and PRINTED ADVERTS on Cards and Envelopes.




EKD for '309' of Gateshead






1d pink stationery envelope to Stockton and cancelled by


a superb strike of the ‘309’ of Gateshead, County Durham.


Hard to see how a better strike could be found especially on a stationery envelope.


There are two filing creases but clear of the cancellation.


 On the reverse is a Stockton receiver for MAY 28th 1844. 


This usage of the ‘309’ numeral, predates the EKD


recorded by Parmenter by a number of months.


We cannot trace an earlier usage.


On the reverse is a very fine and complete wax seal of ‘The Northern Coal Mining Company’. 


A very scarce item. 


Price: £38.50

NB: the apparent browning on the envelope especially on the front is a trick of the scanner.




1d pink with distinctive DUBLIN Cross 






A small neat 1d pink stationery envelope from DUBLIN to Cheltenham.


On the reverse is a partially-clear Dublin date stamp for April 19th overstruck by


a very fine Cheltenham receiver date stamp for April 21st 1843. 


The embossed one penny has been cancelled by a superb Dublin characteristic cross:


very difficult to find such a clear strike on an embossed envelope. 


Gibbons prices a 1d red on cover with this cross at £300.  


Very scarce/rare item with such a quality strike. 


Price: £110.00




1/2d wrapper to New York uprated with 1/2d Plate 6





Halfpenny green stationery wrapper from Liverpool to New York, USA.


The 1d postage for printed material has been paid by uprating with a bantam 1/2d Plate 5, ‘GQ’. 


The stamp, and the printed 1/2d green, are both cancelled


by a superb Exchange Liverpool duplex for June 1st 1875. 


There are no postal markings on reverse. 


The wrapper has brown markings, not as pronounced as the scanned image,


but this is a very scarce combination of features. 


Price: £42.00




ALBINO print of the 1d pink stationery envelope






1d Stationery Envelope from NEWPORT PAGNELL to Weedon.


The envelope has an ALBINO printing of the embossed ‘Postage One Penny’ and the rest of the design.


Cancelled by a partial strike of the ’564’ of Newport Pagnell. 


On the reverse is a Newport Pagnell date stamp in blue for September 27th 1848


and a Weedon receiver also in blue for the following day.


A rare item. 


Price: £95.00


NB: The browning on the envelope is much less and fainter than the scan suggests.




The Hoster machine dater used as a receiver





A fine/very fine 1/2d brown postcard used within London and cancelled


by a London W squared circle for September 29th 1887. 


The message refers to Brandy: ‘we hold enough’.


On the front is a very fine red London E C Hoster machine dater, Code H, for the same date.


Usually this cancellation is found applied as a backstamp.


Mckay notes the Hoster machine dater was used sporadically as a backstamp between 1886 and 1893. 


An attractive and very scarce item


Price: £45.00  SOLD



Hoster machine dater used as a backstamp






A fine/very fine 1d carmine pale blue Letter Card from CALLANDER to London Cheapside,


cancelled by a very fine/superb Callander duplex 64, for May 28th 1892. 


On the reverse and used as a backstamp is a strike of the Hoster machine dater in red, Code 7,


for May 30th 1892: May 29th 1892 was a Sunday. 


There is also a partial offset on the front.


The letter inside refers to a journey from Perth.


An attractive and scarce item. 


Price:  £40.00



The Hoster machine dater used as a backstamp






A fine 1d carmine pale blue Letter Card from DUNDEE to London, Cheapside,


cancelled by a superb Dundee duplex, 114, for June 7th 1892.


On the reverse is a Hoster machine dater in red, used as a backstamp, for June 8th 1992, Code 7.


Inside is a message headed ‘Market Report’.


A scarce item. 


Price: £35.00



The Hoster machine dater used as a backstamp






A fine/very fine 1d carmine pale blue Letter Card from LIVERPOOL to London E C,


cancelled by a superb Liverpool date stamp for July 7th 1893.  


