Hand drawn and Pictorial Envelopes


Printed Envelope and Letter

151809.   An attractive printed envelope of a man, in period dress, playing the lute,

which seems to be making the cat's hackles rise! 

The 1d red plate 184, is tied by the ABINGDON duplex for July 22nd 1877 and addressed to Clifton.

On receipt in Clifton, it was redirected to Weybridge, and there is an inspectors mark in red.

On the reverse is a Weybridge Station cds for July 24th 1877. 

The original letter has a printed line egraved heading showing in silhouette a horse drawn carriage

with TEN passengers each caricatured in animal form and similarly the driver.

This type of caricaturing was common in the Victorian period and socially acceptable to them; 

a part of the social history of that time. The date of the letter is on the carriage side. 

The interesting letter is written by a brother to his sister and signed on the next page of the folded letter.

A superb and attractive line engraved illustrated envelope and RARE when paired with the engraved letter.

  Price:  £335.00 

NB: We have seen only one other example of this illustrated envelope and that was without its contents.  


Drawings on both sides of Envelope 1884

151783.   Envelope, opened at the right side and bottom for display purposes,

with 1d lilac SG172 tied by a RUAN MINOR, square circle, August 21st 1884.

Upper Edmonton receiver on reverse, August 22nd 1884. 

Hand drawn on the front (shooting) and on the reverse (fishing) and across the inside is

a printed coloured country/seaside scene of a young woman and man. 

The envelope roughly opened at the top and repaired and some edge damage to the printed inside scene.

The grouse season would have started on August 12th 1884.

An attractive and remarkable combination of features.

Price:  £175.00

NB: The cornish village of Ruan Minor had a population in the 1881 census of only 272.

The apparent brown areas on the front and reverse of the envelope are NOT present - a trick of the scanner.

The long stride of the gentleman: is it a forerunner of John Cleese's walk!


Pen and ink drawing

151787.  Very fine pen and ink drawing on clean and uncreased, unstamped envelope addressed to Beaminster.

The top flap is missing, no postal markings and possibly sent locally.

The artist did not want to put a stamp on the envelope as it would spoil his drawing

so he added at the bottom 'UNSTAMPED 2d TO PAY'. 

Very unusual and the first such we have seen. 

Price:  £95.00


Hand illustrated address sent on Christmas Eve

151785.  A beautiful hand illustrated and addressed, clean and uncreased envelope, top flap missing,

with a fine 1d plate 206 tied by a Brierley Hill duplex for Christmas Eve 1878 and sent locally.

Clearly painstakingly, and lovingly, adorned with a delicate border and other ornate decorations.

No doubt a Christmas card or letter would have been originally enclosed. 

The contents are gone, but thankfully the envelope was retained and from its excellent condition, cherished.

An early example of such an item and rare. 

Price:  £120.00


Hand painted fairground booth

151785. Mounted on card, a front from New cross London to

'The Little Cigar Shop, Dale End, Birmingham', October 24th 1881. 

The 1d lilac is SG170, Die 1. 

The hand painting of a fairground booth is naive but attractively done with a lot of detail.

The man with the drum is shouting out:  'Walk up Walk up. The old women on the platform will take yer money'. 

Delightful item and a rare theme. 

Price: £95.00


Rare 1/2d postcard with painting on reverse

151689.  The first type of design of the 1/2d postcard but without the word 'To':

fine example from ASHFORD, February 13th 1877 to Bury St Edmunds. 

The London Inland Branch '44', rated scarce by Parmenter, missed cancelling the QV 1/2d postage.

On the reverse is a superb hand painting of a yellow rose with the stem going through a card. 

The card has on it the following Shakespearean verse: 

'Fair be all thy hopes, and prosperous be thy Life in peace and war', signed 'Bertie Welch Febry 14th 1877'. 

The card is addressed to A W Welch Esq.

There is a Bury St Edmunds cds for February 14th 17 instead of Feb 14th 77.

Forty years on from the date of this postcard, the Country was involved in WW1:

a very poignant error of date in view of the Shakespearean verse! 

A superb and very rare item - the first painting we have seen on this postcard. 

Price:  £220.00 

NB: the browning on front of the card is far less pronounced than the scan suggests.

The receiving cds had to be applied to part of the painting in order for the date to be seen

in view of the black background.


