Hand drawn and Pictorial Envelopes



WW1 envelope with an illustration of an earliest bi-planes over a castle on the Rhine



A 1915 envelope, with printed description, which when opened allows the printing of a very early bi-plane over a castle on the Rhine to be displayed.

A remarkable item the like of which we have not previously been able to offer.

Would make a very interesting display page. 

Price: £45.00 SOLD


Handdrawn 'Queens Head Bath?


1d Pate 213, fine, tied to a front with a pen and ink drawing of a Queens Head Pub in or around Bath?

A second duplex, Bath November 25th 1878, applied just clear of the drawing.

Plate 213 is a scarcer plate.

Sent to Dublin.

Attactive and unusual.

Price: £35.00 SOLD


Painting of a woman in period fashion


Superb postcard with a painting of a woman in the fasion of the times: Edwardian?

Superbly executed art work with an interesting message on the reverse.

Price: £39.00  SOLD


Caracature of the Penny Post Jubilee Envelope and Insert


A very fine/superb caracatured envelope and insert by Harry Furniss of the officially issued envelope

commemorating the Jubilee of the Uniform Penny Post in July 1890.

Rare to find both the envelope and insert in such fine condition.

An Exhibition quality item.

Price:  £135.00


NB: any apparent browning is a trick of the scanner.

The next selection are Printed Illustated Envelopes and one Letter Sheet

including caricatures of the Mulready Envelope.

Reference to various States are taken from

'British Pictorial Envelopes of the 19th Century' by Ritchie Bodily et al


Reprint of Fores Civic Envelope


Deraedemaeker reprint of Fores Civic Envelope

Fine condition.  

Price: £65.00 


Peace Envelope 


Valentine’s Peace Envelope: Very fine example of the unissued design,

printed in the 1890’s on thin cream coloured card, in a pink shade.   

Price:  £100.00


Valentine's Peace Envelope: unrecorded type


Deraedemaeker reprint of Vanentie's Peace Envelope in grey.

This is a Type of State 2 except that the inscription on the reverse reads

'Sent free for 18 Penny Post Stamps' whereas the recorded State 2 reads

'Sent free for 12 Penny Postage Stamps'.

An unrecorded variant of State 2.

Very fine condition.

Price: £85.00


Rare miss-cut: Valentine's original Temperance Envelope State 1


Valentine's original State 1,Temperance Envelope with a rare miss-cut. 

Very small nibble at the right and a few age marks: fainter than the scan suggests.

Overall in fine condition for such a rarity; the first we have seen.  

Price: £125.00


Reprint of Valentine's Temperance Envelope State 3


Deraedemaeker reprint of the Temperance Envelope published by J Valentine of Dundee:

'Intemperance is the Bane of Society',

State 3, printed on cream paper.

Fine condition.  

Price: £65.00 


Reprint of Valentie's Temperance Envelope State 3


Deraedemaeker reprint of the Temperance Envelope published by J Valentine of Dundee:

'Intemperance is the Bane of Society', State 3.

printed on blue wove paper.

Small corner wrnkle but in overall

fine condition.  

Price: £65.00  


Reprint of Valentie's Temperance Envelope State 4 Type 11



Deraedemaeker reprint of a Temperance Envelope:

'Intoxicating Drinks Are The Bane & Curse of Society',

State 4 Type 11, published by J Valentine of Dundee.

Printed on grey laid paper,

Very fine.  

Price: £70.00 


Reprint of Valentie's Temperance Envelope State 4 Type 11


Deraedemaeker reprint of a Temperance Envelope:

'Intoxicating Drinks Are The Bane & Curse of Society',

State 4 Type 11, published by J Valentine of Dundee.

Printed on blue paper,

There is a very light corner crease top right .

Very fine fine condition for this scarce item. 

Price: £70.00 


Reprint of Valentines Peace and Universal Brotherhood Envelope State 2,


Valentines Universal Brotherhood, State 2,

 with correct spelling of ‘Arbitration’

a few age spots but fine for this.  

Price: £60.00


Reprint of Valentine's Ocean Penny Post, State 5,


Reprint of Valentine's Ocean Penny Post, State 5,

on azure paper,

fine/very fine.  

Price: £65.00 


Reprint of Valentine's Ocean Penny Post State 5a   


Reprint of Valentine's Ocean Penny Post State 5a,

with inscription added at the base.