The card is written in German? 


On the reverse is a lightly struck Hoster machine dater in red,


used as a backstamp, for July 8th 1893 with Code 7:


a late usage.  


A very scarce item.  


Price: £45.00


NB: the side and bottom of the Letter Card are unusually still intact.


More examples of  the Hoster machine dater used as a backstamp


can be found in the Surface Printed and Stampless Sections.










1d pink envelope, a small and clean example with original letter sent to Edinburgh.


The embossed One Penny has been cancelled by a very fine ROTHESAY Cross:


on the reverse is a boxed Rothesay date stamp for May 22nd 1843.  


Rockoff and Jackson illustrate, in Volume 2, one example only of this cross


and that is on a 1d red cover for August 31st 1841.


This is the first example of a Rothesay cross we have been able to offer.


A very fine and attractive item. 


Price: £55.00


NB: It is very unusual to find a Maltese cross from any location so clearly struck on an embossed envelope.




Registered Letter Receipt of Postage at LYMINGTON





Registered Letter receipt, LYMINGTON February 25th 1845,


for an item of mail sent to the Rev Jones, Northop, Nr Chester.


A very scarce provincial usage and in such fine condition.


Price: £52.50



Advertising Ring with a very scarce cancellation.







Twopence Blue Printed Advertising Ring with dated die, Arundel 9.5.


The printing date on this example, 9-6-66, is unrecorded by Arundel.  


The ring is cancelled by fine, and horizontally applied, TO1 in bars. 


This cancellation is of the Travelling/Temporary Office, series 1-6,


though Permenter attributes these to the Foreign Office.


A very scarce postmark on this item. 


Price: £39.00

NB:  See Item 152367 in this same Section. 




Printed Advert and the Latest Usage of Posted Since 7 Last Night




152900.  Envelope used locally within Edinburgh.


  The 1d red, faults, is tied by a Charlotte Place Type XV111 Scots local.


Inside is a printed advert for Anderson and Patterson of Queensferry Street Edinburgh:


information is available on the internet about this Company: see below.


On the reverse is a very fine Posted Since 7 Last Night Edinburgh, Arundel Type RA7.


This cancellation is recorded in use to July 10 1858 and


the example here matches this Last Day of Usage.


Arundel notes that this type is found in combination with a Scots local cancellation.


The only example we have seen of any type of Posted Since cancellation on an advertising envelope. 


Very scarce/rare item. 


Price: £58.00


NB: This extract is from the Edinburgh Gazette June 4th 1858 and available on the internet


Edinburgh, June 2,1858.

The Coppartnery of ANDERSON & PATTERSON,
Cabinet-Makers, Upholsterers, and House Agents,
No. 10, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh, of which James
Anderson and William Patterson were the sole Individual
Members, terminated on 19th May 1858, in terms of
the Contract.
The Subscriber, William Patterson, will in future
carry on Business in all the above branches, as a Cabinet-
Maker, Upholsterer, and House Agent, in his own name
and on his own account, within the premises occupied by
the late Company, and he holds authority to liquidate all
the engagements of the late Company, as also to receive
and uplift all debts due to them.




Stratford on Avon: penultimate day of usage of the MX







1d pink envelope from BIDFORD, Warwickshire.


On the reverse is a very fine strike of the scarce BIDFORD undated circle, County Cat. WA53.


Also on the reverse is a STRAFORD on AVON date stamp for APRIL 29th 1844.


The 1d pink cancelled at Stratford by the black MX.


No examples of the Stratford cross are illustrated by Rockoff and Jackson.


The MX was replaced on May 1st 1844 by numerals, ‘754’ in the case of Stratford.

The first '4' in the canceller has been incorrectly put in as a '1'.


However the correct date of April 29th 1844 has been writen on the front top left by the sender.


Hence this example of the Stratford on Avon cross has been applied on its penultimate day of usage


and is the latest usage we have seen or can trace for this cross. 


A rare item.