Rare hand painting of Sark harbour Channel Islands

151673.  Miniature watercolour of Sark harbour on envelope addressed to the USA, no postal markings on reverse.

Franked by a GV 1/2d and 1d and tied by the Sark Guernsey Channel Islands cds for July 14th 1933 with 

a typed description of the painting beneath it. 

The second image is of an item that was offered by David Feldman in the Sale of

the Hassan Shaida Collection of Illustrated Envelopes in May 2005, Lot 40087, and illustrated on page 42. 

It was described as an extremely rare item from Sark and estimated at £130-£220 allowing for the conversion from Swiss Francs. 

We do not have the realisation figure. 

The two items were clearly painted by the same person, cancelled on the same day, July 14th 1933, but to different addressees.

 An attractive, superb and rare item.  

Price:  £200.00  

NB; the envelope is in a finer condition than the scan suggests.


Hand illustrated envelope with contents

151661.   Envelope, trimmed slightly at the base, used locally within Leeds, two 1/2d SG197, tied Leeds duplex, July 23rd 1895. 

Fine hand drawn sketch on the front of the envelope - roughly opened on the reverse top flap.

Contents are a printed letter from the Yorkshire Union of Institues and Yorkshire Village LIbrary.

The letter also has, after 'Yours truly', a sketch of the sender, Frank Curzon, instead of his signature.

From our researches, we are aware of one other of his letters, not hand illustrated, also 'signed' in this way.

In finer condition than the scan. 

An unusual item. 

Price:  £85.00


Unusual themes: hand illustrated front

151661.  1d lilac SG172 and 1/2d slate-blue SG187 tied to front by Kingston-on-Thames cds's, June 24th 1886. 

Various adverts, some amusing, on a front to Chester. 


Price:  £32.50


Valentine embossed envelope: 1854

151649.  1d red imperf, 'QJ', Plate 169:

3-margined example with a diagonal scratch to the plate in the NE corner. 

This has resulted in an unprinted area. 

The stamp is tied by the '798'  of THRAPSTONE, Northants. 

Sent to a Miss Beale in Cambridge, on Valentine's Day, February 14th 1854. 

On the reverse is a receiving cds for the day after Valentine's Day!! 

This might explain why the reverse of the envelope has some damage to it:

perhaps the recipient was very eager to get at the contents? 

A delightful fancy printed envelope with an embroidered and flowery design. 

Some peripheral faults but a rare example of a Valentine with a 1d red imperf.

 Rare also to find the 1d red displaying damage to the printing plate. 

An attractive and rare item. 

Price:  £195.00

NB: the reverse side is in better condition than the scan suggests


A Mysterious Affair at Doncaster


151578.  Front from Grimsby to Doncaster, February 20th 1884. 

Fine hand drawing of  a 'Mysterious Affair at Doncaster'. 

On the reverse is a large part of a drawing with a milk maid unsuccessfully trying to control a cow. 

A fine and unusual combination of themes addressed to two ladies. 

Price:  £49.00   SOLD


Hand drawn embossed 1d front 1865


151566.  Very well executed coloured front of a 1d pink embossed envelope,

with a printing date of 1-5-63, incorporated into the design. 

Sent from London W C to Southsea, Portsmouth, April 10th 1865. 

An early example especially so well drawn and coloured. 

Price:  £75.00 


Rare miss-cut: Valentine's original Temperance Envelope

151633.   Valentine's original State 1,Temperance Envelope with a rare miss-cut. 

Very small nibble at the right and a few age marks: fainter than the scan suggests.

Overall in fine condition for such a rarity; the first we have seen.  

Price: £148.00


Rare miss-cut: Ocean Penny Post by Valentine

151532.  An original Ocean Penny Post by Valentine, State 3: 

A rare example showing a significant miss-cut and the first we have seen. 

A rare item. 

Price:  £185.00   SOLD  

 NB: in finer condition than the scanned image.


A drawing within a drawing.

151456.   Front from London to Long Island, New York, via Queenstown, 5d SG169, trimmed perfs at right:

January 17th 1884 with a rare franking and destination for a hand drawn item. 

Very unusual theme depicting a man in Tudor clothing

drawing a still life topic,'hat on a thin stem'. 

Scarce combination of features and well sketched.

Price: £66.50

NB: item in cleaner condition than the scan suggests.


Balloon drawing - RARE theme.

