priced by Gibbons at £550 without the premium for the dated cancellation.

Very hard to find so fine. 

Price: £110.00



151330.   August 4th 1911:

piece with various QV stamps and a cut out tied by Anerley Road - Crystal Palace cds’s for this date.  

The stamps are: the bantam 1/2d Plate 19, issued  1878: 1/2d SG164 and 1d SG166 both issued 1880;  

1/2d SG187 issued 1884 and a 3d rose cut out from an embossed envelope.  

All were legal tender at that time, except 1d SG166 - demonitized on June 1st 1901. 

When this item was posted in the Crystal Palace area, the Festival of Empire Imperial Exhibition

was being held at Crystal Palace – May 12th to October 27th 1911. 

Perhaps the person posting it expected the item to be cancelled with the Exhibition Flag Duplex? 

A remarkable and rare usage of QV stamps between 27 and 33 years after they were issued.   

Price:  £85.00 


151338.  Remakable Block of 20, Three Pence Foreign Bill stamps cancelled by the 'French Government in London'. 

No perf strengthening and the browning effects are much less than the scanner suggests. 

This 3d Foreign Bill was issued in 1870.

An impressive multiple and very unusual. 

Price: £48.00


151315.  5d SG207a Die 2: a superb used side marginal BLOCK OF 12,

perf strengthened between the top two stamps.

Part of the 'POSTAGE' watermark in the side margin.

Cancelled by the Guernsey parcel post double ring in black.

Gibbons prices a used block of 4 at £65. 

An attractive and very scarce/rare multiple used in the Channel Islands.  



4d SG62: Queens Street Scots Local

151309.  4d small garter, SG62:

a fine pair tied to piece by the Queen Street (Glasgow) Scots Local Type XV111. 

The Meredith Sale of Scots Locals had no examples of any type on the 4d SG62.

Gibbons only prices Scots Locals on the contemporary 1d value but

their price for two single SG62's is £900. 

A very rare item. 

Price:  £230.00 


10d SG113

15039.  10d SG113, pale red brown, ‘TE-TF’:

attractive bottom marginal inscriptional pair, unusually misperfed,

a few nibbled perf at top of ‘TE’, cancelled by Mark Lane B.O London cds’s, March 1872. 

Priced by Gibbons at £800 as two singles.    

Price: £375.00


10d SG113 CDS Block of 4


151316.  8d SG113, very fine used BLOCK OF 4, 'HG-IH':

Mark Lane cds's February 24th 1872:

'HH' with small corner crease/wrinkling in the wing margin.

Gibbons prices this block, without adding the 75% premium for cds cancellations, at £2,400. 

Excellent colour and a very attractive and very scarce multiple in such fine condition. 

Price:  £965.00


1d Lilac Die 2: OFFSET

151329.  1d lilac Die 2:

unmounted mint, light horizontal crease at the base of QV's head,

but with an exceptional offset.  

The best we have handled for many years. 


NB: the scan does not do justice to the colour.


Progressive Frame Break Listed Variety 

151313.  1d lilac Die 2 listed variety SG Spec K8k 'Frame break, right side broken': 

a remarkable and fine trio showing the initial frame break 'a',and the

progressive retouching to repair the printing plate, 'b' and 'c'.

In each case there is a frame break at the right top and bottom corners

which was not repaired when the outer frame break damage was attended to.

The damage suggests that the right hand frame is coming away and is very similar to the variety: Spec K8j,

'Frame broken at the bottom' - see Item 151314 - and would make a superb pair. 

The dated cancellations, 1897 and 1901, leave the varieties clear.

Gibbons prices this variety at £150 in the QV Specialised Volume 1 (2011) Edition. 

Superb display item and likely to be unique as a trio with the variety clear. 

Price: £225.00



151314.  1d lilac Die 2 listed variety SG Spec K8j, 'Frame broken at bottom, (R.1/2) Sheet Control S, upper pane',

cancelled '131' of Limber(Lincs): the bottom frame appears to be coming away from the rest of the design.