Price: £145.00 




Rare usage of 6d SG70 for Registration.






1d pink envelope, registered from BRIGHTON to Edinburgh, April 21st 1862. 


The registration fee has been paid by a fine 6d SG70.


On the reverse is a dater portion of a London sideways duplex


and an Edinburgh receiver for the following day.


This is a rare usage of this 6d on a 1d pink envelope


and the first we have been able to offer. 


An attractive item and a rare combination.


Price: £110.00

NB: There are horizontal filing folds near the bottom


and top but the 6d is not affected. 




Proposed Military Movements to a General







a fine 1d brown UPU postcard sent within London.


 On the front is a London EC double ring red date stamp for January 26th 1881. 


The card is addressed to General Askwith of the Royal Artillery. 


On the reverse are proposed military movements under the command of a Vice Admiral.  


A truly remarkable and rare item the like of which we have not previously seen.


It is surprising that details of military excercises are listed in an open postcard and not sent in a closed letter. 


A very rare item that would benefit from research and could be developed in to a superb Exhibition page. 


Price: £58.00


NB: The card has age marks but not as pronounced as in the scans.





Boy Messengers Printed Envelope with a 1d lilac from an early Vending Machine






An unused printed envelope showing a drawing of a Boy Messenger in his uniform and with a


printed address of Boy Messengers and Electric Call Co. Ltd in Oxford Street, London. 


The 1d lilac has a perfin SDC of the Stamp Distribution Company Co. Ltd. 


This stamp was available from a stamp Vending Machine under a concession from the Postmaster General. 


The Company started trading in 1892 after taking over from the Stamp Distribution Syndicate


who had the concession to sell stamps via vending machines.


Before these machines, it was illegal to purchase stamps from other than post offices.


The new Company, SDC, introduced an improved vending machine with each stamp perfinned with its initials ie SDC.


For a 1d, the vending machine dispensed a single 1d lilac which was at the back of a small memo book. 


The Company ceased trading in 1895; examples of a 1d lilac with this perfin are very scarce indeed.


There is historical information about these vending machines, and the Post OfficeTelegraph Boy Messengers, on the internet.


One article lists the Terms and Conditions of the latter service in the1890’s and includes the following:


 ‘The limits of age are from 13 to 15. Candidates between 13 and 14 must be at least four feet seven inches in height without boots,


 and candidates between 14 and 15 not less than four feet eight inches.


They must have passed Standard V of the new Educational Code, or some equivalent test,


are required to produce a satisfactory certificate of health from their own medical attendant,


and a certificate of having been satisfactorily vaccinated within the last seven years.


Duty does not commence, as a rule, before 8am and it continues for nine hours.


The wages are 7s a week, rising by 1s a week annually to 11s, and uniform is supplied, including boots.


All candidates have to sign a declaration, stating they are fully aware that this employment


will not entitle them to promotion, compensation, or pension’.


A very rare item and possibly a unique survivor with this perfin on this printed envelope. 


This is the first example of both this perfin and such a printed envelope that we have seen. 


It would make a superb and interesting Exhibition/Display page.   


Price: £175.00  SOLD  


NB: the envelope is in a finer condition than the scan suggests: the tone marks are much fainter.




Welshpool Cross: open diamond






1d pink envelope to Newtown cancelled by a WELSHPOOL cross


with a clear central diamond ie without the solid centre. 


On the reverse is a Welshpool date stamp for January 30th 1844 and a Newtown receiver for the SAME day.


Rockoff and Jackson Volume 2, list a smaller number of examples without the solid centre than with it.


The example offered here is unrecorded by them and only one other, also to Newtown, has a later usage. 


Only one other 1d pink envelope is recorded, again to Newtown, and used a few days earlier on January 27th 1844.  


A rare item with this cross.  


Price: £40.00




Second Day of Usage





1d Letter Card: very fine example to Kew from London. 


Cancelled by a superb London West duplex for February 12th 1892. 