151333.  Front mounted on card, handrawn silhouetted figures having a drink and

on the table appears to be a container with gas coming out of the top. 

On the right is unusually a drawing of a gas balloon incorporating

the 1d lilac with a figure trying to restrain it: hence the gas container on the table. 

We cannot recall seeing a drawing of a hot air balloon

in the Victorian period on an envelope - this example June 12th 1893. 

Rare theme. 

Price:  £65.00. 

NB: the brown marks are far less evident in real life than the scan suggests.

There are some superb photos on the internet showing how popular

ballooning events were with the Victorians.


151334.  Front mounted on card with 1d lilac tied by Hornsey squared circle, February 22nd 1892. 

Hand drawn address being held unusually by two Court Jesters - an attractive and scarce theme. 

Price:  £52.50 

NB: the overall browning of the front is not as evident as the scan suggests.


151318.  Hand drawn 'mock up'? of Pearson's Weekly,

'To Interest, To Elevate To Amuse' with a range of adverts.

The browning in the Mellins Food advert is far fainter than the scan suggests.

A rare item.

Price:  £125.00


151310. Front mounted on stiff card with pair of 1/2d bantams plate 5 sent to Peterborough:

superb hand drawn ink sketch of a contemporary gentleman,1877, smoking a pipe.

The tone spots are nowhere near as obvious as the scan suggests. 

Attractive and very scarce with such a fine drawing. 

Price:  £75.00


151311.  Front mounted on card, vertical central crease, from Sunderland to London,

pair of bantam 1/2d's Plate 15, December 23rd 1878?:

a remarkable handrawn addressed front showing

the major industries around Sunderland at that time,

Coal Mining, Iron for ship building, Water and Coal Gas production.

Could be researched and written up to make a memorable display item.

Rare item.  

Price: £145.00


151243.  Two fronts affixed to a light card for display.

Some minor faults but by the same artist, intials 'EH'.

Both to the same addressee and address.

The top one from London September 1876, 1d plate 181,

and is very finely drawn with an interesting theme. 

The bottom one, from Paddington, April 30th 1878,

1d plate 186, 'Better late than never'.

An attractive and contrasting pair which show the diverse talent of this artist. 

Price: £115.00  SOLD


15182.  Valentine’s Peace Envelope: Very fine example of the unissued design,

printed in the 1890’s on thin cream coloured card, in a pink shade.   

Price:  £110.00

15151.  Fores Hunting Envelope No. 4.  A super hand coloured Deraedemaeker reprint.  

Very attractive and very scarce so fine.     

Price:  £300.00     SOLD

15154.  Fores Military Envelope No.9.  Originally issued in a series 1-6 but were so popular that four more designs were produced, 7-10. 

All were available plain and coloured.  Despite some light wrinkling, which is not as pronounced as the scanned image suggests,

and a few tone spots, this is a RARE original example and with very fine hand colouring. 

Only one used example is known and that resides in The Royal Collection.  

Price:  £675.00     SOLD

15152.  Southgate Original ‘Pick-Pocket’ Envelope No.1.  Superbly hand coloured and in very fine/superb condition. 

On the reverse is the line engraved panel ‘Rejected Design’s for the Postage Envelope’.  This shows considerable wear

of the printing plate and at the top right corner can be seen the engraver’s attempts to extend the printing life by retouching the panel. 

The first time we have seen such wear and retouching on any of the Southgate envelopes. 

A very rare example. 

Price:  £680.00    SOLD

15153.  Southgate Original, ‘E T Litho’, ‘Blarney Stone’ Envelope No. 4.

Very fine/superb hand coloured example.   Rare so fine. 

Price:  £625.00    SOLD

15112.  1854: Front, mounted, to Castletown- Delvin

within County West Meath, Ireland February 22nd 1854. 

A pen and ink drawing of a drummer with children.

Struck largely away from the drawing are red cds’s of

Very early example of a hand drawn item used internally within Ireland. 

A charming, amusing and very scarce item.   

Price:  £75.00

15113.  1859: Envelope from London to Malvern, March 22nd 1859:

1d star defect at top with the Artist’s name on the reverse at right. 

Unusual pen and ink drawing with the older woman holding an open fan

with the younger women holding the address.

Very atmospheric and of the period. 

Price:  £95.00

15114.  1876: Front with 1d plate 185, London to Cheltenham, March 11th 1876. 

