New additions of very fine 1d blacks from various plates.

 Several on cover including a SUNDAY MAY 1840,

one with Inverted Watermark and one of the EKD for a Leamington Cross. 

There is a superb Plate 10 with a RED cross and varieties.

Scroll down to view.


Red and Black crosses used on February 10th 1841


152153.  a).  1d black plate 9, 'QJ', very close 'J' square, touched at left, other clear margins: on a wrapper from LOCKERBIE to London. 

Tied by a RED cross and on the reverse a Lockerbie date stamp in the same red ink for February 10th 1841: London receivers for February 11th 1841. 

On February 10th 1841, black ink replaced red ink for the Maltese cross cancellations across Great Britain.

The Lockerbie postmaster/mistress did not comply with, or had not yet received, the new Post Office Regulation to use black ink.

This may well be the last day that red ink was used in Lockerbie to cancel a stamp.

There is a light horizontal fold in the paper near the top which does not affect the 1d black.


b).  1d black Plate 8, 'LI', not 4-margined with ragged margins on two sides: on a legal entire

used from  LONDON to Ludlow and tied by a fine/very fine upright BLACK cross.

  The letter is dated February 10th 1841 and on the reverse is a London date stamp also for February 10th 1841.

This was the FIRST DAY of official usage of the BLACK cross. 

A remarkable and very rare pairing, both used on the day that the ink for cancelling

the 1d black and the1d red (latter issued on this same date), was changed officially from RED to BLACK.

The pair would make a fine and memorable display item.

Price: 695.00


prices the First Day of official use of the Black Cross on cover at 4,000.

the MXs leave the 'O' flaws clearly visible.


Stokesley Cross in Blue and Red-brown

152088.  Two entires from STOKESLEY, North Yorkshire both to Newcastle. 

The first has a 1d black plate 1b, 'IC', generous margins all round but shaved at the right side of the NW corner square and tied by a red-brown cross. 

The family letter is dated inside January 21st 1841 and no postal markings on reverse. 

The second has a fine 4-margined, close but clear at the bottom, 1d red, 'BG', clearly showing the triple break in the NE square and is from Plate 22. 

The stamp is tied by a BLUE Stokesley cross with a partial strike of the Stokesley cds on the reverse for November 1841 and in the same blue ink as the cross. 

From Danzig's listings, this cross in blue is rare with only the Leeds and York characteristic crosses in blue given a rarer grading for a Yorkshire blue cross. 

Gibbons prices the 1d black plate 1b on cover at 750 and a 1d red on cover with a blue cross at 1,700

without adding a  premium for the rarity of the example offered here. 

A superb Exhibition pair of items. 

Price: 685.00

NB: Stokesley was, and still is, a rural community which in 1841 had a population with the surroundings of only 2,300.

One wonders how few of these could read and write?


1d Plate 5: BRISTOL Vermilion Cross with BPA Cert



152084.  1d black plate 5, 'LE', very fine 4-margined example tied to a clean and neat entire from BRISTOL to London by a Bristol cross in VERMILION ink. 

On the reverse top flap is a Bristol date stamp for November 9th 1840 and an indistinct large undated circle.

This vermilion cross is listed by Gibbons as Spec AS25vh and priced at 3,000 in the latest, 2011, QV Volume 1. 

The letter is from Bristol College and dated November 8th 1840 - a Sunday.

A superb Exhibition item with a clean BPA Certificate.

Price: 1485.00

NB: the scans do not do justice to the vermilion shade.


PERTH Distinctive Cross on Plate 5

152085.  1d black plate 5, 'FK', 3 plus margins and a small rub at the bottom of the SE 'K' square. 

Tied to a letter from the Bank of Perth to Leith, on reverse top flap a boxed Perth date stamp for May 21st 1841,

an Edinburgh cds for May 22nd and a Leith date stamp for this same date and all display well when the flap is raised.

The 1d black is tied by the distinctive PERTH CROSS, SG Spec AS25um,

priced by Gibbons in the latest, 2011 QV Volume 1, at 9,000. 

Jackson and Rockoff, (Volume 2), record ONLY three examples of this cross on a 1d black on cover

The example offered here is one of the three and the LATEST recorded on a 1d black. 

There is a small burn mark at the bottom left of the letter: in view of its position inside the letter itself,

possibly caused by the reader holding it too close to a lamp or candle! 

A superb and rare item. 

Price: 1285.00


Leamington Cross Plate 8

152045.  1d Plate 8, 'JG', 3-margined with parts of two other 1d blacks: tied to an entire from LEAMINGTON to Henley in Arden. 

Letter opened at the top and stuck down at the sides with the top flap carefully removed leaving the wax seal almost totally intact. 

Stamp tied by the characteristic Leamington Cross with a Leamington date stamp for March 24th 1841

and a partial strike on the reverse of a Straford on Avon date stamp for the following day.

Also on the front is a very fine strike of the Upper Parade Leamington, County Cat. WA212 in orange-red. 

This is recorded from 1841-51 and therefore the example here is one of the, if not the, earliest known.

The Leamington cross is unrecorded by Gibbons on the 1d black but is listed as SpecB1tk on the 1d red on cover at 800. 

Plate 8 on cover with an ordinary cross is priced by Gibbons at 1,000 before allowing for the Leamington Cross. 

Rockoff records the EKD on a 1d black for the characteristic cross as March 15th 1841. 