A very scarce/rare variety seldom offered and which Gibbons priced at £350 in the QV Volume 1 (2011) Edition.

NB: the slight toning at the left corners and side has been exaggerated by the scanner.

This would pair up well with 151313 as these are the only two listed frame break varieties by Gibbons for this stamp.

Price: £135.00

A rare opportunity to acquire both of these varieties: Items 151313 and 151314 as a pair at £340.00


SG141 Plate 12

151303.  2 1/2d SG141 Plate 12:

fine used 'AL', Shipston (Worc) '706' numeral with

the denomination printed in the top margin. 

This series was printed in sheets of 192 stamps, two panes of 96. 

ONLY FOUR stamps per sheet of 192 had the

denomination printed in the above or below margin. 

A rarity and the first used example we have been able to offer. 

Price: £85.00


Hand Inserted Date

151305.  3d SG102 Plate 8, superb used vertical wing margin pair:

each cancelled by the 1872 date stamp of CLONTARF -

meaning "meadow of the bull" - a coastal suburb on the northside of Dublin.

The Month and Day of 'SE 10' has in each case been HAND INSERTED.

Clearly for whatever reason the month and day slugs were missing

and then corrected by hand directly on the stamps.

Very unusual. 

Price: £70.00


High Values


Unprinted and ungummed watermark Large Anchor

151411.  Unprinted blued paper sample with Large Anchor watermark

as used for High Values, 1867-83. 

Some creasing but scarce. 

Price:  £57.50


5/- SG126 used on piece

1513021/- plate 4 SG117, 6d 108 plate 8, 2/- SG118 with

marginal inscription 'Two Shillings per Sheet of 20',

trimmed wing margin and 5/- plate 1 SG 126

tied by a London duplex for December 3rd 1869

to part of a blue original material envelope with some wrinkling from it.

Despite the very heavy cancelling of the 5/- this is a rare and impressive franking

as few examples of this stamp are known on cover or piece.

The combination of stamps totals 8/6d. 

A very rare item.

Price:  £295.00



151300.  piece with 4d SG160 plate 18, 6d on 6d 'PG' SG162 and 2/6 SG175 on BLUED PAPER:

all fine/very fine used and neatly tied by London EC scroll cancellations for May 21st 1884. 

A remarkable combination with the 2/6d on blued well centred and with good perfs - an attractive item that displays well.

Gibbons prices SG175 at £1,400 without the premium for well centred and dated cancellation. 

Very rare item. 

Price: £795.00


2/6 on blued paper: white paper period

151284.  Piece with 1d lilacs Die 2 and 2/6, Deep Lilac

printed on Blued Paper from the white paper period, SG179a,

tied by Gracechurch Registered ovals for 2nd August 1889.

A very rare stamp and priced by Gibbons at £3,600 off over.

Being off centre it allows the blueing in the paper to be more easily seen.

Some creasing at the top left and a few, almost invisible,

very small surface bumps from the paper to which it is affixed.

 A collectable example of a very rare stamp seldom available and

the first we have been able to offer for some considerable time. 

Price:  £585.00


In the next four 2/6d items with hooded circles, reference is made to Parmenter ie:

 'London Late Fee and Too Late Mail 1840 to 1930'

This grouping would make an excellent basis for a Collection of these interesting cancellations.


151348.  2/6d SG178: fine perfs except bottom left where some are missing.

We normally do not publish on the Website damaged stamps unless there is an overiding rarity. This IS the case here.

The 2/6d has been cancelled by the very scarce LIVERPOOL LATE BOX hooded circle date stamp, October 16th 1896, Parmenter Die 2.

These cancellations were used in London on mail posted at four provincial railway stations in late boxes

for mail trains that would connect with the continental night trains and are usually found cancelling a 1/2d value.

The fee for this service was only 1/2d.  

SEE  ITEM 151339 in the Stationey Section.

This is the FIRST EXAMPLE we have seen with this type of cancellation used on a high value

from any of these four provincial stations: Bradford, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.

