Used close to the date of postal invalidation

and sent from a famous philatelist to his mother


A very fine Post Office Jubilee Envelope, no insert, sent from

EGHAM Surrey to London on June 5th 1915. 

This item was used just a few weeks before it became

invalid for postal use on July 1st 1915.

On the reverse top flap is a London receiver for the same day as posting.  

The London cancellation appears to be the dater portion of an Alma or Bee continuous impression machine

which we have not previously seen used in this manner.

A very late usage of this envelope issued on July 2nd 1890. 

A superb item which would form an excellent display page

with the additional information set out below.

 Price: £145.00  


The addressee is the Dowager Baroness de Worms and her husband was

Henry de Worms, 1st Baron Pirbright, a relative of the Rothschild family. 

More information about him, including a photograph, is available on the internet.

The Dowager Baroness de Worms

was married to the George the 2nd Baron de Worms who died in 1902. 

They had three children including the eldest son, Anthony George de Worms.

He became the 3rd Baron de Worms in 1902 and died in 1938.

He was a keen philatelist and became a member of the Royal Philatelic Society. 

His Collection included a block of mint 1840 2d blues which became part of

the reunited mint marginal block of 18 illustrated in the new Gibbons QV Volume 1 page 286.  

He resided at Milton Park in Egham, Surrey.

This Post Office Jubilee Envelope was posted from Egham, Surrey to his mother, the Dowager Baroness. 

It is more than likely that her son, the then Baron de Worms, a philatelist, addressed and sent it to his mother. 

He would have been aware that it was soon to become invalid for postal use.

Have not seen another example of this Envelope sent to a Member of the Aristocracy

who was a well known philatelist.


Registered Penny Post Jubilee Envelope and Insert with an interesting message




A fine Penny Post Jubilee envelope registered from the City, London

and cancelled by a superb Threadneedle Street Registered EC oval  for JULY 4th 1890.

Both the envelope and the insert are in much finer condition than the scan suggests.

The envelope was issued on July 2nd 1890. 

Few examples are known registered especially so close to the day of issue. 

The 2d registration fee was paid by a fine 2d Jubilee SG200 affixed to the back of the envelope.

The blue crayon lines do not touch the 2d.

The insert has a very interesting message on both sides even making a reference to the fact that

the printing plates are to be destroyed: this was announced in the press at that time.

The sender, to his wife, was hoping that their children, ‘chicks’,

would be encouraged to continue their ‘stamp craze’.

An attractive item that would make a superb display page

especially when the description was expanded using the message on the insert. 

Price: £125.00 


The browning is either much fainter on both the envelope front and back,

and similarly with the insert, or is not present at all.

The 2d is in the true green shade and not as in the scan.


Late usage of this 1890 Envelope


Post Office Jubilee Envelope with insert, issued on July 2nd 1890. 

The example here is a late usage from WOKINGHAM, a double strike,

to Cheltenham, September 22nd 1913

 with a Cheltenham receiver on the reverse. 

The envelope was roughly opened resulting in a small peripheral tear at the top

 and on the reverse some further damage. 

This may have happened because the recipient was

eager to open it to see what it contained? 

A very scarce provincial late usage. 

Price: £45.00


The cleaness and whitest example we have ever seen of the Furniss Caricature


Harry Furniss Caricature of the official Penny Post Jubilee Envelope,

mint, no insert and sealed with no contents.

There are ‘bumps’ on the front caused by the top flap edges and the sealed rear bottom ‘flap’ edges.

The cleanliness and whiteness of the envelope are the finest we have ever seen:

it must be close to what it would have been when leaving the printers!   

Remarkable and rare. 

Price: £135.00


Very Rare used Furniss Caricature: redirected on CHRISTMAS DAY.

15060.  Harry Furniss Caricature of the official Penny Post Jubilee Envelope with insert: 

originally sent to Blackheath on Christmas Eve 1896 then redirected to Bristol on Christmas Day

with a London date stamp for 8:30 pm December 25th.  

The insert carries a Christmas Greeting. 

Few used examples are known of this attractive caricature.

This is one of the latest known usages and

the ONLY ONE known with a Christmas Day cancellation.  

A considerable rarity in overall fine condition

and finer than the scan.

Price:  £675.00


Harry Furniss signed letter

151211.  Very fine signed four page letter from HARRY FURNISS

to a W H Robinson arranging an engagement for the

following season and discussing terms, London May 12th 1902. 