The example offered here at March 24th 1841, matches the second earliest such usage on a 1d black. 

A very scarce and attractive item.

Price: 430.00

NB: The earliest recorded usage by Rockoff of the Upper Parade Leamington strike is on a 1d Mulready for April 20th 1841.


1d Plate 1b: INVERTED and Upright Watermark in Matched Pairing

152039.  1d Plate 1b, 'FI', double letter 'F', SG Spec A55f: two very fine 4-margined examples

both with this variety and each with a vertical guide line in the NE corner square.

The first is on a wrapper from Paisley to Edinburgh, September 7th 1840, and tied by a fine/very fine PAISLEY cross.

There is a vertical filing crease close to, but clear of, the stamp at the left.

The stamp has been affixed over a pre-existing light horizontal crease in the wrapper near the top.

The stamp has an INVERTED watermark, SG Spec AS55l. 

The margin at the bottom shows part of 'GI': stamp 'GI' is also one of only EIGHT double letters listed on this plate. 

The second is on a front with the top flap from Edinburgh to Prestonpans, December 18th 1840,

 sent from the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway; the stamp tied by a lightly struck Edinburgh cross and Its watermark is UPRIGHT. 

Plate 1b with inverted watermark is priced by Gibbons in this plate at 2,500 for a stamp not on cover. 

Allowing for being on cover and with the double letter variety, an estimated Gibbons price is 5,700.

This is the first example we have seen with inverted watermark on cover. 

An Exhibition quality pair both used within Scotland.

Price:  1,970.00 

NB: Rockoff, in Volume 2 of 'The Maltese Cross Cancellations of GB and Ireland', the earliest listed example of the

Paisley cross is for March 16th 1841, all the examples illustrated are on1d red covers and are poor debris-filled strikes.

The Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway was opened to passengers in 1842.


1d black Plate 10 with matched 1d red



151902.  1d black, 'II', fine Plate 10 tied to wrapper, no side flaps, by a superb, and clear, black cross:

virtually full margined, close but clear at right and very close to barely touching top NW corner square. 

The partially open NW top frame line is visible on the Nissan plating images; the cross leaves the 'O' flaw neatly visible. 

Sent to Thornbury, Gloucestershire with a ROSS (Herefordshire), date stamp on reverse for March 11th 1841.

The Ross date stamp is County Cat. HF386, recorded in red only in 1841 and unpriced in the County Catalogue.

The letter 'I' is a distinctive one characteristic of this plate. 

The 1d black is letter-matched with a truly exceptional 1d red from Plate 10,

and with the 'O' flaw again neatly clear of the superb cross and the letters.

Gibbons prices the 1d black Plate 10 on cover at 3,500.

A very rare and attractive pair of items. 

Price: 790.00


SPILSBY Extra Cross wrapper from ALFORD to Folkingham

151852.  1d black Plate 7, 'GF', 3-margins, into at the bottom and this area crossed by a horizontal filing fold. 

Wrapper with ALFORD/140 mileage strike. Rockoff and Jackson, Volume 2 p 250 note that Alford was a sub office of Spilsby.

Inside is a date for April 24th and the item was received in Folkingham on SUNDAY April 25th 1841.

In there listed examples of the extra cross, only one has a full date, on a 1d red cover, 21st September 1841. 

They note that Danzig mentions 1d red examples from Alford for April and November 1841 but no precise date is quoted. 

At  April 24th 1841, it is later than the latest example on a 1d black cover listed by Rockoff and Jackson. 

This example from Alford is the only one with a mileage mark - the other example has a udc. 

A rare and attractive example with all the postal markings on the front. 

Price:  500.00       SOLD

NB: the population of Splisby in 1841 was only 1,457 souls.

See Item 151853 in the Line engraved Section for a 1d red on cover with this same Cross.


Plate 1b INVERTED Watermark and other varieties.

151851.  SG1,1d black plate 1b, very fine full - margined example,

close but clear under 'H' square, neat red cross, with a very small natural paper inclusion. 

Stamp printed in the scarcer INTENSE black shade,

on THIN paper and with INVERTED Watermark, SG Spec AS14(l,m).

The thin paper allows the MX to be visible as well as some of the black ink from the printing itself.

This plate with inverted watermark and in the ordinary black shade is priced by Gibbons at 2,500. 

When this combination of the other varieties is taken into consideration,

the Gibbons price rises to in excess of 5,000.

 A very rare combination of features and one we have not previously seen.

An attractive and very rare item.

Price: 895.00


1b Black Plate 10: Leeds Distinctive Cross

151801.  1d black Plate 10, 'MH', (distinctive H):

very fine 4-margined on a clean commercial entire from LEEDS to Sheffield, July 23rd 1841.

The stamp tied at the large right margin by a superb strike of the LEEDS distinctive cross,

 SG Spec AS66ua, leaving the 'O' flaw visible. 

We can find no record of this cross on a 1d black Plate 10 on cover.

Gibbons in the latest, 2011 Edition of QV Volume 1, prices this Cross

on a 1d black on cover at 10,000.

A Gibbon's Estimated Catalogue Price for Plate 10 is well in excess of 20,000.

An extremely rare and superb item. 

Price:  4150.00

NB: the scans do not do justice to the quality of the Cross or to the fine condition of the entire..


A Rare Turned and Re-Used Envelope



151672.   A small envelope from ROTHERHAM to LEWES, Sussex, September 5th 1840 with a 1d black, 'BK', Plate 1b, Spec AS5. 