A considerable rarity despite the fault. 

Price: £66.50


151347.  2/6d SG178 fine used:

cancelled by the London Chief Office number 1 machine; the machines were numbered 1 to 10.

The collection times were almost always L1 7pm, L2 7.15 or 7.30pm and code L3 7.30pm.

This L 3d is rated RARE by Parmenter. 

Fine strike for a 7.30 collection time on 19th February 1897. 

Price: £49.00


151349.  2/6d SG178 light creasing and one missing perf but a LATE USAGE, 27th January 1905,

cancelled by a very fine Chief Office machine number 2, L2, 7.15pm.

Not a rare cancellation but unusual to find it on a high value. 

Price: £40.00


151354.  2/6d SG178: Chief Office machine number 1 25th June 1897.

Stamp with creasing and a very tiny thin near the top.

This particular cancellation with the time code 7.15 from this machine is especially rare 

with Parmenter giving it a rarity 'H' ie 'very few are known to exist'.

Price: £44.50

See Item 151244 in the Stationery Section for this very rare cancellation on an embossed cover.


An attractive and very scarce/rare combination

151301.  2/6d SG178 together with a pair of 10d SG210:

all fine used and tied to piece by the Lombard Street LS/6 duplex

for October 6th 1893, rated uncommon by Parmenter.

  The 2/6 has a very small corner wrinkle/crease bottom left corner. 

A very scarce/rare combination especially so on an original piece. 

Price: £70.00


A very rare combination

151355.  5/- SG180 used with 2d SG199 and 1/- SG211

tied to piece by Fenchurch St Registered oval for April 12th 1889. 

All three stamps are very fine/fine used in their original colours including the scarce shade of the 2d

and the 1/- is in a deeper original shade of green than the scanner suggests.

The 2d was printed in the scarcer shade during the early printings of which this is an example.

Very rare combination of stamps and the first we have seen with SG199 in combination with a 5/- value.

The Queens head is almost clear on the 2d and 1/- and partly so on the 5/-.

The scan does not do justice to the fresh appearance and the colours of this piece.  

An attractive and rare item.   



A rare combination

151356.  5/- SG181, fine used with 5d Die 2 SG207a,

the latter with some light wrinkling/creasing.

Tied to piece by the Lombard Street squared circle for October 3rd 1897.

The 5/- is in a superb and very deep shade. 

Very scarce/rare combination.     

Price: £76.50


151282.  5/- SG181 fine used, Lombard Street cds August 31st 1900. 

Price: £58.00


151281.  5/- SG181 superb used, centrally struck by upright by Waterloo Street, Glasgow,

January 23rd 1893 cds, with excellent centring and perfs except one shortish top left.

Very hard to find so fine.

Price: £110.00

NB: A black cancellation at the left opposite the 'F' square makes it appear two perfs are missing. 

This is NOT the case.


151283.  5/- SG180/181 cancelled very unusually by the Edinburgh roller.

A couple of very short perfs at the top but very scarce to find

this cancellation on a high denomination.

Price: £48.50


151280.  5/- SG180: very well centred, nibbled/pulled perfs at centre left and right but excellent colour

but superbly cancelled by the Penny Postage Jubilee Exhibition commemorative strike for 17th May 1890. 

Very rare to find this cancellation on any high value denomination bearing in mind the real value of these in 1890 terms! 

Despite the perf irregularities, this is a very rare item indeed.  


NB: we have only once before been able to offer this strike on a high value and that was on the 2/6, SG178.


Very scarce mint inscriptional example

151285. 6d grey, SG146 Plate 16: a very fine UNMOUNTED mint example with

the top marginal inscription 'PRICE 6 Pence per Label' showing the interpanneau margin. 

Hinge remnant and horizontal creases both in the top marginal inscription but the stamp is unmounted

with a smooth gum and just a couple of gum wrinkles as is often the case.