It relates to him presenting his new show ‘COMEDY in CHARCOAL’ in Walsall

for which Furniss was asking 35 guineas: read the part transcription. 

The letter itself is relatively easy to read. 

A rare letter from this famous illustrator and cartoonist

who lampooned the July 2nd 1890 official Penny Post Jubilee Envelope.

Superb display item.    

Price:  £195.00


Elliott Caricature: the finest example extant?

151537.  William Elliott caricature of the

July 2nd 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee Exhibition printed on thin,

poor quality paper and with the insert on similar thin paper. 

This example is in truly exceptional condition no age marks on the envelope or insert.

Usually these envelopes are found with a lot of age spotting because of the poor quality paper used.  

The envelope has been partially slit open at both sides in order to extract the insert. 

The envelopes with insert were on sale in London for ONE DAY only as the

Post Office forced them to be withdrawn from sale under the Post Office Protection Act of 1884.  

An extremely rare item in such fine condition and

it is hard to see how a better example could have survived.   

Price:  £140.00 SOLD


Extremely RARE: 3d Empire Card sent to AUSTRALIA from the Exhibition.

152107.  July 2 1890, 3d British Empire card posted at the Exhibition to Australia

with an interesting message on the reverse together with a Melbourne receiving cds. 

Some wrinkling at right but this is an exceptional item.

In The Report of the Controller of the London Postal Service, R C Tombs, for the May 1890 Exhibition,

of the 20,508 ordinary postcards sold on its first day,

only 1,208 were of a type for the foreign service and only some 12 were addressed to Australia .

In The Report of the Controller about the July 2 1890 Exhibition, he mentions that 2,166 postcards were sold there

and of these only 311 were sold as were used for the foreign service. 

Hence the number of the 3d cards sent to Australia from the Exhibition

will have been extremely small and very possibly less than the twelve sent from the May 1890 event.

Interesting message on the card written at the Exhibition.

An exceptionally rare item of Exhibition importance.

Price: £620.00 


Rare: 3d Empire Card sent to Germany from the Exhibition.

15221:  A very fine 3d British Empire postcard sent to CHEMNITZ, East Germany,

from the July 2nd 1890 Penny Post Jubilee Exhibition. 

From the official account of postal items sold and posted at the Exhibition,

2166 postcards were sold and of these

only 311 were of the type for the foreign service. 

Very few of this 3d postcard would have been postally used

and this is only the third we have seen. 

Rare item.

Price:  £185.00  SOLD


THREE different Exhibitions.

15056.  Fine 1/2d brown postcard:

originally cancelled on the FIRST DAY of the Guildhall Penny Post Celebrations, May 16th 1890,

then taken to the July 2nd 1890 Exhibition and cancelled with the Penny Post Jubilee date stamp then

on July 27th 1890 posted at the Royal Naval Exhibition with a Jubilee 1/2d, SG197 added and cancelled by a superb

Post Office Eddystone Lighthouse Exhibition date stamp. 

Sittingbourne cds on reverse for July 28th 1890. 

Corner clipped but a superb item with the Exhibition cancellations upright and not overlapping.   

An attractive and very scarce item. 

Price:  £120.00   SOLD


Registered Usage on the FIRST DAY OF ISSUE

151485.  Very fine/fine Exhibition Envelope, with Insert, sent

Registered on the day of issue, July 2nd 1890, and used locally within London. 

London Registered Ovals for this date with the Registration Fee paid by a 2d SG200. 

The 2d has a small nick in the bottom perfs and a surface abrasion at the right mainly beneath the cancellation.

Only the second such usage of this envelope we have seen - the last one we sold 10 years ago.. 

In our experience, this item is significantly rarer than items sent registered from the Exhibition itself which numbered 276. 

Despite the damage to the 2d, this is a rare item.

Price:  £145.00  SOLD

NB: cleaner than it appears in the scan; top flap roughly opened at rear.

The green of the 2d is much deeper than the scan suggests.


Very Rare Usage of the 1d red imperf at the July 1890 Exhibition.

151396.  Envelope posted at the July 2nd 1890 Penny Postage Exhibition: 

the 1d postage to Southampton has been paid by a an almost full-margined 1d red imperf, Alphabet 1. 

This has been cancelled by the Special Exhibition Cancellation. 