A very fine example, wragged margins are full and close but clear at the right, and with an open top to

the NE letter square as illustrated by Nissan for this plate and tied by a fine orange-red cross.

The envelope a few days later, was opened at the sides, refolded and addressed to London with a very fine 4-margined

1d black 'QG' added from Plate 1b but in the scarcer Intense black shade, SG Spec AS4. The 1d is tied by a very fine orange-red cross

and on the reverse a Lewes date stamp for September 10th 1840 and a London receiver for the following day. 

Also on the reverse side is a partial offset of another Maltese cross.

Two 1d blacks used on turned covers are very rare. 

From our researches, we have located only three other examples since 2001.

In 2001: an entire used within Scotland on March 26/28 1841, smudged black crosses and one 1d black creased. 

In 2002: an entire letter from Eastbourne to London, April 7th 1841, then turned and sent within London.

One 1d black cut into, not tied, and with a poor and unclear black cross.

In 2008: an entire letter used within Scotland, sent originally on August 29th 1840. 

One 1d black touched along the top and crossed by a pressed crease. 

Both 1d blacks are cancelled by a red/orange cross which may tie the other 1d black.

This 2008 example was sold by a London Auction House for an inclusive figure of almost 4,000. 

The example offered here is the only example we could find of a refolded envelope used with a 1d black in both directions.

A superb item of considerable rarity and Exhibition importance.

Price: 3,280.00

NB: a couple of the envelope folds have been strengthened with hinges.

The condition of the envelope is finer and cleaner than the scans suggest.


1d Black Plate 3: SUNDAY May 31st 1840



151557.  1d black Plate 3, AH: very fine 4 square margined example printed in

the scarcer Intense Black shade (from early printings), tied to a small, clean and un-creased entire by a fine BRISTOL CROSS.

A handwritten and signed letter from the Temple Gate Pottery by the then owner William Powell.

Below is a brief history of this Pottery and on the reverse is a very fine/superb Bristol date stamp for

SUNDAY MAY 31st 1840 in the same shade of ink as the MX.

This SUNDAY in MAY is priced by Gibbons in the

latest QV Volume 1, 2011 Edition, Spec AS19A(tk), at 13,000.

The example offered here is from the scarcer plate 3: the earliest known date of usage for Plate 3 is May 16th 1840.

We cannot recall previously seeing this plate used on any Sunday in May 1840.

An opportunity to acquire an exceptionally rare item of Exhibition Quality which was

last offered for sale almost 30 years ago.

Price: 6,850.00

Temple Gate Pottery Bristol
,Temple Gate, Temple parish.

Summary of operating dates and proprietors:

1820-1830 William & Thomas Powell (moved from the St Thomas Street Pottery).
1831-1832 William & John Powell.
1833-1855 William Powell (he died in 1854).
1856-1906 William Augustus Powell.
The Pottery closed and the business was amalgamated with
Price, Sons & Co. in
: they produced Stonewares.


Plate 1b: Aberdeen RUBY Cross

151548.  1d black Plate 1b, 'AE':  very fine example on wrapper to Harwich from Aberdeen,

September 24th 1840 with the top flap reinforced along the top fold. 

An apparent small 'scuff mark' above QV's head is a weakness in the printing

as when viewed in oblique light there is no surface disturbance. 

Stamp tied by a very fine Aberdeen cross in the distinctive RUBY ink, SG Spec A1ve. 

This colour of cross is priced by Gibbons on cover in their latest, 2011, QV Volume 1, at 4,500.

Letter 'E' is a listed double letter, SpecAS4d, and the stamp is in the scarcer intense black from early printings. 

Allowing for the Ruby cross on the scarcer intense black, a Gibbons price is in excess of 6,000. 

A rare example of this coloured cross on cover. 

Price:  1,270.00


Plate 2:  superb WATERY CROSS.

151504.  1d black Plate 2, 'OK':

 tied to a small piece by a Watery Cross the stamp with clipped corners.

Watery crosses are discussed in Rockoff Volume 1, page 116.

No water was added to the ink but an oil such as linseed. 

The three criteria for a cross to be correctly described as watery are set out in Rockoff page 116. 

The example here fulfills all of the three criteria and it could be a Glasgow watery cross.

A superb example neatly struck and leaving a large portion of QVs Head clear.

A black cross on plate 2 is scarcer than a red cross, SG Spec AS15m.

The finest example of a watery cross we have seen.

Rare item.

Price: 420.00


Plate 2: York crosses.

151466.  1d black, SG1, Plate 2, 'NH', Intense black shade:

fine/very fine 4-margined example in this scarcer shade,

tied to an entire from York to Malton, York cds's on reverse top flap for August 26th 1840. 

Stamp tied by a double strike of the red cross, Contrary to Post Office Regulations,

and there is a third strike clear/just touching the 1d black at the base.

Such additional strikes of the MX on 1d black covers are rare

and this is the first we have been able to offer for a considerable time. 

A Yorkshire rarity. 

Price: 570.00


1d black Plate 2 from Glasgow

151581.  1d black Plate 2, 'FK': very fine/fine 4-margined

tied by a light red MX to an entire from Glasgow to Dorset, September 16th 1840. 

On the reverse a wafer seal with the inscription: 'Please Do It'. 