A very scarce stamp to find in such fine unmounted mint condition and

rare with this marginal inscription setting out the price of each stamp:

still referred to as 'labels' as was the1d black.

Priced by Gibbons at £500 as a mounted mint non-marginal single stamp.  

An attractive and rare inscriptional item

Price: £370.00  SOLD

NB: the scanner has produced a diffraction pattern to the lines surrounding QV's head!


151299.  One penny pink envelope uprated with a fine 4d SG153 Plate 16, 'EB'. 

Posted in Kensington London, September 21st 1880, to a POSTE RESTANTE, BERLIN address. 

We cannot recall seeing the 5d postage rate to Germany made up with a 4d sage green in this way.

This stamp on cover is priced by Gibbons at £600. 

Very scarce item. 

Price: £170.00


1d lilac Die 1 block used in Channel Islands

151260. Envelope from Jersey to Hamburgh, rear flap missing, with a block of 4 and a single,

1d lilac Die 1 SG 171.

Cancelled by superb strikes of the First Type of Jersey squared circle for November 21st 1881.

Some tone marks but not as pronounced as the scan suggests.

Rare multiple franking and rarer used in the Channel Islands. 

The top three stamps cancelled Contrary to Regulations

by two instead of three squared circles. 


NB: the age marks on the envelope are not as pronounced as the scan suggests.


1d Die 1 INVERTED Watermark


151261.  1d SG172, possibly very small hinge traces on top two stamps, bottom two unmounted mint.

Very small tone mark on top left stamp near the perfs as per the image. 

Very fine otherwise and with INVERTED Watermarks. 

The watermark is shifted resulting in

parts of the letters 'E' and 'G' of the 'POSTAGE' marginal watermark on two stamps.

This is the first time we can recall seeing this effect on this issue with inverted watermark.

Very scarce. 

Price: £120.00


6d SG70 used Block of 4 

151229:  6d SG70 – good/fine used Block of 4 and priced by Gibbons at £700.  

Very clean reverse, one pulled perf on bottom right stamp and a very scarce multiple     

Price: £110.00

SG109: used Block of 4

151230: 6d SG109, plate 9, ‘SG-TH’ – a fine used BLOCK of 4, Little Tower BO London, 1872. 

Printed in an unusually deep shade for this plate with a light corner crease to ‘SG’.

Attractive block and priced by Gibbons at £575.      

Price:  £148.00


Vice Admiral Sir Robert Smart

15191.  6d plate 4, SG85, ‘EL’: fine example with superb colour, a couple of short perfs, tied to an envelope by the Durham

duplex for April 6th 1865 leaving most of QV’s head clear: priced by Gibbons at £350 on cover but before adding the premium

of 125%. Envelope addressed to Vice Admiral Sir Robert Smart, Commander in Chief, Mediterranean Fleet, MALTA.  Smart

at this time was on the Flagship of the Mediterranean Fleet, ‘Victoria’, based in Malta.  He was promoted to Vice Admiral in

December 1863 and was required to assess the damage caused by volcanic disturbances in the neighbourhood of Santorini

in Spring 1866 before handing over his command in April 1866. He was promoted to full Admiral in 1869.   More information

re Smart and the Flagship ‘Victoria’ is available with this rare and attractive item.  

Price:  £145.00


15170.  6d, SG70: fine wing margined example, unusual degree of miss perfing seldom seen on this 6d value,
tied to an entire by the ‘A26’ of Gibraltar, February 12th 1862, and sent to Skibo Castle,
Dornock – now a famous Hotel where Madonna and Guy Ritchie were married. 

Inside is a superb detailed letter of the journey to Gibraltar on the P and O’s paddle steamer ‘INDUS’,
which operated on the Southampton-Alexandria route.  The first page has a superb line engraving of Gibraltar. 

The long letter mentions that he was a passenger on the same train to Southampton as was the Prince of Wales.
Details include descriptions of ‘Indus’ as a large boat with lots of sheep, cows, chickens and geese on board. 