Printed on grey wove paper,

a few wrinkles and age marks

but fine for this.  

Price: £55.00


Reprint of Gilpin's Ocean Penny Post Envelope State 1


Deraedemaeker reprint of the Gilpin's Ocean Penny Post Envelope State1.

The bottom left corner irregularity is caused by the way the envelope was produced.

An attracrive and scarce/very scarce item in very fine condition.

The first example we have been able to offer.

Price: £70.00


Reprint of Valentine's Anti-slavery Envelope State 1 with misprint


Deraedemaeker reprint of Valentine's Anti-slavery envelope Type 1.

Printed on blue wove paper.

The inscription in the flag should read: 'God Hath Made Of One Blood All Nations of Men'.

In this example there is a misprint: 'OP' instead of 'OF'.

Some light wrinkling on the front and traces of hinge remnants on the reverse top corners

In fine condition for this very scarce item.

Price: £75.00

NB: this spelling variety is not mention by Bodily et al.


Unrecorded reprint of Valentine's Anti-slavery LETTER SHEET


Deraedemaeker reprint of Valentine's Anti-slavery LETTER SHEET (Type 1)?.

Printed on poor quality cream toned paper.

The quality of the printing is poor in comparison to item 153613 above:

could it be a trial pull or 'proof' strike?

In the envelope's case the inscription in the flag should read:

'God Hath Made Of One Blood All Nations of Men'.

In this example there is a misprint: 'OP' instead of 'OF'.

We have not been able to trace another example of this

in Letter Sheet rather than envelope format.

A rare item.

Price: £95.00

Items 153612 and 153613 would make an excellent display pairing.


Reprint of Menzies caricature of the Mulready Envelope


Please note, the apparent browning on the front and reverse is not present: a trick of the scanner.

A Deraedemaeker reprint of the caricature by Menzies of the Muready Envelope.

An unusual very deep and crisp printing more characteristic of the original.

Item 153623 has a fainter printing which is more usual on reprinted examples.

The rear flaps can be opened out to show the rear design.

This is State 1B: the Menzies imprint is 39.5mm in length.

A very attractive item which displays well and in very fine condition.

Price: £90.00


Reprint of Menzies caricature of the Mulready Envelope


A Deraedemaeker reprint of the caricature by Menzies of the Muready Envelope.

This item has a fainter printing than an original which is usual on reprinted examples.

The rear flaps can be opened out to show the rear design.

This is State 1B: the Menzies imprint is 39.5mm in length.

A very attractive item which displays well and in fine condition.

Price: £70.00

Items 153623 and 153615 would make a very interesting display pairing.


The next four items are Deraedemaeker Reprints from the Southgate Caricatures

inspired by the Muready Envelopes


Number 1: 'Pick-Pocket'


Deraedemaeker reprint of the Number 1 Southgate Caricature ' The Pick-Pocket'.

Overall toning, not as pronounced as the scan, in fine condition.

Price: £45.00  SOLD


Number 3: 'The Peg-Leg Sailor'


Deraedemaeker reprint of the Number 3 Southgate Caricature ' The Peg-Leg Sailor'.

Hinge remnants on the reverse as per scan and a very small corner fault top right

but in fine condition for this.

An attractive display item.

Price: £55.00 SOLD


Number 4: 'Blarney Stone'


Deraedemaeker reprint of the Number 4 Southgate Caricature ' Blarney Stone'.

Hinge remnants on the reverse as per scan but in fine condition for this.

An attractive display item.

Price: £65.00

NB: There appears to be misprint of the number as it seems to be a '2' but should have been a '4'.

We have not seen this error previously


Number 5: 'Pickwick'.


Deraedemaeker reprint of the Number 5 Southgate Caricature 'Pickwick'.

Hinge remnants on the reverse as per scan but in fine/very fine condition for this.

An attractive display item.

Price: £70.00


Handpainted envelope to Ceylon quite soon after the end on WW2


NB: this was an unusual display item. The problem with power cuts rings true even today! 

A well executed painting of the Man in the Moon.

Price: £45.00  SOLD


A drawing within a drawing.


Front from London to Long Island, New York, via Queenstown, 5d SG169, trimmed perfs at right:

January 17th 1884 with a rare franking and destination for a hand drawn item. 