The well written letter is from a young man thanking his uncle for acting as a Cautioner in connection with a loan. 

Filing crease and a light wrinkle on the front but the stamp printed in the scarcer Intense black shade, Spec AS14

and priced by Gibbons on cover in this shade in excess of  1,100. 

Price: 465.00


Plate 5: London to Petworth

151502.  1d black SG1, Plate 5, 'OD', Intense black shade:

very fine 4-margined example in this scarcer shade.

Neatly tied by a London cross on a clean entire to Petworth, February 6th 1841.

Stamp affixed unusually at the far left hand bottom corner

Contrary to the Post Office Regulations at that time. 

Priced by Gibbons on cover at 775. 

Attractive and scarce item. 

Price:  510.00


Plate 6: very early usage of a BLACK MX

151582.  1d black Plate 6, 'HK':

fine 4-margined tied to a wrapper, peripheral fault at top, by a very fine/fine BLACK cross

 with a couple of small tone/ink marks in the right margin area.

Used locally within London, on the reverse a date stamp for September 16th 1840. 

This is an early and fine example of the experimental use in London of black ink. 

The trial began in London on August 31st 1840.

Stamp affixed at the top left Contrary to Post Office Regulations.

 Wrapper in a finer condition than the scan suggests. 

Price:  450.00

NB: Item 151581, Plate 2 - scroll up to see it,

is also dated September 16th 1840, sent from Glasgow with a RED cross.


Plate 7: London to Leith

151583.  1d black Plate 7, 'DK':

very fine large margined example tied to a wrapper from Leith to London,

October 26th 1840 date stamps on reverse, by a fine red cross. 

Partial strike on the front of 'TP Queen Street CS'

ie Cheapside, a London Twopenny Post Receiving House. 

This plate priced by Gibbons on cover at 825. 

Price:  490.00


Plate 9 : Fine pair on entire.

151503.  1d black, SG1, 'PC-PD', Intense black shade:

fine/very fine PAIR in this scarcer but unlisted shade from this plate.

Tied by Manchester crosses to an entire to Bolton, Manchester cds on reverse top flap

for January 11th 1841 in the same shade of ink as the crosses. 

Gibbons, last Edition QV Volume 1, 2011, prices a pair of Plate 9, not on cover, at 2,500

which gives a figure of 5,000 on cover.

A very scarce/rare multiple on cover and the first

we have been able to offer in such fine condition. 

Price:  1050.00


1d Black, 1d Red imperf and 1d Venetian red - last day valid for postage.

151427.  1d black, Plate 2, 'DD', 1d red 'NG' and 1d venetian red SG166, 'SE':

tied to a clean and uncreased envelope, registered and used within London.

The condition is far cleaner than the scan suggests - the envelope is white.

Each stamp neatly cancelled and tied by a very fine Charing Cross Registered oval date stamp for May 31st 1901.

The 1d black is 3-margined, the 1d red full margined but very close to touching/clear at 'N' square: the 1d SG166 is fine.

On June 1st 1901, all line engraved stamps became invalid for postage as did the 1d SG166:

the 1d lilac remained valid for postage until July 1st 1915. 

Hence these three stamps were used on the LAST DAY before becoming invalid for postage.

They were also the only colours of the 1d value between 1840 and 1880 - in 1881 the 1d lilac replaced SG166. 

Very few late usage examples are known of the 1d black and especially on cover. 

Our researches going back to 1996, show that from then until now only a very small number of

late use 1d black examples, with other than 1844 numeral cancellations, have appeared on the market. 

In the 'Daisy' Collection, 1996, Lot 262 was a plate 6, single loose stamp, cancelled by a Tunbridge Wells squared circle for 1881

 and Lot 263 plate 6, on small piece, tied by a London cds for November 18(?) 1902. 

This subsequently appeared in a Spinks Sale, April 2009 as Lot 290 and sold for an inclusive figure of approx 1,000.

The Sayeed Collection, Spinks, 2002: lot 2498 was a toned 3-margined plate 7,

tied to envelope by a Bristol s/w duplex for March 29th 1857 which sold for 2,990 inclusive of the Buyers Premium.

Hence this registered envelope is an exceptional item with we believe a unique franking

and the LATEST known usage on cover of a 1d Black. 

A remarkable and memorable Exhibition quality item. 

Price:  5,750.00

NB: Neither the Chartwell Collection Sale nor the Lady Mairi Bury Collection

contained an example of a 1d black with late usage on cover.



Sample of Engine Turning: similar to that used on the 1d Black and Mulready.

151410.  In the 'Story of the Penny Black' by Rigo de Righi, p.15, he notes that J B Bacon (Perkins, Bacon & Co),

had patented a machine - the Rose Lathe, a type of geometrical design lathe. 

This was used for engine turning on the back of watches.

Bacon's proposed to use engine turning as the background on the 1d black (and 2d blue) and

in the 'POSTAGE' design part of he Mulready as a protection against forgeries.

This was agreed by Rowland Hill and Henry Cole. 

The example offered here is an engine turned sample, circa 1838/9, no. 5D (ex Plate 'D'). 

This item would make an excellent addition to the early part of a 1d black,

2d blue or Mulready Collection as well as a general Line Engraved Collection. 

The first such sample we have been able to offer. 



1d Plate 7: Orange Cross of Liverpool.

151408.  1d black, SG2, Plate 7, 'OC': superb 4-margined example with part of stamp above in top margin. 