This card was issued on September 11th 1892 and is priced


by Booth at £2,150 for the Day of Issue. 


The example offered here is the Day after Issue and a rare item. 


Price: £275.00




Third Day of Usage





1d Letter Card: a fine example from London to Switzerland


with a Suisse date stamp of Wyl neatly placed on the front.


The card is cancelled by a damaged N/26 London duplex for February 13th 1892. 


The additional postage has been paid by a vertical pair of 1d lilacs Die 2


and each cancelled by the damaged duplex: the first we have seen.  


This letter card was issued on February 11th 1892 so this example just a few days later.


Interestingly, the card was not opened by tearing off the perforated bottom strip.


A First Day of Issue is priced by Booth at £2,150. 


An attractive and very scarce item.


Price: £58.50.




A Front to Algiers 1887



152815. Two pence halfpenny, SG 201:


tied to a fine Front of the Whitaker's Almanack advertising Mulready caricature. 


The stamp is tied by a squared circle of ENFIELD for October 14th 1887. 


The destination, Algiers, makes this a rare item. 


Price:  £75.00



The apparent brown areas are a trick of the scanner


except for a few which are far fainter than the scan suggests. 



2d SG199 on a redirected registered envelope






A clean and uncreased registered envelope from London to Plymouth.

The 1d postage has been paid by a fine 1d lilac Die 2 and the Registration fee by a very fine ‘jubilee’ 2d SG199:

the value tablet in a scarlet shade.


Each has been cancelled by a South Western District Office cds for December 15th 1899. 

There is a Registered S.W.D.O oval for December 15th 1899 applied next to, but not overlapping, the cds SWDO date stamp. 

On receipt in Plymouth, the envelope has been readdressed to Babbicombe, Torquay and a very fine 3d, SG202,

affixed to pay the postage and registration fee: it is tied by a very fine Registered Plymouth oval for December 18th 1899. 


On the reverse are six transit date stamps and, remarkably, none overlap.


The Plymouth receiver cds is for December 16th 1899; the Plymouth Registered oval is for December 18th 1899

as is the Torquay Registered oval and the Babbicombe receiver. 

There is no date for December 17th 1899 as this was a Sunday. 


An attractive and rare item with well struck date stamps none of which overlap on the front or the back.


It would make a very fine Exhibition/display page. 


Price: £285.00



SG199 is priced by Gibbons at £260 used on a stamp not on cover and a cover price, for the less scarce SG202/203,

at more than five times the used price.

Hence an estimated Gibbons price for SG199 on cover is in excess of £1,300 and that is without

the 50% premium for the very fine cds cancellation. 


The shade of the value tablet is characteristic of the SG199 from printings in the latter part of the 1890’s

and tends to be more ‘vermilion’ than that of the early printings that resulted in SG199 examples.


The scan does not do justice to the shades of this SG199 item and the envelope is cleaner than the scans.




The Alice in Wonderland Postage - Stamp - Case Invented by Lewis Carroll






When originally sold, the contents were contained within a brown printed envelope:


very flimsy which was originally torn probably when opening in a hurry to take out the contents.


The periphery has suffered but it did its job in protecting the contents as you will see from the scans. 


At least it survived and is very rare: the first we have seen.


The contents are:


A Postage – Stamp-- Case with its own enclosure and a small 39 page booklet entitled ‘Eight or Nine Wise Words about Letter Writing’ by Lewis Carroll.

The Postage-Stamp Case has on the front a superb coloured picture of Alice nursing the Duchess’s Baby. 


Carroll comments in the booklet on Letter Writing: ‘This picture of Alice is an entirely new combination as it does not occur in the book.


When the enclosure is suddenly pulled out the Baby has turned into a Pig! If that doesn’t surprise you,


why, I suppose you wouldn’t be surprised if your own Mother-in-Law suddenly turned into a Gyroscope!’ 


He goes on to write ‘the Case is not intended to carry about in your pocket.