We cannot find any other example of a 1d red imperf postally used and cancelled in this way

at the July Exhibition though we are aware of a similar usage at the May 1890 Penny Postage Exhibition.  

A considerable RARITY.

Price:  £625.00

NB: Although there are age markings on the envelope they are FAR LESS pronounced than in the scan. 


Rare Sheet of Proof Impressions May 1890.

 151358. The Guildhall Exhibition to commemorate the Penny Postage Jubilee May 1890: 

a sheet with an embossed Royal Coat of Arms and TWELVE PROOF Impressions in black of the metal handstamp

(moveable date and time code slugs) to be used at the Exhibition to cancel mail that was posted but not for cancelled to favour items.

In 'The Penny Postage Jubilee 1890' by Werner Bauschke, the different types of Special Handstamps used at the Exhibition are illustrated.

The proof strikes here are S3: numerals and date in heavier type; May 16th 1890 was the first day of the three day Exhibition. 

On the first day the Exhibition was only open from 9.00pm until Midnight:

the Time Code '12' was therefore never used and only known as proof strikes.

Bauschke further notes that NO PROOFS exist in the Post-Office Archives. 

An enlargement of one of the strikes from the sheet is illustrated above.

The sheet has a light diagonal crease in the bottom left corner

but the browning on the right hand edge is NOT present - a shadow from the scanner. 

Overall it is in very fine condition and would make a superb Display Piece. 

We know of only one other complete sheet with these twelve Proof Strikes. 

An attractive and rare item. 

Price:  £395.00

NB: the sheet is NOT mounted on the black card background used for scanning.


Used shortly before Invalidated for Postage.

151484. The Post Office 1890 Jubilee Envelope, in very fine condition,

sent Registered within London on June 15th 1915. 

The 2d egistration fee paid by an Edward V11 1d and a George V 1d.

The Insert Card enclosed with the envelope has an interesting message. 

There are several transit cds's on the reverse for this same date.

This envelope ceased to be valid for postal use from July 1st 1915.

This is the latest official usage of this envelope we have seen

before the date of  invalidation by the Post Office. 

Superb item.

Price:  £160.00

NB: there is no browning around the address.


RARE usage 1d Fiscal of SG F12 at the 1890 Exhibition.

1069. July 2 1890: Superb uncreased envelope posted at the Exhibition to a London address

with a 1d FISCAL, SGF12;  small fault at the top,tied by the Exhibition cancel in blackish violet.

Ink. London WC July 3 1890 cds on reverse. 

Rare usage.   

Price: £85.00 


Rare Usage: 1d Fiscal SG F20 Die 2.


1071. July 2 1890: Superb clean envelope posted at the Exhibition to a London address

with a 1d FISCAL SGF20 from the very scarce Die 2 and tied by the Exhibition cancel in blackish violet. 

London WC July 3 1890 cds on the reverse. 

A rare usage of Die 2.  

Price: £170.00


Very rare usage during WW1.

151227: July 2nd Commemorative Envelope:


very fine example sent to Bungay, Suffolk, England presumably from a soldier during WW1. 


QV stamps and related postal items were demonitized on June 30th 1915.


The Censor Passed hexagonal red marking cancels the ‘Postage One Penny’


and alongside is a Field Post Office cds for 13th April  1916, ‘50’. 


There are no Postage Due markings.


As the address says ‘England’, quite likely that this was sent from France.


This is the first example of this envelope we have seen with a military usage and appropriate markings.


There is no insert as the contents would have been a letter and as expected no markings on the reverse.  


A rarity.


Price:  £87.50  SOLD


Envelope with letter to Constantinople First Day of Usage

151961.  July 2nd1890:  Jubilee of the Penny Post Commemorative Envelope with Insert

and available from Post Offices on July 2nd 1890. 

Sent to Constantinople with a 4d SG205a added, corner fault, to make up the 5d rate:

very fine London E C scroll cancellations for July 2nd 1890.

  On the reverse, top flap missing, is a British Post Office Constantinople cds for July 7th 1890. 

The envelope also contained a letter, dated July 2nd 1890 as per the scan, with comments

about its design, 'not much to look at' and collectability especially if sent through the post.

A brief address to John Rowell Esq, Constantinople: the population of Constantinople was considerable even in 1890

so one assumes he was very well known there at that time hence his name only. 

Despite the faults this is the only example of this envelope sent to this destination on its Day of Issue that we have seen. 

We cannot recall seeing this envelope sent to Constantinople on any date!  