The writer describes the Bay of Biscay, passing along the Portuguese coast and seeing Lisbon before entering the Bay of Gibraltar.

Detailed descriptions followed of what he saw on Gibraltar, its trees, houses and lots of cheap cigars and wine as well as guns:
 ‘around every corner you will find a Battery’.  An exceptional letter which would make a memorable and fascinating display item.  


NB: in finer condition than the scan.


1/- Plate 6: used Warrant Number 330

15172.  1/-, SG115/7, SK-TL’, plate 6: block of 4,

107 Fleet Street EC cds, SP 30th 1872.

‘SL’ has a small closed tear at the right but in the bottom margin is the ‘330’ Warrant Number.

Very few used examples with this Warrant Number are known and

this is the first example we have seen in a used block. 

Rare item.  

Price: £160.00  SOLD

15173.  2d, SG 45 plate 9 and 3d SG103, plate 5: unusual combination of line engraved and surface printed stamps

 – issued 10 years apart – on wrapper to Italy from Newcastle on Tyne, August 23rd 1870. 

Underpaid postage with an Inspector’s erasure mark applied over a red PD,

‘Insufficiently Stamped’ strike and a pair, faults with 60 Centisime postage dues added. 

An attractive item and an early example of postage dues added at an overseas destination.   

Price:  £120.00

Registered usage in Channel Islands

15174.  1d, SG43 plate 153 and 4d SG 93 plate 13:

used on a neat Registered Envelope from Jersey to Hampstead. 

Stamps tied by the Jersey ‘409’ duplex, December 30th 1873.  

Two London Registered date marks for New Years Day 1874

and a very scarce/rare registered item from the Channel Islands. 

Price:  £145.00

15175.  2 1/2d, SG 157 plate 22: perfinned example on clean envelope from Falmouth to Gothenburg  with letter written in Swedish. 

Stamp tied by the cds of the Falmouth duplex for October 3rd 1882 with an additional duplex strike at right. 

Market –Strand Falmouth cds and a Majorna receiving cds on reverse. 

Price: £56.50

4d used BLOCK

15036.  4d SG66 large garter:

exceptional block in a superb colour close to or in the deep shade variety and cancelled

by neat Chatham sideways duplex for Jan 4th 1859. 

Total or partially clear QV heads on most stamps. 

Bottom left stamp damaged but the rest are very fine to superb especially so in a block. 

Latest QV Volume 1, 2011, a block of 4 catalogued at £775

but one could fairly add the premium of 125% as per SG to this item. 

Despite the damage to one stamp, this is one of the finest blocks we have been able to offer.  

Priced as a block of 4:  £535.00

15037.  1/- SG72: strip of THREE on entire to Beyrout, Syria from Glasgow November 24th 1858. 

The postal rate to Syria at that time was 6d, 1/4oz and 1/-, 1/2oz. 

Hence a rate of 3/- is very scarce.

The right hand stamp in the strip has a small fault at the top but the left hand stamp is fine/very fine and the

central stamp is very fine with a complete and almost upright cds of Glasgow. 

Very rare to find SG72 cancelled solely by a cds on cover. 

A single SG72 catalogues on cover at £425.

The cds example on cover with premium prices at approx £1,000. 

A remarkable item with a rare franking and destination. 

Price:  £775.00

15038.  Large garter un-printed and un-gummed strip of FIVE showing the vertical interpane gutter margin. 

Creasing but very scarce.   

Price:  £68.00


15042.  2 1/2d SG138, Plate 1, ‘BK’, BLUED paper: very fine, one short perf at left, tied to an envelope, with slight

creasing, to France by a London duplex, June 29th 1876. Stamp placed top left contrary to PO regulations and the cancellation

leaves theWHOLE of QV’s Head clear thus showing the blued paper to advantage. 

Rare so fine and catalogued at £250 without the premium.  

Price:  £85.00

Plate 7: fully clear QV Head

15043.  2 1/2d SG141, Plate 7, ‘EB’, white paper:

superb example tied to an envelope to Germany by a London duplex, June 30th 1877. 