Tied to a very clean personal letter from son to his mother in Greenock from Liverpool, August 31st 1840.

The MX is the orange cross of Liverpool, SG Spec A1vg, with a Liverpool cds on the top flap in the same orange ink.

The top flap when raised show the cds to advantage and the MX leaves a clear QV profile. 

The orange cross of Liverpool priced by Gibbons at 2,600

on the cheapest 1d plate but 2,850 on the scarcer Plate 7. 

Attractive and very scarce item so fine. 

Price:  575.00  SOLD


1d Plate 1b: INTENSE SHADE

151373.  1d plate 1b, 'HJ', INTENSE black shade, SG AS4:

very fine square margined example, affixed over a light bump in the paper before posting. 

Tied to a wrapper from Edinburgh to Gagashiels by an orange cross which leaves QV's profile virtually clear. 

Priced by Gibbons in this scarcer shade at 1,100 on cover.

Ediburgh cds on reverse top flap for January 6th 1841. 

Attractive item. 



Plate 3: Newport-Mons Cross

151336.  1d black fine plate 3 'DE', full margins with a trace of the adjacent stamp at left, close but clear at the right.
Printed in the Intense Black shade from the early printings.

Tied to a clean and uncreased entire (fragile insides), from NEWPORT-MONS to USK,
by a lightly applied deep red MX in the same shade of ink asthe Newport-Mons cds on the reverse for July 28th 1840.

The MX leaves QV with a clear profile and the 1d black affixed, Contrary to PO Regulations, at the top left.
An attractive and scarce WELSH usage of the 1d black with Plate 3 in this shade priced by Gibbons in excess of 1,000.   

Price:  520.00

NB: the scan suggests browning at the top of the image but this is barely visible.


151312.  SG 1, 1d black 'KK', Plate 2 on wrapper from NORWICH to London, September 28th 1840: 

each corner clipped as occasionally one sees on the 1d black but rarely on cover.

The sender clearly wanted to add an 'artistic note' to the stamp, or to the label as they were originally known!

Printed in the scarcer Intense Black and tied by a double strike of the first type of Norwich cross contrary to PO regulations.

In fact there is a small trace of a third cross.

There appears to be a black oval to the left of QV's crown - this is the gap between the MX's and not an ink mark.

Scans anomolously suggests a red ink marking 'Sep 28/40' at the top - there are indistinct faint red marks in the area but hardly visible! 

Plate 2 in this shade priced by Gibbons in excess of 1,000 on cover. 

An attractive item with an unusual number of features. 



Plate 5: double strike Experimental Black Cross

151267.  1d black plate 5 'AI': 3 good/large margins and close to just touching in the bottom margin

 on a clean wrapper, side flaps removed for display purposes, used locally in London November 28th 1840.

The stamp is tied by two BLACK crosses Contrary to Regulations.

This is an experimental use of black ink as the usual ink at that time was red.

Very scarce especially with the double strike of the black cross.

The stamp is printed in the scarcer intense black shade SG Spec AS24 which

Gibbons prices at approx 1,200 on cover in this scarcer shade of ink. 

Price:  285.00  SOLD


Plate 8: BROWN cross with RPS cert.


151241.  1d black plate 8, ND, SG Spec AS46vi: an almost 3-margined example tied to a small piece


by a very fine strike of the extremely rare BROWN cross, Spec AS46vi.  In the 2011 SG QV Volume 1,


this rare cross is priced at 3,000 on a 1d black off cover and in our view is significantly undervalued.


One could reasonably add a premium for this cross on a


1d black plate 8 compared to the cheapest black plate.  This gives a figure in excess of 4,000.


This is the first true BROWN cross we have been able to offer for a considerable time.


It is for sale with a clear RPS Certificate.   


Price: 1000.00





WM 11d black plate 1b OH:

large margins on three sides but touching at places along the bottom margin. 

Cancelled by lightly struck red cross and with INVERTED watermark. 

Priced by Gibbons at 2,500.  

An opportunity to obtain an attractive example of this variety

at a small percentage of the Gibbons price.        

      Price:  500.00 


Plate 4: clear profile.

151214: 1d black CF, very fine Plate 4:

tied to a very fine clean and uncreased wrapper from London to Norwich,

November 24th 1840, by a neatly applied orange cross.   

The cross leaves the Queens profile and the head almost totally clear.

Full margins, close but clear at the C square with the others

large and with a small part of the adjacent stamp at the right margin. 

Stamp printed in the scarcer intense black  shade. 

A superb item.  

Price: 555.00


Plate 1a: superb pair with RPS cert.

151206: superb 4-margined pair of Plate1a, 'MK-ML':

MK has the catalogued variety 'mark on left margin at top of M square', Spec A52e. 

Natural minute paper inclusion in 'MK'. 

Lightly applied red crosses allowing the moderate plate wear to be clearly visible.

Gibbons prices a pair in this plate at 1,800. 

Supplied with a 2001 RPS Certificate. 

Price:  795.00


Penny Post and MX Cancellations on Plate 7.

151202.  1d black Plate 7, BG:

very fine 4-margined, tiny paper inclusion, tied to piece by a red cross

AND the rare Newby Bridge Penny Post, CC LA690, lightly struck in black. 

Newby Bridge Penny Post came under MILNTHORPE and the red cross would have been applied there.