A rarity and even more so with the original letter expressing the commonly held view at that time about its future value.

Price:  £85.00  SOLD

NB: the browning on the front of the envelope is not as pronounced as the scan suggests.

The person who opened the envelope did not follow the instructions on the stamp edging.


An interesting address and message.


July 2 1890: Fine 1/2d brown postcard sent to Moorfields Eye Hospital from Somerset House. 

On the reverse is the dater portion of a Hoster machine in RED for July 3rd 1890:

a rare usage of this dater cancellation on an item posted from the Exhibition.

An interesting address and message.

Price: £58.50  


RARE: Insert with FIVE Types of Cancellations


1065. July 1890 Jubilee Conversazione at South Kensington Museum:


very fine insert from the Jubilee Post Office Envelope with


FIVE of the special postmark types used at the event.


Three on the front and two on the reverse. 


Scarce item. 


Price: £150.00  


ALL SIX Cancellations on the ONE CARD.

15054.  July 2 1890: Very fine 1/2d brown postcard with three of the Exhibition cancellations on the front

and three others on the reverse including the scarce smaller Penny Postage Jubilee cds seldom used.

The only example we have been able to offer with all

SIX of the cancellations used at the Exhibition on the one card. 

Rare and superb.  

Price:  £225.00 

NB: the browning of the envelope is not as deep as the scan.



Rare Provincial usage of the Envelope on the DAY of ISSUE.

151226: July 2nd Commemorative Envelope and insert:


very scarce provincially used example sent from Kirk Merrington to Bishop Auckland on the Day of Issue.


On the reverse is the Kirk Merrington cds for July 2nd 1890 and this is the only


example we have seen used provincially with two Day of Issue date stamps. 


 In the 1891 census, the population of Kirk Merrington was only 2128 souls. 


A rare item.  


Price:  £55.00



A RARE usage at the 1890 Exhibition.

151224: Halfpenny newspaper/ printed circular wrapper


cancelled by a superb and upright July 2nd 1890 Exhibition cancellation.


Sent locally in London with a July 3rd 1890  cds on the reverse.


We cannot recall seeing another example of this wrapper used in this way.


Price:  £47.50



Mr Archibald Hunter: Chief Superintendant of the Parcel Post London

The following FIVE items are related to this gentleman,

who oversaw the introduction of the first Parcel Post Service, and are offered as a unique archive/grouping

together with various original newspaper cuttings mounted for display.


151595.  The very scarce Official Invitation card to the Conversazione at the Guildhall on Friday May 16th 1890. 

There is some browning on the edges, especially at the top right  but the other peripheral browning is much paler than the scan suggests. 

A rarity: addressed to one of the Post Office VIP's at the opening of the Exhibition.


151597.  The July 2nd 1890 Exhibtion envelope cancelled at the Exhibition

and unusually with the smaller date stamp on the top flap.

 Mounted on brown card and flanked by two other strikes from the Exhibition. 

Envelope addressed to  Mr Hunter's wife and probably written by him.



151598.  The May 1890 Special Exhibition postcard, used on the last day of the Exhibition and sent to Mr Hunter. 

On the reverse are the signatures of each of the Post Office Committee: 

F E BAINES, Chairman and an Assistant Secretary to the Post Office;

Major James J CARDIN;

Colonel S Raffles THOMPSON;

R C TOMBS, Controller of the London Postal Service, and

W H PREECE, Chief Electrician of the Post Office. 

We have handled only one other such signed thankyou card:

that was more than 10 years ago and not sent to a Post Office VIP.


Mr A Hunter's contribution at the May 1890 Exhibition.

One of Mr Hunter's contributions, on each day of the May 1890 Exhibition, is detailed in

'The Penny Postage Jubilee 1890' publication by Werner Bauschke and illustrated above.



151599.  A newspaper article giving a detailed account of a lecture by Mr A Hunter

at the City of London College in November 1890 and a letter from a gentleman

asking if this lecture had been published and requesting a copy if it had.


This unique grouping is offered together with several other mounted original newspaper articles on  a number of topics including:

a history of the development of the Post Office up to the then present time of May 15th 1890 - reference to 'Hill's sticking plasters' - and

figures quoted for the growth in mail since Hill's Uniform Penny Post.

The Archer perforation machine is mentioned as is the international growth in the use of 'these postage labels'.