Envelope with light horizontal crease but the duplex leaves the entire QV‘s Head clear.  

Price:  £45.00


4d Plate 15

15044.  4d SG152, Plate 15, ‘NK’:

fine/very fine example on clean wrapper from Leeds to Naples,

April 6th 1876 – barely one month after issue.  

Tied by a superb Leeds duplex and very scarce to find such a

fine example on an equally fine cover.

Priced by Gibbons on cover at £1,100.  

Price:  £390.00



15049.  4d SG64, Medium Garter, fine PAIR except for small perf fault at top

on wing margin stamp tied by Newport Monssideways duplex,

 JY 5 1856 on envelope to Hamburg – part of rear flap missing. 

The only multiple of this stamp we have seen with INVERTED WATERMARK on cover. 

A single stamp priced by Gibbons OFF COVER at £1,200. 

A very rare item.  

Price:  £550.00


INVERTED Watermark

WM3. 4d rose SG66.

A fresh lightly mounted mint example with superb colour.

Horizontal crease but with INVERTED watermark.  

Priced by Gibbons at £4,750.00 - a very rare item.  

Price:   £435.00


1/- SG72  with INVERTED Watermark on Cover.


1209.  1/-SG72 pair and 4d SG66 pair:

tied to entire to Canada by Edinburgh duplexes, April 13th 1859

with an additional strike clear of the stamps.

The right hand stamp of the 4d pair has a small fault at the right side

but the 1/- pair is very fine with one stamp having the Edinburgh cds. 

The 1/- pair have INVERTED WATERMARK and this is the first example we have been able

 offer of this 1/- with a cds and watermark inverted even on a stamp not on cover.

Gibbons price for a single 1/- with inverted watermark is £700 and the CDS single at £875. 

Allowing for just these 1/-'s being on cover, Gibbons price increases to well in excess of £2,000.

An attractive and very rare Scottish entire. 

Price:  £720.00


SG123 6d: a Certificated Unrecorded Variety. 

Very fine copy of 6d SG123 plate 11:

with significant plate damage to a number of areas

including the base of the Queen’s head. 

The item has an RPS certificate. 

An unrecorded variety.

 Price:  £220.00


1210.  6d plate 12, SG125, (RG):  

a very fine example on a neat, clean wrapper to Palermo from London, 24th February 1874.

As the the stamp was just tied by part of the London no 12 duplex,

the post office official no doubt cancelled it by the RED PD in circle and then struck another

 below the 6d on the front of the envelope so it could be more easily seen than on the stamp. 

Attractive and rare example on cover of this usage of the PD to cancel a stamp. 

Price:  £380.00 


 VR Scroll Cancel and Board of Trade Perfin with Certificate

 4d SG160 plate 18 with an almost complete and upright strike,

September 1884, of the VR scroll cancel,

used on Royalty Mail and some State Departments.

The stamp has some clipped perfs on the left but is

perfinned Crown/BT of the Board of Trade. 

A very scarce/rare combination of cancel and perfinning. 

The stamp is offered with Certification.  

Price:  £150.00


SG162 1883 very fine 6d on 6d:

  tied to small piece by the VR  London Scroll JY 1884.  

Stamp also perfinned by the  Crown BT of the Board of Trade. 

A  rare combination of cancellation and Official perfin and

possibly unique on this stamp. 

Price  £190.00




250.    1856 4d medium garter SG64:

good/fine used pair, top corner wrinkle on right stamp. 

Very scarce multiple.

Priced by Gibbons at £950 as two singles. 

Price: £120.00 


      228.  1857 4d SG 66:

fine used marginal example with 545

of a Newcastle sideways duplex. 

Rarely find used marginal copies of this stamp.  

Price: £35.00


 311.   1856 4d SG66, 6d SG70 and 1/- SG72:

the first three values on the introduction of surface printed stamps

             tied to piece by Inland Office ‘29’ in diamond of bars.