Very unusual theme depicting a man in Tudor clothing

drawing a still life topic,'hat on a thin stem'. 

A rare combination of features, especially to an overseas destination

with the 5d franking and well sketched.

Price: £65.00

NB: item is in cleaner condition than the scan suggests.


Hand drawn mock up of Pearson's Weekly


Hand drawn 'mock up' of Pearson's Weekly,

Their motto 'To Interest, To Elevate To Amuse' with a range of adverts.

The browning in the Mellins Food advert is far fainter than the scan suggests.

A very rare item sent on New Years Day 1897

Price:  £125.00

NB: Details of Pearson's Weekly and related publications are available on the internet.


Very fine drawing of a contemporary gentleman smoking a clay a  pipe


Front mounted on stiff card with pair of 1/2d bantams plate 5 sent to Peterborough:

superb hand drawn ink sketch of a contemporary gentleman,1877, smoking a clay pipe.

The tone spots are nowhere near as obvious as the scan suggests. 

Attractive and very scarce with such a fine drawing and franked withbantam 1/2d's

Price:  £80.00


Hand drawn and coloured Dickens' Character


Fine hand drawn coloured sketch on an unposted postcard by R Ross in 1905.

Very fine condition and very well executed.

Would display well when written up more fully.

Price: £40.00


Two hand drawn sketches by the same artist


Two unposted postcards with interesting and unusual hand drawn sketches in very fine condition and by the same artist. 

The one with the pianist and two dancing men is clearly a performance on stage (The Mikado) from the song.

No date but probably late Victorian/Edwardian.

Price the pair: £36.00


Humurous handdrawn 1908 Envelope


Envelope used locally in BRADFORD, Yorks and addressed to the Market Tavern.

On the front is a humurous well-executed pen and ink drawing,

'Even the hairs on our head are numbered': the artists initial were F.A.

Perhaps this is a self portrait!

Postage paid by a perfinned 1d and tied by a Bradford dare stamp for May 7th 1908.

The envelope in fine condition except damage top left caused by it being roughly opened

and and some age markings. 

Price: £35.00  SOLD


QV 1/2d green post card


QV 1/2d green postcard from Streatham SW London, April 8th 1901. 

On the reverse is a very fine pen and ink drawing of a large house, probably called Oaklands.

The Artists has intialled the drawing, dated April 7th 1901, with Birthday good wishes.

The postcard is in fine condition: the browning on the front is a lot fainter than the scan suggests

and virtually none at all on the reverse.

An attractive item sent less than 3 months after the death of Queen Victoria.

Price: £30.00  SOLD


Rare and unusual handdrawn Cricket Match on complete envelope


The first hand drawn cricket match we have seen on an envelope of that period.

The 'match stick' figures: a precursor of L S Lowry!

An extremely unusual and very rare item especially as a complete envelope.

Price: £145.00

NB: on the left of the 1d lilac are a few perfs folded inwards

The artist even put above the address 'office stamp' and the post office obliged

with a Brighton cds in that position!


American Civil War Propaganda Design


A dated and stamped piece from an illustrated envelope, possibly propaganda, from the American Civil War.

The 1d star tied with a London NE duplex for January 4th 1862 and tied by a partial receiver cds for the following day.

The political design shows a greyhound with a collar ‘SOUTH’ on it and a wide brimmed hat 

looking backwards at a rather vicious looking dog with ‘NORTH’ on its collar

standing on a rack of meat with ‘WASHINGTON’ on it.

Behind the dog are barrels labeled Beer, Flour and Pork.

An item that would benefit from further research as to the full meanings of the design. 

Bodily et al do not illustrate, or refer to,  this envelope in ‘British Pictorial Envelopes of the 19th Century’.

Would make a very interesting display page if enlarged and written up with more research information. 

The first such design we have seen. 

Price: £65.00  SOLD


Delightful hand drawing


A very fine postcard from London, September 14th 1903?. 

Addressed to The Misses Taylor,  'Auchenean',  Largs. 

On the reverse is a well drawn image, possibly of the sender,

looking at a drawing of a Scottish scene: is he homesick for Scotland?

In the background is an artists’ easel. 

The drawing is clearly executed by a very competent artist.

This is evidenced by the small coloured areas, but especially the candle flame,  

which bring the picture to life. 

The message has some very personal meaning as at the bottom the writer adds: 

 ‘Please burn after reading’. 