Other articles include 'The Parcel Post' a review of its success, published in 1888;

'The International Parcels Post' published in The Globe, July 7th 1885 and an article entitled

'Foreign and Colonial Parcels' with a mention of Mr A Hunter, the Chief Superintendent of the Parcel Post.

Finally, there is an article, possibly in a Post Office publication: 'St Martin's Letter Bag',

written at the time of his retirement.

It describes the life and personality of Mr Archibald Hunter, a Scotsman,

and the various contributions he made to the Post Office.

A remarkable and unique grouping that would form an interesting, memorable and outstanding display.



July 2nd 1890:  the Five Exhibition cancellations

151589.  Penny Post Jubilee July 2nd 1890:

insert card presented on a brown card with three of the Exhibition cancels

and the two Tube Post cancellations flanking them. 

Not sure of the status of this - was it prepared

at the printers as a mock up for approval by the Post Office? 

Rare item. 

Price:  £285.00


Card with all SIX cancellations in use at the July 2nd Exhibition.

151596.  Brown card with strikes of all six cancellations, possibly proof strikes,

available at the July 2nd 1890 Exhibition including two strikes of the scarcer smaller circular date stamp. 

NB: the image has been cropped to remove staining at the top and right side: the top strike is partially affected.

A rare item.

Price: £300.00


Both Exhibitions

151590.   The scarcer small July 2nd 1890 Exhibition date stamp

on a souvenir of the Guildhall Penny Post Jubilee

flanked by two of the July 2nd Exhibition cancellations.

A rarity. 



An early trial of design?

151592.  Mounted on card with a cut out sunken insert with the 1890 date for the Penny Postage Jubilee.

Perhaps one of the early ideas produced by the printers?  

Have not seen this type before: may be a unique survivor.



A possible proof strike

151591.  A cut out mounted on card of one of the cancellations

used on the First Day of the May 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee.

Possibly a proof strike. 

Price:  £30.00


Olde English: Guildhall Penny Post Jubilee Advert


A notice re the event at the Guildhall in aid of the Rowland Hill Benevolent Fund. 

Apparently written in Olde English by F E Baines to advertise the event.

The first we have been able to offer. 

Very scarce.

Price:  £125.00


A Postcard that has travelled round the World

151594.  Cut outs from an original newspaper published in October/November 1890. 

A sketch of a postcard posted at the July 2nd 1890 Exhibition and

sent round the world taking 107 days

to arrive at its destination back in London on October 17th 1890. 

One wonders where is the original postcard and has it survived?  

Price:  £60.00


May 1890 Penny Post Exhibition.

151535.  SG198: very fine tied to an exceptionally clean envelope, no postal markings,

by the Guildhall Exhibition special date stamp for May 19th 1890 - the last day of this event. 

Superb item. 



Rare usage of an Australian stamp at this 1890 Exhibition

151536.  A fine 1d pink envelope with a Victoria Australia 6d Stamp Duty

tied by the July 2nd 1890 Penny Post Jubilee Exhibition cancellation.

Sent locally with a July 3rd 1890 cds on the reverse. 

Extremely unusual usage and the first we have seen of an Australian stamp used in this way.  

Price:  £75.00 

NB: the browning around the stamp is NOT present - an effect of the scanner.


July 1840 wrapper re-used at the July 1890 Exhibition.

151252.  Wrapper, side flaps removed for display, originally posted to the Guildhall on July 11th 1840.

Almost 50 years later to the day, it was franked with a 1d lilac, traces of a red cancellation offset, posted at the

July 2nd 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee Exhibition and cancelled by the Special Exhibition date stamp.

It was posted back to the Chamberlain's Office at the Guildhall.

On the reverse is a fine and rare usage in red of the Hoster dater for July 3rd 1890. 

An attractive, remarkable and rare item from the Exhibition.



Marginal PAIR SG201 used from the Exhibition.

151351.  2 1/2d SG 201:

very fine bottom marginal vertical pair posted at The Jubilee of the Penny Post Exhibition

on July 2nd 1890 and cancelled by the Special Exhibition cds.  

Sent to Horley, Surrey, and with Horley cds on the reverse for July 3rd 1890. 

The envelope is in exceptional condition.

Very scarce to find envelopes that were posted at the Exhibition with other than a 1d value. 

The stamps were from the earlier printings with no Jubilee lines in the margins.  



Rare: 1d Plate 179 sent from the Exhibition.