People seldom want any other stamps than Penny-Stamps for letters, Sixpenny Stamps for telegrams and


a bit of stamp-edging for cut fingers – it makes capital sticking plaster and will stand three or four washings, cautiously conducted’.


On the reverse of the case is a coloured picture of the smiling Cheshire cat sat in a tree.


The enclosure when opened out has pockets, that according to Lewis Carroll, can hold six stamps each comfortably, with the denominations from 1/2d to a 1/-. 


With the exception of the 1d pocket, which was for the 1d lilac, the other pockets would have taken the then current Jubilee Issue values. 


Carroll further writes in the booklet: ‘What made me invent it was constantly wanting stamps of other values, than the 1d, for foreign letters, Parcel Posts etc.


Since I have possessed a ‘Wonderland Stamp Case’, life has been bright and peaceful'.


I believe the Queen’s (Victoria) laundress uses no other.  According to my experience, the 5d, 9d and 1s stamps are hardly ever wanted’.  


The condition of the Stamp Case and the enclosure with the stamp pockets and the Booklet on Letter Writing is excellent .


As said, the brown envelope did its job protecting them and despite its faults is a very rare survivor: this is the only one we have seen.


It is interesting to reflect that Lewis Carroll would have kept his Jubilee Issue stamps in such a Stamp Case. 


I do not know if his Stamp Case survived and was amongst his belongings now in various museums.


A fascinating and rare item especially in such complete and fine condition with the brown envelope 


and one that  would make an interesting and memorable Display.


Price: £375.00


NB: the browning on the Letter Writing Booklet is an effect of the scanner and is not present.

One wonders if his comment about a Mother-in-Law is a personal one!??



First Type of printed Registered Envelope: serif lettering and first date of printing






Very fine example of the First Type of printed Registered Envelope: the rarer type with serif lettering. 


The franking is a pair of 1d plate 176 and a 1/2d Plate13 and  


each stamp has a neatly struck dumb cancellation. 


On the front is a fine Registered W.C.W.D. for February 6th 1878: this envelope was issued on January 1st 1878. 


The envelope was sent from London to Germany and on the front is a German Registered label. 


On the reverse is a printing date for this envelope: 23rd November 1877


which was the FIRST DAY of printing for this first type of registered envelope. 


A rare and superb item.   


Price £125.00



Printed Registered Envelope: a rare usage of SG167






Very fine printed Registered Envelope from London to Ipswich. 


The franking is unusually a three halfpenny, SG 167, fine, tied by a very fine Mark Lane B.O.E.C.


for February 11th 1881 with another quality strike clear of the stamp. 


On the reverse is an Ipswich cds for the following day.


The printing date for this envelope is 12th August 1880: the ‘Glorious 12th’. 


This is a rare usage of SG167 on a printed registered envelope sent within the UK and the first we have seen. 


Gibbons prices SG167 on an ordinary cover at £160. 


A very fine and rare item.  


Price: £110.00  




The brown marks around the Mark Lane date stamps are very much less than the scan suggests


and do not affect the stamp. 


The reverse side is much cleaner than in the scan.





Dundee Registered to Aachen






A fine twopence halfpenny stationery envelope from DUNDEE to Aachen.


Registered to Germany, the additional postage paid by a fine 2d ‘Jubilee’, SG200,


and tied by a fine, and scarce, Dundee Registered oval for December 18th 1893.


There is also a London Registered scroll in red for December 19th.


This mark is also neatly struck on the reverse and a superb Aachen receiving date stamp, December 21st 1893. 


A very attractive item with none of the cancellations overlapping. 


Price: £48.00  SOLD

NB: the 2d is in finer condition than the scan as is the envelope.





Rgistered envelope to Switzerland






A very fine registered envelope from BRADFORD, Yorks, to Switzerland, September 14th 1892. 


The twopence halfpenny postage and 2d registration fee paid by a


very fine right side marginal ‘Jubilee’, 2d SG200 and a fine twopence halfpenny SG201. 