We are pleased that the Misses Taylor did not carry out this instruction

and so a fine Edwardian hand drawn sketch has survived. 

A delightful item. 

Price: £38.00  SOLD


Drawings by Sir George Cathcart when a very young man


152968.  A wrapper from London to Pencaitland, Tranent, North Britain.

On the front is a very fine double framed Adam St  W, General Post Receiving House

and a Crowned Free date stamp for April 21st 1820. 

There are no postal markings on the reverse but there is a full black wax seal with a Coat of Arms. 

The wrapper is addressed to Lord Belhaven. 

Information about him, and the family name, is on the internet. 

On the front the right side of the wrapper is written in a contemporary hand:  ‘George Cathcart’s little Drawings’. 

 On the inside of the wrapper are two small coloured drawings: one dated August 29th 1814 the other September 2nd 1814. 

Sir George Cathcart , son of William Cathcart, the 1st Earl Cathcart, had a distinguished Military career.

He was commissioned into the Life Guards in 1810 at the age of 16/17.

George Cathcart was present at the battles between the Russian and the French army in 1813 and

he followed the Russian army through Europe, entering Paris in March 1814.

When Napoleon returned in 1815, Cathcart served as aide-de-camp to the Duke of Wellington

and was present at the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo.

The development of his career is described in detail on the internet and there is a portrait of him when a General.

He was shot and killed at the Battle of Inkerman when leading the 1st Brigade in 1854.

The hand drawn and coloured ‘George Cathcart’s little Drawings’, are dated late August and early September 1814.

He would probably have been back in Great Britain from Paris by then

and perhaps created them when he was back home or at a holiday location.

The writing at the front right may be by Lord Belhaven: a note reminding him of the drawings inside the wrapper.

The wrapper would have been addressed by Sir George Cathcart.

An intriguing item that would make a very interesting display page(s).

A truly remarkable survivor from more than 200 years ago. 

A rarity the like of which we have not previously seen. 

Price: £145.00  SOLD

NB: There appears to be a m/s '1' in black despite the Free Frank:

perhaps because the name of the sender was not written at the bottom left corner?


Unusual and early example of a coded message


1d SG40?: Brighton s/ways duplex, July 6 1858, envelope to London

heavily illustrated by hand on reverse. 

Unusual drawings and possibly in a coded series of messages and images. 


£85.00 SOLD

NB: Please let me know if you are able to decipher the message.


 Hand drawn image of Southport Beach in 1862?


Front mounted on card, from Manchester to Southport, March 18th 1862, the 1d is defective at the top. 

A superb pen and ink drawing of a beach scene: possibly as the sender remembers it. 

The dress of the period is well observed and the ladies showing their ankles was unusual for the times:

 perhaps acceptable when on the beach?

A superb and rare item which would make a fine display page.

Price:  £175.00

NB: this was sent barely three months after Prince Albert had died.


Pen and ink drawing


Very fine pen and ink drawing, on a thin card, of the end of a platform in the London underground.

Not dated or postally used: perhaps the syle of the weighing machine could help?

Very unusual topic.

Price: £40.00


Sketch from an actor RESTING


1d lilac Die 2 on an envelope fro Hull to London, August 27th 1888. 

Addressed to the JUNIOR GARRICK CLUB, Adelphi, London. 

On the front is a graphic sketch with near the bottom RESTING. 

Clearly representing an actor who was not presently employed hence the comment 'RESTING'

and perhaps a reflection of how hard he/she was finding another part.

On the reverse are some smaller hand sketches. 

A tired envelope but a very rare example from an actor at a time when

theatres were becoming increasingly popular in London but perhaps not in Hull?   

Would make a fascinating display item when enhanced by information from the internet

about the Junior Garrick Club as well as the Garrick Club itself. 

A dramatic item.

Price:  £60.00  SOLD


Latest usage of Fores Handcoloured Envelope


Fores Hunting Envelope, Number 4: a very fine handcoloured example used within Guernsey, Channel Islands 

with a QE2  twopence halfpenny stamp tied by a St Peters Port cds for August 3rd 1957. 

Sent philatelically but the LATEST used example of any of this series, printed in 1840, that we have seen. 

A very attractive and rare item. 

Price:  £220.00


1/2d postcard with a rare painting on reverse

151689.  The first type of design of the 1/2d postcard but without the word 'To':

fine example from ASHFORD, February 13th 1877 to Bury St Edmunds. 