151321.  An exceptional 1d Plate 179 on a very clean and un-creased envelope used locally in London,

tied by the July 2nd 1890 Penny Post Jubilee special cancellation.  On reverse is a red cds for July 3rd 1890.

1d plate 179 was issued in 1875 and very scarce to find this issue postally used

from The Exhibition rather than cancelled to favour.   

It itself is worthy of being on display in a stamp Exhibition!  

Rare to find in such superb condition.   


NB: The few age spots are nowhere near as pronounced as the scanner suggests.

The colour of the 1d is much richer than the scan shows.


Rare: 1841 2d Embossed Envelope sent from the Exhibition.

151297.  1841 2d blue embossed envelope with Dickens0n blue threaded paper:

cancelled by a very fine strike of the metal handstamp used on the FIRST DAY,

May 16th 1890, of the Penny Post Jubilee Exhibition held at The Guildhall. 

This handstamp was designed specifically for cancelling mail but this item was not posted.

Such usage of this metal handstamp is known on unposted items but

the 1841 envelope, so cancelled at the Exhibition, is RARE and the first we have seen.  



Rare: 1841 2d Embossed Envelope sent from the Exhibition.


1841 2d blue embossed envelope with Dickensen blue threaded paper:

cancelled by a legible but lightly applied strike of the Penny Post Jubilee Exhibition cancellation held at

The South Kensington Museum on July 2nd 1890.  The envelope was addressed but not posted.

The only example we have seen of this 1841 envelope used in this way. 

A RARE item despite the light cancellation and in better condition than the scan suggests.

Price:  £75.00 



July 1890 Harry Furniss mint caricature of the Post Office Jubilee envelope with insert. 

Exceptional condition.  



A Rare Usage.

151222: Superb halfpenny postcard cancelled by the Rubber Handstamp with a fixed date and no code


on the FIRST DAY of the Guildhall Exhibition, MAY 16th 1890 .


 This cancellation was to be specifically used for impressions by Favour

and NOT items sent though the post.


However in this example the card was cancelled by Favour then and posted to a London address.


On the reverse is a rare strike of the London geometric date stamp in RED


for the first day of the Exhibition, May 16th 1890. 


We have previously not seen this cancellation used as a transit mark.


A rare/unique combination of features. 


Price:  £85.00  SOLD



FIRST DAY of usage.

151223: Superb Guildhall card cancelled by a superb strike of the


Metal Handstamp on the First Day, May 16th 1890, with a code 8 indicating 8pm.


The supply of these cards was exhausted at 10pm and then ordinary cards were issued. 


Superb item.


Price: £58.00  SOLD





151280.  5/- SG180: very well centred, nibbled/pulled perfs at centre left and right but excellent colour

but superbly cancelled by the Penny Postage Jubilee Exhibition commemorative strike for 17th May 1890. 

Very rare to find this cancellation on any high value denomination bearing in mind the real value of these in 1890 terms! 

Despite the perf irregularities, this is a very rare item indeed.  


NB: we have only once before been able to offer this strike on a high value and that was on the 2/6, SG178.


15051.  July 2 1890: Jubilee Post Office Envelope with insert,

used in Ireland from Londonderry to Glasgow with Jubilee issue

1/2d SG197 tied ‘172’ numeral in bars of Londonderry. 

Rare example of this envelope used on the Day of Issue from Ireland

and the first we have been able to offer.


NB: The browning at the top, sides and in the centre is an effect of the scanner.  


FIVE of the Exhibition Cancellations on the Commemorative Envelope.

151225: July 2nd 1890 Commemorative Envelope and insert:


an example with FIVE types of handstamps


used at the Exhibition, three on the front and two on the reverse.


Some age marks but NOT as pronounced as the scan suggests.


All the strikes have been carefully applied to the envelope and


the two on the reverse are unusually finely struck for these.


Scarce to find five on the same envelope and especially so neatly applied and arranged.


Price:  £135.00 


RARE usage of THREE of the EXhibition Cancels posted to SCOTLAND.

15052.  July 2 1890: Jubilee Post Office Envelope with insert sent

from the Exhibition to Broughty Ferry, Scotland with a Dundee cds on reverse for July 3rd 1890. 

Two of the South Kensington cancels also on the front with the Post Office 1790

cachet struck in the scarcer purple; an unusual usage as such. 

Price: £70.00   

NB: The browning at the top, sides and the centre is an effect of the scanner.