The combination of Penny Post cancellations and Maltese cross

on 1d blacks are more frequently seen with a black MX: the red MX here leaves QVs head largely clear.

This combination is priced by Gibbons in the latest, 2011, QV Specialised Catalogue,

SGSpec AS44ya, from 3,000 on piece. 

Attractive and rare item.    

Price:  895.00


Superb 1d black plate 4 from HUNTLY.


S3. 1d black plate 4, 'MA':  

superb 4-margined tied to a clean and uncreased wrapper to Aberdeen,

by an orange cross leaving a clear profile. 

No date markings but with a single line HUNTLY in black on the reverse.

This plate priced by Gibbons at 775 on cover. 

Superb item.  

Price:  495.00 SOLD

NB: the cover is in a cleaner condition than the scan suggests.   


PAID AT CAVAN with 1d black plate 1b.

15161.  1d black plate 1b, IJ, 3-plus margins:

wrapper from CAVAN to Hastings, January 21st 1841 received in Hastings January 24th 1841.

The 1d black was affixed top left over the boxed Paid at Cavan,

and the letter re-addressed to Mincing Lane, London and received on January 25th 1841. 

A very scarce Irish item. 

Price:  290.00


1d black plate 3: MARYPORT Crosses in RED.

15162.  1d black plate 3, JJ, very fine 4-margined with part of next stamp at left:

uncreased legal letter with a very small surface fault, sent to London from MARYPORT

with the 1d black tied by two fine strikes of the Maryport cross. 

On the top flap is a fine Maryport cds for February 11th 1841, with inverted 1's.

Black ink replaced red on February 10th 1841 so perhaps the sub postmaster/mistress

was using up the red ink, hence the double strike, before using black ink. 

In Rockoff Volume 2 page 200, are illustrated 6 examples of the MX of Maryport and most are poorly struck with debris:

the population of Maryport in 1841 was only 5,311.

The earliest usage of this cross that they record is June 13th 1842 and the only one with a 1d black is for June 17th 1842. 

Hence the example offered here predates both these. 

1d black plate 3 on cover priced by SG at 900. 

Attractive and rare item.    

Price:  590.00

1d black PLATE 10: RAMSGATE cross.

15163.  1d black plate 10, AG, very fine large square 4-margined with part of stamp below in bottom margin:

just tied by a black cross at the right  to an un-creased family letter,

son to mother and sister, from RAMSGATE to Newbury, Berks, March 24th 1841.

The Ramsgate cross is recorded by Rockoff, Volume 2, page 232. 

Only three examples are illustrated, none on a 1d black. 

An exceptional item with this rare plate in such superb condition and

the finest we have been able to offer. 

1d black plate 10 on cover priced by Gibbons at 3,500.  

Price: 1,185.00


Mixed plates: 8 and 6 from Belfast to Armagh.

15143: 1d black, TWO 4-margined examples, TD Plate 8 and AD Plate 6: 

tied to a wrapper from Belfast to Armagh, September 29th 1840. 

The rear flap raises to show the dates: Plate 8 is very fine used in an intense black shade and Plate 6 is fine used,

  The EKD usage of Plate 8 is September 5th 1840 and this item used on September 29th 1840.

It is believed to be the earliest known mixed plate franking with plate 8 in Ireland.  

A very rare MIXED PLATE franking and an Irish rarity.  

An Exhibition item. 

Price: 925.00

1d Plate 6.

15149: 1d black, KB, Plate 6 (State 1), fine 4-margined on entire:

 London to the Aire and Calder Navigation Office in LEEDS, September 2nd 1840. 

Stamp in the scarcer intense black shade, SG Spec AS40,

and tied by a red-orange cross leaving almost the entire of QVs head clear.

It is also tied by a 'TP Paddington' in black. 

Very attractive and rare.  

Price: 695.00

A Quartet of Items May 22nd 1840.


15146:  A unique quartet of items all used on the same date - MAY 22nd 1840.
1.   1d Mulready Envelope, A153, from Great Yarmouth to Norwich, overall fine with clear date stamp on the reverse.

2.       2d Mulready wrapper, from Wellingborough to the Rev Harold Browne, Emmanuel College,

Cambridge together with his biopic. Superb deep orange cross, very fine address panel, faults on the reverse but

with a clear Wellingborough date stamp. He records a total of ONLY FIFTY May 1840 usages of the 2d Mulready

which includes both letter sheet and envelopes.  The rarity of these is emphasised by Jackson recording 86 1d black covers

used on the First Day of Issue, May 6th 1840!

3.  1d Black, Plate 2, MD, very fine 4-margined example tied to clean entire from London to Marlborough by a

fine red/orange cross. London date stamp on reverse top flap, unrecorded by Jackson Code O for evening duty.

4.   2d Blue, Plate 1, JA, not full margined but tied to a wrapper from London to Truro by a very fine and superb red/orange cross. 

London date stamp, Code R, (evening duty), on reverse. Jackson records ONLY 70 examples of the 2d Blue used in

May 1840 which includes pieces as well as full covers but 86 1d black First Day of Issue examples.

Neither the 2d Mulready nor the 2d Blue wrapper are recorded in Jacksons book of May 1840 usages.  

The prices from Gibbons QV Volume 1, 2011, Latest Edition for these May dates are:

1d Mulready - 1,200.

2d Mulready wrapper - 17,000.

1d Black - 2,800.