The London Inland Branch '44', rated scarce by Parmenter, missed cancelling the QV 1/2d postage.

On the reverse is a superb hand painting of a yellow rose with the stem going through a card. 

The card has on it the following Shakespearean verse: 

'Fair be all thy hopes, and prosperous be thy Life in peace and war', signed 'Bertie Welch Febry 14th 1877'. 

The card is addressed to A W Welch Esq.

There is a Bury St Edmunds cds for February 14th 17 instead of Feb 14th 77.

Forty years on from the date of this postcard, the Country was involved in WW1:

a very poignant error of date in view of the Shakespearean verse! 

A superb and very rare item - the first painting we have seen on this postcard. 

Price:  £235.00 

NB: the browning on front of the card is far less pronounced than the scan suggests.

The receiving cds had to be applied to part of the painting in order for the date to be seen

in view of the black background.


Hand painted fairground booth

151785. Mounted on card, a front from New cross London to

'The Little Cigar Shop, Dale End, Birmingham', October 24th 1881. 

The 1d lilac is SG170, Die 1. 

The hand painting of a fairground booth is naive but attractively done with a lot of detail.

The man with the drum is shouting out: 

'Walk up Walk up. The old women on the platform will take yer money'. 

Delightful item and a rare theme. 

Price: £95.00


Hot Air Balloon drawing - a RARE theme.


151333.  Front mounted on card, handrawn silhouetted figures having a drink and

on the table is a container with gas coming out of the top. 

On the right is a drawing of a gas balloon incorporating the 1d lilac with a figure trying to restrain it.  

We cannot recall seeing previously a drawing of a hot air balloon on an envelope from this period.

This example dated June 12th 1893. 

A rare theme and a fine display item.

Price:  £75.00.  SOLD

NB: the brown marks are far less evident than the scan suggests.

There are some superb photos on the internet showing how popular ballooning events were with the Victorians.


Printed Decorated Envelope 1879

152226.  SG141 Plate 14 'GF', fine used:

tied to a small neat envelope from BELFAST to Brooklyn, New York by a partial and lightly struck

Belfast duplex for May 1879 leaving virtually the whole of the Queen's head clear. 

The envelope has a delicate printed decoration in lime green of flower motifs on branches/stems. 

Very unusual and an early example of a coloured printed illustrated envelope. 

Price:  £65.00 SOLD

NB: the item is finer than the scan suggests.


1/2d Postcard with hand drawn message

152134.  1/2d postcard from Cork to Passage West, August 1st 1894. 

On the reverse is a remarkable hand drawn message the like of which we have never previously seen. 

One wonders how long it took the artist to complete this with such accuracy. 

Exhibition quality. 

Price:  £55.00  SOLD


Advertising Envelope for the 'Roth Mago' or 'The Magic Watch' Performance

1053.  1880 Advertising Envelope, London to Vienna , January 6 1880.

Rare printed envelope from The Royal Alhambra Theatre, London advertising

‘Rotho Mago' or 'The Magic Watch’ with a  GOLDEN pocket watch showing the time of the performance.

The 3d rate to Austria has been paid by a 3d plate 15 SG143. 

Rothomago or 'The Magic Watch' was a grand Christmas Musical fairy spectacular

in 4 acts and 17 tableaux by H B Farnie which opened on December 22 1879. 

A rare survivor and especially to an overseas destination.

A very rare and attractive Exhibition item.

Price: £275.00 SOLD

NB: in finer condition than the scan.


Hand printed envelope with hand illustrated letter head 1876

152037.  Envelope to London from Hayes Kent, March 9th 1876. 

On the front is a printed silhouette of two men fencing. 

A 1d plate 163 added to the space within the design but torn. 

Inside is the original letter with a coloured drawing of a spider or spider crab.

The 3-page letter is largely berating the recipient for not keeping in touch and ends 'Yours Angrily'. 

Part of the rear flap missing and no postal markings so the letter was either

hand delivered or it got through the system without cancellation or transit date stamps. 

An attractive and very scarce item having the hand drawn and coloured letter heading.  

Price:  £150.00

NB: Hayes, Kent was a village near the London Borough of Bromley but is now a suburb of it.