Fault at right but with two well drawn ladies ice skating: a rare theme for pen and ink drawings. 

Attractive and rare. 

Price:  £68.00


15115.  1877: Envelope, roughly opened envelope at the top, London to bath, March 12th 1877. 

Very fine line engraved printing of a coach and horses of the period.  Attractive and scarce.    

Price:£42.00  SOLD


15116.  1880: Front, superb pen and ink drawing, Leamington to Shepherds Bush, London July 16th 1880. 

Unusual design with four leprechaun-like musicians underneath the moon, La Famille B. 

Attractive and rare. 

Price:  £120.00

15034.  1877:  Envelope with a charming printed line engraving

of a young lady with a parasol in a country scene. 

1d plate 189 tied by a London duplex, December 17th 1877, used within London:

possibly sent as an alternative to a Christmas card? 

There are a few small age spots mainly near the perimeter

and far fainter than the scan suggests. 

A most attractive item and only the second such example we have seen:

 the last was many years ago. 

Price:  £185.00  SOLD


15035.  1901: Front to Guernsey, 1d lilac tied Falmouth cds, January 4th 1901. 

Rather naively drawn but attractive and coloured with naval and sailing images. 


Price:  £38.00

15119.  1897: Privately printed advertising envelope by D MALLOCH,

‘Fishing Tackle Maker and Bird Stuffer’ of Perth

depicting various Exhibition medals won for their Fishing Reels and Flies. 

SG197 1/2d vermilion, tied by Perth cds for December 14th 1897. 

Only the second example we have seen of this

attractive envelope – the last was in 2004!  

Price: £125.00

NB: Some age browning at the right edge though much fainter than the scan suggests. 


15120.  Half Penny wrapper for newspapers and other printed circulars,

London to Paris, with NPB cancellation in very fine condition. 

Superb and rare printed advert on the front

for the ‘Instantaneous Heating – Gas Engine Tube’ from the Tube Co,

100 Queen Victoria St, London E C.  

Price:  £95.00

1048. 1873 Hand drawn front from Brighton to France. 

Unusual theme of woman gazing at the moon with dog in attendance.   

Price: £70.00  



1122.        1892:  Two superb hand drawn fronts

 with 1d lilacs, to the same addressee in Deal, one with an Alice in Wonderland character

and the other with a Jack in the Box and toy soldier.  

Beautifully drawn and attractive and unusual themes.  

Price:  £180.00 


The following are Deraedemaeker reprints unless stated otherwise.  

703. Fores Christmas Envelope small ink mark, fine.  

Price:  £52.00  SOLD


705. Fores Civic Envelope fine.  

Price: £62.00 


706. The Civilization of America Onwhyn   fine/very fine.  

Price: £60.00   


707. The Maine Law Intemperance Envelope very fine.  

Price: £63.00  


708. Intemperance is the Bane of Society, cream paper, fine.  

Price: £60.00 



709. Intemperance is the Bane of Society, grey laid paper, very fine.  

Price: £63.00 


 710. Intemperance is the Bane of Society, blue wove paper, fine.  

Price: £60.00  


711. Valentines Universal Brotherhood with correct spelling of ‘Arbitration’

a few age spots but fine for this.  

Price: £55.00


712. Ocean Penny Post on grey wove paper, a few wrinkles and age marks but fine for this.  

Price: £55.00


713.  Ocean Penny Post on azure paper, fine/very fine.  

Price: £68.00 


714. Ocean Penny Post ORIGINAL  by Johnstone, Edinburgh.  State 3, small faults, scarce.  

Price: £80.00   SOLD



22. Printed caricatured envelope in black of 'Man with hammer erecting sign'. 

Franked 1d red pl 160, tied Lowestoft 478 duplex August 20 76

clear of the caricature with Leamington cds on reverse for August 21 76. 

REDIRECTED with new address on rev of envelope to Bridport, I of Wight.

Original 1d on front o/struck by Gt Yarmouth I of Wight duplex (486),

 for August 22 1876 but on new address side another 1d red, pl 167,

added and cancelled by Gt Yarmouth duplex for August 22 1876. 

Most unusual and rare with redirection.

Price: £135.00     


24. Complete mint set of Six Deraedemaeker reprints of Southgate's Pictorial Envelopes,

 numbers 1-6, fine/very fine condition for these, all on white paper, couple with slight foxing.

Price: £485.00      SOLD



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