2d Blue - 17,500.
A truly remarkable and unique grouping.  Price: 6,775.

Plate 2: Experimental London Black Cross

15007.  1d black plate 2, HA,

very fine 4-margined on neat entire London to Edgbaston and tied by a superb London cross in EXPERIMENTAL BLACK ink. 

Top flap raises to display the London date stamp, September 7th 1840.

The experimental usage of black ink in London started on August 31st 1840

hence this example a very early usage in this experimental period.

Plate 2 with black cross rarer than with a red cross, SG Spec AS15m,

and this example is believed to be the EARLIEST KNOWN USAGE of a black cross on plate 2. 

Stamp printed in a shade close to, or in, the scarcer intense black, Spec AS14, of the earlier printings. 

A superb and rare item. 

Price:  685.00

Plate 1a.

15147:  1d black, SG3, EB, Plate 1a:

4-margined example, tied to small piece by a lightly struck red cross. 

This allows the considerable plate wear to be seen to advantage. 

The extent of the wear is the most extensive we

have seen on this plate: SG Spec AS3, priced by Gibbons at 500 plus,

and a result of the plate not having been hardened. 

Price:  295.00


Plate 1a.

151446.  1d black plate 1a, 'RH', superb large full margined example:

cancelled by a MX in an unusual shade of ink.

Printed on THIN PAPER which is unlisted on this plate

but listed for Plate 1b.

Rare stamp so fine. 

Price: 380.00 SOLD

Plate 1b.

151445.  1d black plate 1b, 'AA', FIRST off the SHEET:

fine 4-margined example, red cross. 

Attractive example. 

Price:  190.00 


Plate 1b: tied to piece.

151444.  1d black plate 1b, 'BC':

very fine 4-margined example, part of adjacent stamp in the top margin. 

Tied to piece by a complete MX in a shade close to, or at, vermilion. 

Attractive and scarce so fine. 

Price:  258.00


1d Plate 1b: 'Magenta' cross.

151429.  1d Plate 1b:

an exceptional example, CL, with the

non-coincident re-entry, Spec AS5b.  

Very large to enormous margins all round and

tied to a small piece by forged magenta Maltese crosses.  

With a 1995 PEGB Cert.

An unusual and attractive stamp. 

Price: 295.00

NB: very surprising to see a forged cross on such a superb 1d black.


Plate 2.

 151431.   1d SG2 plate 2 (KA): 

very fine/fine example with a superb and neatly applied red cross. 

An attractive example and very scarce with a complete cross. 

Price:  255.00


Plate 2.

151436.  1d SG1 Plate 2, 'TD', hinge remnant on reverse: 

printed in the scarcer Intense Shade Spec AS14, priced by Gibbons at 525.  

Superb margins with part of the stamp above in the top margin.

A black cross is scarce on this plate and priced by Gibbons at 650.

The cross leaves a clear profile and is clear of the plate corrosion around 'One Penny'.

Vertical guide line in the SE letter square. 

A superb stamp with a rare combination of features and a Gibbons price in excess of 1,000. 

Price: 375.00


Plate 2: MANCHESTER Fishtail Cross.

151437.  1840 1d black plate 2, SI, Manchester fishtail cross:

very fine 4-margined tied to wrapper to Knighton, 

North Wales by a fine strike of this distinctive cross,

Spec A1ub, and priced by Gibbons at 4,500. 

Plate 2 is scarcer with a black cross, specAS15m.   

Manchester cds on reverse for March 6th 1841: this is a very early usage of this cross,

and is the earliest recorded on plate 2, the earliest known is March 3rd 1841 on a 1d black plate 8.

Remarkable, and probably unique, combination of features. 

Price: 1,280.00


Plate 2.

151438.  1d black SG 1 plate 2, RE:

 very fine large 4-margined in scarcer intense black shade, spec AS14.

 Tied to entire by fine red cross, cover with couple of vertical filing folds clear of adhesive,

used locally in Edinburgh/Portobello.

Price: 320.00 


Plate 3.

151447.  1d black Plate 3, 'PA':

superb large square 4-margined example with almost a complete orange MX. 

The letter 'P' shows the listed variety Spec AS20a, 'Letter P with small loop'.

Printed on un-listed THIN PAPER. 

Very attractive and rare stamp in such fine condition. 

Price: 390.00


Plate 3.

151448. 1d black Plate 3, 'GJ':

very fine/fine 4-margined example with red MX.

Attractive item. 

Price: 265.00


Plate 4.

151432.   1840 1d black plate 4 (SI). 

Very fine used, intense shade and red cross. 

Price: 250.00


Plate 4: double lined cross

151442.   1d black Plate 4, 'NJ', very fine 4-margined example.

Margin close but clear at 'N' square with small part of adjacent stamp in right margin. 

Tied to small piece by a fine example of a double-lined cross. 

Very scarce variety of the MX.

Price:  330.00


Plate 4 and 1d red Plate 8: Manchester FISHTAIL cross



   151439.  1841 1d black plate 4 and 1d red plate 8 Manchester fishtail cross:

1d black, MD, on wrapper to Liverpool, double strike of this cross, Spec A1ub,

and 1d red, ED, on printed advertising wrapper with

a partial double strike of this same cross, Spec A2ub.  

The 1d black priced by Gibbons at 4,500 and the 1d red at 2,500,

in the latest Edition, 2011, QV Volume 1.