A rare redirected printed envelope


22. Printed caricatured envelope of a man with a hammer erecting a sign'. 

Franked 1d red pl 160, tied Lowestoft 478 duplex August 20 76

clear of the caricature with Leamington cds on reverse for August 21 76. 

REDIRECTED with new address on rev of envelope to Bridport, I of Wight.

Original 1d on front o/struck by Gt Yarmouth I of Wight duplex (486),

 for August 22 1876 but on new address side another 1d red, pl 167,

added and cancelled by Gt Yarmouth duplex for August 22 1876. 

Most unusual and rare with redirection.

Price: £135.00   SOLD  


Hand drawn scene on a Front: Oban 1885

151993.  1d lilac tied to hand illustrated Front from OBAN to ESTHER, July 7th 1885. 

Pen drawn scene rather naively executed but with an interesting and unusual composition.  

Price: £50.00 SOLD


Postcard coloured drawing on reverse: Sutton 1898


1/2d SG197 on a very fine postcard, SUTTON to SOUTH CROYDON, December 23rd 1898. 

On the reverse is a hand drawn and coloured angel/cherub together with a poem and Xmas greetings.

An attractive item. 

Price: £55.00 


Envelope to Battle finely hand drawn mother and girl: 1870

151996.  1d plate 119, fine, on an envelope from LONDON to BATTLE, October 29th 1870. 

The top of the envelope has a few tears as per the scan but on the front is a

delightful drawing of a mother holding her daughter? in an artists studio. 

The lady is pointing to the address on the easel - The Lady Margaret Ashburnham. 

Details of this aristocratic family can be found on the internet. 

Despite the faults, an attractive drawing and an early example. 

Price:  £55.00 SOLD


Trio of fronts to the same addressee and by the same artist: 1860's

151998.  A rare TRIO of illustrated fronts by the same artist and to the same addressee,

a Maitland Coffin, at KINGS COLLEGE LONDON all from DEVONPORT.  

The first, a registered front, has the 4d registration fee paid by a 4d SG94 PLate 8, put to press in 1866. 

The fine drawing is of mule/donkey headed pianist: we cannot recall seeing another hand illustrated registered item from this period. 

The second has a 1d plate 95 tied by the '250' of Devonport. 

The drawing is of a man on a donkey holding a women with a pig or dog apparently

flying in the air by a balloon and a clown-type collar with coloured baubles. 

The third has a 1d plate 99 tied by the Devonport duplex for January 27th 1867:

the drawing is of Benjamin Disraeli who at that time was Chancellor of the Exchequer

A very unusual grouping indeed which could be well presented in a display. 

Price the trio: £160.00

NB: the condition of each is finer than the scan suggests.


Printed Envelope and Letter

151809.   An attractive printed envelope of a man, in period dress, playing the lute,

which seems to be making the cat's hackles rise! 

The 1d red plate 184, is tied by the ABINGDON duplex for July 22nd 1877 and addressed to Clifton.

On receipt in Clifton, it was redirected to Weybridge, and there is an inspectors mark in red.

On the reverse is a Weybridge Station cds for July 24th 1877. 

The original letter has a printed line egraved heading showing in silhouette a horse drawn carriage

with TEN passengers each caricatured in animal form and similarly the driver.

This type of caricaturing was common in the Victorian period and socially acceptable to them; 

a part of the social history of that time. The date of the letter is on the carriage side. 

The interesting letter is written by a brother to his sister and signed on the next page of the folded letter.

A superb and attractive line engraved illustrated envelope and RARE when paired with the engraved letter.

  Price:  £280.00 

NB: We have seen only one other example of this illustrated envelope and that was without its contents.  


Drawings on both sides of Envelope 1884

151783.   Envelope, opened at the right side and bottom for display purposes,

with 1d lilac SG172 tied by a RUAN MINOR, square circle, August 21st 1884.

Upper Edmonton receiver on reverse, August 22nd 1884. 

Hand drawn on the front (shooting) and on the reverse (fishing) and across the inside is

a printed coloured country/seaside scene of a young woman and man. 

The envelope roughly opened at the top and repaired and some edge damage to the printed inside scene.

The grouse season would have started on August 12th 1884.

An attractive and remarkable combination of features.

Price:  £175.00 SOLD

NB: The cornish village of Ruan Minor had a population in the 1881 census of only 272.

The apparent brown areas on the front and reverse of the envelope are NOT present - a trick of the scanner.