 Rated Very Rare by Parmenter in the ‘Barred Numeral Cancellations of London’. 

Colourful and attractive franking and a rare combination of stamps and cancellation.  

Each stamp with small faults.  

 Price:  £78.00 


1043. 1856 6d SG70 very fine used, Malta cds November 30 1861, watermark displaced and

INVERTED and REVERSED.  Unpriced by Gibbons. 

£225.00  SOLD


133.  1/- SG 71, deep green, very scarce used Block of 4 in this scarcer shade, well centred, some

             wrinkling/creasing to bottom pair, London diamond cancels. Cat £1500++ in this shade.

    £250.00 SOLD



229.  1856 1/- SG 72:  superb used with excellent colour and superb A26 of Gibraltar.

              Small corner crease.  

Price: £65.00   IMAGE



S7. 1/- SG71 - the scarcer deep green shade. 

Letter of credit from Edinburgh to Kingston, Canada West, October 1 1863 with  

 Superb and neatly tied leaving at least 90% of the Queen’s head and profile clear. 

Priced by Gibbons on cover in this scarcer shade at £675 before adding the premium for the light cancellation.

Very scarce item.

Price:  £340.00  


279.    1856 1/- SG72: used, some pulled perfs, but with an extremely DISPLACED watermark with the

            four emblems of it in the centre of the stamp. The watermark is displaced just about as far as it is possible to be. 

            Rare variety.  

             Price: £68.00  IMAGE1  IMAGE2


230.      1862 1/- plate 2 SG90: very fine used, A26 of Gibraltar.  Uncatalogued frame break below

                SE letter square. 

                 Price: £48.00 IMAGE


134.     4d vermilion, SG 95 pl 12 and 1/2d SG 48 pl 3, tied to small piece by superb Bristol CDS for  Dec 13 1871,

             few minor faults.

            Price: £19.50  IMAGE


281.    1865 1/- plate 4 SG 101: used strip of 4 with stamps FK and FL showing a

damaged frame variety.  Each stamp mainly clear profile.  Unusual variety especially in a multiple. 

Priced by Gibbons at £1000+ as singles. 

 Price: £145.00  IMAGE1  IMAGE2


138.     3d rose SG 103 pl 7, attractive used Block of 4, cancelled contrary to regulations by two Tralee CDS's,

              one at top and bottom, Feb 3 1872. Several nibbled perfs and priced by Gibbons at £500+    

             Price:  £125.00 IMAGE


140.     6d mauve, SG 109 pl 9, superb station CDS for Feb 26 1872,

             extremely deep/rich shade of purple.

                Price: £60.00  IMAGE


223.      1867 9d plate 4 SG 110 superb used pair:

Liverpool cds’s for 27 October 1872 – a SUNDAY usage -               

 and very scarce/rare as such. 

Priced by Gibbons at £1,000 plus including premium. 

                 Price: £235.00 IMAGE


1047.  1872 6d deep chestnut SG122 and pale buff SG 123 plate 11:

 two fine/very fine used examples, both lettered ‘NF’

            and showing the catalogued variety ‘damage to figure ‘11’ on the left’, SG spec J79d. 

A rare matched pairing – this variety is especially difficult to find in the pale buff printing. 

Priced by Gibbons at £400 in the commonest shade and at £800 in pale buff.     

Price: £200.00  IMAGE


143.     6d chestnut, SG 122a, pl 11, PI-PJ:

a v fine CDS used pair, Altringham Sep 19 1872,

               several nibbled perfs.

               Price: £48.50 


226.      1872 6d pale buff plate 11 SG 123: 

an exceptional used pair in this scarce shade

              with finely applied cds cancels of Garlieston March 27 1873 . 

Priced by Gibbons at £250 as two singles and at £375 with premium for vfu.

                Very scarce/rare multiple so fine. 

               Price: £150.00



152.     2 1/2d rosy mauve, SG141 pl 7:

Alexandria CDS, Dec 18 1880,

              several nibbled perfs, scarce with CDS.