Each is 3-margined but remarkably USED on the SAME DAY, with a  

Manchester date stamp in red on the reverse of each for March 26th 1841. 

A unique same-day of usage pairing. 

Price:  895.00 


Plate 5.

151450.  1d black Plate 5, 'FD':

very fine large square margined example with

a partially struck orange-red MX. 

Scarce/rare so fine. 

Price:  325.00


Plate 5: corrosion.

151449.  1d black Plate 5, 'TH', very fine 4-margined example:

light black MX with the double letter 'H', SG Spec AS25b variety

and printed on unlisted Thin Paper. 

There is substantial plate corrosion evident around 'One Penny'

which is more extensive than we have previously seen on any 1d black plate. 

Rare stamp with these features and condition.  

Price: 335.00


Plate 6 with BLUE MX and Cert.

151440.  1d black plate 6:

4-margined with faults, struck by a complete BLUE CROSS,

SG Spec AS41vc and with Certificate. 

A very rare stamp despite the faults and priced by Gibbons at 12,000. 

Seldom offered especially with Certificate.

Price: 890.00

NB: the scan does not do justice to the colour of the blue cross

and offered at barely 7% of the Gibbons price.


Plate 6.


151433.   1d black SG2, plate 6 (BB): 

very fine used with a large part of another stamp in bottom margin.

Very fine red cross lightly applied.               

Price:  285.00


Plate 6.

151434.   1840 1d black plate 6 (AF). 

Very fine large square margined example with black cross. 

Plate wear at the top.  

Price:  275.00


Plate 7: Orange cross of LIVERPOOL.


   151441 1d Black Plate 7:  Liverpool Orange Cross on Entire.  

Very fine 4-margined copy from Plate 7 with portions of THREE other stamps in the margins. 

Tied to entire to Ballymoney by the orange maltese cross of Liverpool, Spec A1vg. 

On the reverse is a Liverpool date stamp in the same orange shade as the cross for August 15 1840.

Also on reverse a Dublin date stamp for SUNDAY August 16 1840.

Gibbons prices this orange cross at 2,600.

 An exceptional item.

Price: 875.00


Plate 7.

151451.  1d black Plate 7, 'FG':

superb large 4-margined example, lightly cancelled by an

orange MX and with a trace of the adjacent stamp along the

bottom margin and part of another bottom right side.

Very scarce stamp so fine from this plate.

Price:  345.00


Plate 8: re-entry variety.

151512.  1d black Plate 8, 'TJ', light red cross: very fine 4-margined example. 

'TJ' is one of only FOUR re-entries on this plate, SG spec AS46a,

and is illustrated in the QV Volume 1 page 68. 

The cancellation leaves the re-entry marks clearly visible

along the bottom margin as well as in the corner stars. 

The printing is in a deep shade although Gibbons does not list it. 

The stamp is also printed on thin paper, Spec AS46e. 

We have not seen this stamp previously with such a large

bottom margin showing the re-entry so clearly.

The re-entry is grossly under-priced by Gibbons at 575. 

A very rare stamp in this condition with multiple varieties and features. 

Exhibition quality. 

Price:  425.00


Plate 8.

 151435. 1840 1d black plate 8 (SF). 

Attractive example, nibbled in to at top centre

but good to large margins elsewhere. 

Partial black cross top right leaves the

Queens head virtually completely clear and rare thus.  

Price:  148.00


Plate 8: Leamington Cross.

1106. 1841 1d black plate 8 (AJ):

a very fine large square margined example, tied to an entire from

Leamington to Rugeley by a very fine Leamington characteristic cross, April 20 1841.  

Un-priced as yet by Gibbons but as Perth and Leamington crosses on the 1d red imperf 

have similar catalogue prices and the Perth cross is priced at 9,000 on a 1d black on cover.  

Leamington can reasonably be expected to have a similar Gibbons price.  

Rare item.  

Price:  845.00  


Plate 9.

1107.  1840 1d black plate 9 (GD): a very fine 4-margined example,

printed in an un-listed intense shade and

on thin paper variety, Spec AS56f. 

 Very scarce/rare combination of features. 

Priced by Gibbons at 730 with this paper variety. 

Price:  328.00  


Plate 10: rare RED cross.

151443.  1d black Plate 10, 'RE', superb 4-margined:

cancelled by a RED cross, rare on this plate

and priced by Gibbons, Spec AS66h, at 1,500. 

This example has two other listed varieties:

letter 'P' converted to 'R', Spec AS66d,

and printed on thin paper: Spec AS66i. 

Allowing for the varieties, Gibbons price is approx 2,000. 

A very rare example with possibly a unique combination of varieties. 

Price:  785.00


Plate 10.

151430. 1d black SG3, plate 10 (TG): 

 fine copy from this very scarce plate, margins cut close at top

but clear to very close to possibly touching at left. 

Very fine, upright and almost complete black cross. 

Characteristic letter short stumpy T of this plate and

printed in the scarcer grey-black shade showing plate wear. 

Priced by Gibbons at a minimum of 950.    

Price:  238.00


Plate X1


1014.  1840 1d black plate XI:

fine 3+ margined example PL, large margins on three sides and in to part way along the bottom margin.  

Black cross clear of NE ray flaw and the distinctive weak looped letter P,

illustrated on page 91 of the QV Specialised Catalogue, 

characteristic of this rarest of plates and catalogued at 4,500. 

A very collectable example of this rarity. 




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