The stamps placed Contrary to Post Office Regulations at the top left, missed the Bradford Registered oval cancellation


and were subsequently cancelled, and tied by the ‘R’ in black, with a second off the stamps. 


This is the first registered item we have been able to offer cancelled in this way.


A very scarce and attractive item: a very fine display item. 


Price: £55.00



The Royal Route: a David MacBrayne envelope






A roughly opened envelope posted in Oban, August 28th 1901, to Melbourne, Australia:


received in Melbourne on September 30th 1901.


The postage paid by a two single 1d lilacs Die 2 and a 1/2d SG213.


The contents, not present, would more than likely have been written


on the Royal Mail paddle steamer ‘Columba’, using the illustrated envelope available on board. 


The steamer carried mail on ‘The Royal Route’.  


All 'Columba's' distinguished career was on the Tarbert and Ardrishaig route.


It was used by the cream of Victorian and Edwardian society


as part of the "Royal Route" to shoots and lodges in the Highlands.


It called at a number of locations including Oban.


This ship was possibly the most majestic paddle steamer of all time. 


Over 300 feet in length, she had a curved bow and was magnificently fitted out. 


'Columba' even had a barbers on board and this was unique in Clyde steamer history.


After fifty eight summers, she was sold to shipbreakers, Arnott & Young, and was scrapped at Dalmuir in March 1936. 


Despite the faults it is a rare survivor and only the second example we have handled.


It is also the only one we have seen, or been able to offer, sent to Australia.


A rare item which would make a very interesting display.  


Price: £95.00  SOLD

NB: there is a picture of 'Columba' on the internet and more information about the Royal Route.




Advertising Envelope to America






152722.  6d SG104, Plate 6, ‘BD’:


Overall a fine used example with a small nick on the wing margin and a London Western District duplex for June 15th 1868.


Tied to a fine/very fine printed Advertising Envelope for the Waverley Temperance Hotels in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.  


Addressed to Pottsville, Pennsylvania, Schuylkill (County) and with a New York receiving date stamp on the front. 


There are no postal markings on the reverse. 


This item would have been carried on the ‘City of London’ Packet of the Inman Line


which left Liverpool for New York on June 17th 1868. 


6d SG104 is priced on cover by Gibbons at £250.


This is a very scarce example, and early usage, of this envelope and is rare sent to America. 


A superb and attractive item which would display well with further information available on the internet about these Hotels. 


Price:  £190.00 


NB: The line engraved view of Pottsville in 1854 is on the internet.




Letter with envelope and Palmerston signature


Evelyn Ashley


A stampless envelope, with original letter, sent from London to Edinburgh.

 On the front is an Official Paid London cds in red for July 9th 1860.   

On the reverse is an Edinburgh TPO, Wilson Figure 682 with code ‘Z’, for July 10th 1860.

On the reverse is a missing seal: clearly collected separately for obvious reasons. 

The letter is from 10 DOWNING STREET, dated July 9th 1860.

The letter was written, on the instructions of LORD PALMERSTON the Prime Minister,

by Evelyn Ashley his Private Secretary. 

On the bottom left corner of the envelope is the signature of Palmerston. 

Comparing this signature with others on the internet it is his signature.

However, as in the scan of the letter, his Private Secretary has written ‘Palmerston’ in a manner very similar

to that on the envelope and very similar to the several examples on the internet .

One wonders if on occasion his PPS, to save the PM’s time, signed on his behalf.  

A rare item, especially with both the envelope and the letter: it would make a fine display page

 and could be enhanced by the wealth of information about Evelyn Ashley available on the internet. 

Price: £120.00


The image of Evelyn Ashley, from the internet, was taken after his tour of America in 1858-9: more details on the internet.  

He later wrote a biography of Palmerston.  

We have not been able to trace any other examples of letters written by Ashley.