The long stride of the gentleman: is it a forerunner of John Cleese's walk!


Pen and ink drawing

151787.  Very fine pen and ink drawing on clean and uncreased, unstamped envelope addressed to Beaminster.

The top flap is missing, no postal markings and possibly sent locally.

The artist did not want to put a stamp on the envelope as it would spoil his drawing

so he added at the bottom 'UNSTAMPED 2d TO PAY'. 

Very unusual and the first such we have seen. 

Price:  £110.00 SOLD


Valentine embossed envelope: 1854

151649.  1d red imperf, 'QJ', Plate 169:

3-margined example with a diagonal scratch to the plate in the NE corner. 

This has resulted in an unprinted area. 

The stamp is tied by the '798'  of THRAPSTONE, Northants. 

Sent to a Miss Beale in Cambridge, on Valentine's Day, February 14th 1854. 

On the reverse is a receiving cds for the day after Valentine's Day!! 

This might explain why the reverse of the envelope has some damage to it:

perhaps the recipient was very eager to get at the contents? 

A delightful fancy printed envelope with an embroidered and flowery design. 

Some peripheral faults but a rare example of a Valentine with a 1d red imperf.

 Rare also to find the 1d red displaying damage to the printing plate. 

An attractive and rare item. 

Price:  £150.00

NB: the reverse side is in better condition than the scan suggests


A Mysterious Affair at Doncaster

Hand drawn embossed 1d front 1865


151566.  Very well executed coloured front of a 1d pink embossed envelope,

with a printing date of 1-5-63, incorporated into the design. 

Sent from London W C to Southsea, Portsmouth, April 10th 1865. 

An early example especially so well drawn and coloured. 

Price:  £60.00  SOLD


1854 Ireland Front with date markings


1854: Front, mounted, to Castletown- Delvin

within County West Meath, Ireland February 22nd 1854. 

A pen and ink drawing of a drummer with children.

Struck largely away from the drawing are red cds’s of

Very early example of a hand drawn item used internally within Ireland. 

A charming, amusing and very scarce item.   

Price:  £60.00

15113. Envelope from London to Malvern, March 22nd 1859:

1d star defect at top with the Artist’s name on the reverse at right. 

Unusual pen and ink drawing with the older woman holding an open fan

with the younger women holding the address.

Very atmospheric and of the period. 

Price:  £95.00


1876: Front with 1d plate 185, London to Cheltenham, March 11th 1876. 

Fault at right but with two well drawn ladies ice skating:

a rare theme for pen and ink drawings. 

Attractive and rare. 

Price:  £60.00  SOLD



1880: Front, superb pen and ink drawing, Leamington to Shepherds Bush, London July 16th 1880. 

Unusual design with four leprechaun-like musicians underneath the moon, La Famille B. 

Attractive and rare. 

Price:  £120.00


15035.  1901: Front to Guernsey, 1d lilac tied Falmouth cds, January 4th 1901. 

Rather naively drawn but attractive and coloured with naval and sailing images. 


Price:  £38.00  SOLD


1897: Privately printed advertising envelope by D MALLOCH,

‘Fishing Tackle Maker and Bird Stuffer’ of Perth

depicting various Exhibition medals won for their Fishing Reels and Flies. 

SG197 1/2d vermilion, tied by Perth cds for December 14th 1897. 

Only the second example we have seen of this

attractive envelope – the last was in 2004!  

Price: £125.00

NB: Some age browning at the right edge though much fainter than the scan suggests. 


15120.  Half Penny wrapper for newspapers and other printed circulars,

London to Paris, with NPB cancellation in very fine condition. 

Superb and rare printed advert on the front

for the ‘Instantaneous Heating – Gas Engine Tube’ from the Tube Co,

100 Queen Victoria St, London E C.  

Price:  £75.00


The following are Deraedemaeker reprints unless stated otherwise.  

703. Fores Christmas Envelope small ink mark, fine.  

Price:  £52.00  SOLD


706. The Civilization of America Onwhyn fine/very fine.  

Price: £60.00 SOLD


707. The Maine Law Intemperance Envelope very fine.  

Price: £63.00  SOLD


714. Ocean Penny Post ORIGINAL  by Johnstone, Edinburgh.  State 3, small faults, scarce.  

Price: £80.00   SOLD


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