       Price: £28.00 


154.     6d grey, SG 147 pl 16,:

used pair, KG-KH, KH wing margin,

              top marginal inscription of 'SIX PENCE'.


 Price: £60.00 


225.      1873 1/- green plate 12 SG 150:

                  very fine used example

              Glasgow cds for Sep 16 1875 .

             Scarce stamp with cds.

          Price: £48.50



231.      1877 4d sage green plate 16 SG 153:

              very fine cds copy Chester JY 13 1883. 

             Priced by Gibbons at £600 including cds premium.      

Price: £135.00


283.    1877 4d plate 16 SG 153: fine used and unusually with the

BLUE ‘44’ numeral of Tideswell.  Price: £48.00  IMAGE


284.    1880 4d plate 17 SG 154: fine used, well centred and good perfs. 

           Difficult stamp. Gibbons priced at £525.00 

           Price: £68.50  IMAGE



224.      1883 3d on 3d SG 159: very fine used pair.

             Priced by Gibbons at £320 without the premium.

        Excellent colour. 

      Price: £110.00  


1056.  1883 6d on 6d SG162:

very fine/superb used with almost full upright cds

 of Piccadilly Circus, October 29 1883. 

    Price: £75.00   


1054.  1881 1d SG166 on neat and uncreased envelope from London to

Newcastle under Lyme then redirected to Newcastle, Rochdale and finally Manchester

Handstruck 1d and 2d both in black on the front and full wax seal on reverse. 

Very attractive and unusual and scarce with such combined surcharges. 

                The majority of the action is on the front of the envelope so ideal for display.  

Price: £53.50.  IMAGE1  IMAGE2


203.     10/- ultramarine, SG 183, BK, very fine/fine used,

                  part of two Continental Night Mail CDS's, very well centred and very good perfs,

                    Queen's head totally clear. Scarce usage, Gibbons priced at £525.00++     

                   Price: £165.00  IMAGE


Lilac and Green Issue


Mixed values

15178:  2d lilac, SG189 and 2 1/2d SG 190:

clean envelope registered to Hamburg, London registered oval cancellations for

August 25th 1885; a scarce mixed plate usage from this issue. 

Price:  £56.00 


70.   2 1/2d SG190, lilac, two copies on wrapper, London to Spain,

each tied by London CDS, Dec 13 1884.

Price: £24.00



183.    3d lilac, SG 191, fine/good used Block of 4 tied to piece,

each cancelled by Manchester CDS, June 27 1884, some smudging of cds and wrinkling.

 A very scarce block with deep original colour.    

Price: £110.00 SOLD


222.      1884 3d lilac SG 191: richly coloured pair,

superb used with strikes of a London experimental squared circle, April 2nd 1885 . 

Very attractive. Priced by Gibbons at £400 including premium.  

Price: £56.50



15193. 4d SG192, ‘AE’, tied to an envelope opened for display, by a Manchester duplex, November 5th 1885, addressed


to Dr Eduard Arning, c/o Imperial German Consulate, HONOLULU, Hawaiian Islands.  SG192 priced by Gibbons at £350


on cover. Various transit marks on reverse including Sunday dates for New York and San Francisco with a HONOLULU


receiving cds for November 30th 1885.  Dr Arning was an English-German dermatologist and microbiologist from Manchester. 


From 1884 to 1886 he researched leprosy in the Hawaiian Islands.  A full biopic, including a photograph of him, is available on


 Wikipedia.  A RARE destination and an item sent to a pioneering medical scientist.


Price: £300.00


NB: envelope in better condition than the scan suggests.


1/- SG196 cds Block of 4

151231. 1/- SG196, ‘SI-TJ’ – rare BLOCK of 4 with very good colour, 'ST' with a couple of trimmed

perfs and ‘TI’ with small fault at left side. London cds’s for November 22nd 1884. 

Priced by Giibbons at £1,500 plus a 100% premium for the cds cancellations.

A very collectable block and rarely found with cds's.  

Price:  £145.00


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