Rare cancellations and usage


A fine printed Return for the ancient Parish of  Cavilli cum Patrington

asking for a ‘True List of all Lunatics and dangerous Idiots within the Parish and its Precincts’;

the Return, sent to Beverley,  shows ‘NONE’.

 On the front is a superb strike of ‘PAID at HOWDEN’ in red, County Cat. YK 1437. 

This is a very scarce/rare strike.

On the reverse top flap is a very fine Howden date stamp for September 1st 1840

which displays well when raised.

A rare item very fine condition. 

Price: £85.00 SOLD



Very rare usage of the UPU Postcard


The one penny farthing UPU Foreign Post Card. 

It has  a couple of small peripheral faults and a small surface defect.

 Overall it is  fine/very fine and in clean condition.  

The message on the back is dated July 3rd 1875 and it was sent from INVERKEITHING to Bruges, Belgium.

It is cancelled by an Inverkeithing cds for JULY 4th 1875 and a transit cds for July 5th 1875. 

This card was issued on JULY 1st 1875 and priced in the latest Booth Catalogue of First Day Covers

at £2,600 for the Day of Issue. 

The example offered here at July 4th 1875 is the Earliest Known Date we can find used in Scotland.

July 4th 1875 is a SUNDAY usage: the first Sunday after it was issued.

Sunday dates are generally rare in Scotland. 

An extremely rare/unique combination of features. 

Price: £295.00


The relief of Ladysmith.


Halfpenny brown postcard from LONDON to Esher, March 2nd 1900. 

On the reverse is the date March 1st  (1900).

The sender gives a glimpse of the excitement  felt in London on

 hearing the historic news of the relief of Ladysmith in the Boer War.

‘All London is illuminating: father saw the crowd pick up a soldier and carry him!

The streets are full of processions and the houses are much decorated’.

A rare card posted on the official date of the relief of Ladysmith.

A superb display item that would benefit in a write up from a transcription

and enhancement using, included with this item,

an internet print out describing in detail the celebrations. 


Price: £48.00 SOLD  

NB: the card is in a finer condition than the scan suggests.




1d pink envelope, with a very fine Maltese Cross: the apparent overall browning is a trick of the scanner. 

The envelope is white and the yellowing inside and around the cross is not present. 

It was sent from WEYMOUTH to Blandford and has a Weymouth Cross

and a date stamp on the reverse for February 18th 1844. 

Rockoff and Jackson record and illustrate only three examples of the Weymouth Cross in Volume 2.

One is on a 1d black and two are on 1d reds: none are on a 1d pink envelope.

The latest date they record is 16th December 1842.

The example offered here more than a year later.

The Weymouth Cross is rarely seen and that may be because in 1841 it had a population of only 2,669. 

A very fine and rare item. 

Price:  £150.00

NB: the strike of the cross is especially fine being on a stationery envelope.


Dublin Special Cross with constant break


A very fine/fine 1d pink stationery envelope from DUBLIN to Liverpool, November 2nd 1843.

Cancelled by a superb Dublin Special  Cross with the constant break in the outer arm of the cross.

Rockoff and Jackson illustrate in Volume 1, only five examples and none are on a stationery envelope.

Of the five they show, three are on 1d red covers and two are on 1d reds which are off cover.

A superb example of this rare variety and the

only example we have seen on a stationery envelope.  

Price: £175.00

NB: the break can be seen in the bottom outer arm of the cross.


Leamington Cross


A fine 1d pink stationery envelope from LEAMINGTON to Wolverhampton. 

Cancelled by a very fine Leamington Cross with a date stamp alongside for December 28th 1842. 

On the reverse is an incomplete Wolverhampton date stamp.

Danzig notes that this cross is normally incomplete and underinked.

The quality of this strike is very fine/superb especially on an embossed envelope.

Rockoff and Jackson record only a small number of examples on a 1d pink envelope. 

Gibbons prices this cross on a 1d red cover at £800. 

A rare example especially so fine. 

Price: £285.00




The small size 1d pink envelope from ROMSEY to Devizes,  Romsey date stamp on reverse

for February 7th 184  and cancelled by a ROMSEY Cross. 