A very fine Penny Post Jubilee Envelope, issued on July 2nd 1890,

sent on December 10th 1945 to BARBADOS:

Bardbados date stamp on reverse for January 29th 1846. 

The envelope was readdressed to Hastings and has been surcharged as Liable to Letter Rate. 

One of the latest usages of this 1890 envelope we have seen: it became invalid for postal use in 1915.

Very scarce item.

Price:  £60.00 SOLD

NB: The slogan cancellation of the United Nations London 1945 is an early usage

following the end of WW2 and the formation of the UN on October 24th 1945,


1d Plate 205: rare usage at the Exhibition.

15057.  Fine envelope to Lewisham, 1d plate 205 tied by the


Guildhall Exhibition Cancel for May 17th 1890


with a London cds in red on the reverse for this same date. 


Very scarce usage of this 1d issue.






RARE usage: 1d lilac BISECT at the Exhibition.


15053.  July 2 1890: Superb UPU 2d brown postcard sent to Stoke Newington from the Exhibition.

A very scarce survivor sent to an inland address:

London red cds on reverse for July 3rd 1890 and a two word message only – ‘My Mother’ . 

A bisected 1d lilac added making the postage two pence halfpenny. 

The only bisected 1d used from the Exhibition we have seen. 

Rare item in superb condition.  



 15058.  1d plate 199, tied to piece by the July 2nd 1890 Penny Post Jubilee Exhibition date stamp. 

Scarce usage of a 1d plate number at the Exhibition.   



1067. July 1890: Superb pair of Proof Impressions for the 1d and 3d Tube Post Cancellations for the South Kensington

Exhibition on cards.  The card with the 3d postmark is annotated in pencil ‘Question’, ‘Reply’ and ‘Poste Restante’ on the

reverse.  Very scarce. 



1068. July 2 1890: Superb clean and uncreased envelope posted at the Exhibition to a London address with a fine pair of

1/2d blue SG187 tied by a single strike of the special handstamp in blackish violet ink. London WC July 3 1890 cds on reverse.



1074. July 31 1890: Harry Furniss caricature of the Post Office Jubilee envelope. Very fine/superb envelope used locally in

London with 1d lilac tied by a superb Lombard Street cds for July 31 1890.  An extremely rare used example with only three

or four contemporarily used examples known.  This is the third earliest usage with the earliest recorded just 5 days before

this one.  Exceptional and a rare opportunity to acquire such an item. 



1075. October 1890: Post Office Jubilee envelope with the July 2 1890 Exhibition cancel and in addition cancelled on

the last day of the German Exhibition, October 10 1891, and by the Royal Naval Exhibition cancel for October 19 1891. 

 Envelope with some peripheral faults and age spots but a good example and scarce. 


152113.  1/2d SG197 and 2d SG200( fault bottom left corner), on a very clean envelope to PARIS from the Exhibition.

The stamps tied by the special Exhibition date stamp: the Calais transit cds for July 3rd 1890 has

considerately applied between the Exhibition cancellations. On the reverse is a Paris Distribution cds for this same date. 

An attractive item and scarce to an overseas destination from this Exhibition. 

Price:  £66.50  SOLD

NB: the 2d is close to or at SG199; the scan does not do justice to the very fine green colour.


152109. The British Empire 3d Postcard used at the May 1890 Exhibition:

fine example, a few corner wrinkles, initially struck with the Rubber Handstamp with no fixed date and no code. 

It seems that this handstamp was specially used on items cancelled by favour and were not intended for posting.

This card was then addressed over this handstamp to Harrow Hill and posted.

It received a superb strike of the Metal Handstamp which had changeable slugs for the date and the time code. 

This example has code 2, probably 2pm, and May 19th 1890 - the last day of the EXhibition.

A rare combination of cancellations and the first such combination

we have seen on the 3d Empire card used at the EXhibition. 

Price: £82.50  SOLD

NB: the postcard is in better condition than the scan suggests.

See item 152107 for the 3d card used to Australia.



Insert of the Penny Post Jubilee Envelope used on the Day of Issue, J

uly 2nd 1890, and sent to Germany from London. 

The message is in German and dated July 2nd 1890. 

Used inserts from the envelope are considerably scarcer than the Commemorative Envelope

used on this date and especially so to an overseas destination. 

Price: £65.00 SOLD

NB: The areas of browning on the front and reverse are fainter than in the scan.


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