Rockoff and Jackson, Volume 2, list and illustrate only three examples of this cross,

all on 1d red covers between September and October 1841.  

The three examples show some degree of a double-lined cross. 

The example here does not which may be a result of it being struck on a 1d embossed

which usually produces a less defined MX. 

However, Rockoff and Jackson note that some offices, at least occasionally,

produced the double-lined effect : this too is our experience.

So by February 1842, the double-lined effect may well have ceased at Romsey.  

An interesting and rare item from this location. 

Price: £48.00

NB: the browning on the envelope is not as pronounced as the scan suggests.


A halfpenny brown postcard with much redirection!


1/2d brown postcard sent from BRENTWOOD to London, January 16th 1880. 

Various attempts were made to locate the address and the final attempt

was thwarted by the fact that, as written on the front: 'House Pulled Down'.

An interesting reverse to the card which may repay research: Warley Common date stamp.

This location came under the Brentwood Post Office area. 

Would make an interesting display item. 

Price: £38.50


Number 8 in Cross and WINDSOR Skeleton/Temporary Handstamp


1d pink embossed envelope, very fine, cancelled by a fine upright strike of the Number 8 in Cross,

with a Lombard Street date stamp for March 12th 1844. 

The envelope is to an addressee at Eton and contains the original four-page letter. 

On the reverse is a superb strike in black of the very scarce

WINDSOR Temporary Handstamp, with serifs, County Catalogue BR 516, for March 13th 1844.

The misalignment of its composition can be clearly seen.

Recorded in use to 1844 so this example in the last year of usage.

This item is offered as a pair with:

A fine 1d pink embossed envelope with the '682' of  St. LEONARDS on SEA to Windsor Castle. 

On the reverse is a St Leonards-on-Sea date stamp in blue for January 4th 1850 and a

WINDSOR Skeleton/Temporary Handstamp, County Catalogue BR516, sans serifs, for

SUNDAY January 6th 1850 in Blue: the last year of usage.

The composition can be seen to be symetrically aligned unlike the seriffed variety.

An attractive and rare pairing showing the different types and colour of this Temporary Handstamp

and both with the last year of usage.

The pair would make a fine display page.

Price: £285.00

NB: Gibbons prices the Number 8 in Cross on cover at £450

and it is scarcer on a 1d pink envelope.


Superb embossing on Valentine envelope


1d 1d Plate 89, fine pair, on a Valentine envelope with superb embossing.

Stamps tied by a HARROGATE duplex for February 13th 1865.

On the reverse, top flap roughly opened but not affecting the embossed front,

is a London cds for February 14th 1865.

At the bottom is a very small central tear and a small area of creasing bottom right.

A very scarce 2d franking on this size of envelope and

it has the best embossing we have seen on a Valentine envelope.

A very attractive and rare item: Exhibition quality.

Price: £110.00


Halfpenny Newspaper Wrapper: Edinburgh Dotted Circle Type A11


Very fine/superb Halfpenny Green printed Newpaper Wrapper to Leuchard, Cupar, Fife

tied by a fine strike of the Edinburgh Type A11 dotted circle. 

On the reverse is a fine strike of a LEUCHARS undated circle: we have not previously seen this cancellation. 

Although covering an earlier period, no reference to any recorded cancellations of Leuchars is made by Auckland.

On the front of the wrapper are printed details of the sender a Adam T Pringle

and there is a listed reference to him on the internet. 

Arundel notes that only TWO examples of Type 11 dotted circle have been recorded

on Halfpenny postal stationery newspaper wrappers.

A superb and rare item which displays well.

Price: £87.50  SOLD


NB: The apparent browning on the edges of the wrapper is NOT present; it is a trick of the scanner.

This is the first example of this wrapper we have been able offer with a Dotted Circle cancellation.


1d Plate 134: Edinburgh Type A11



1d Plate 134 tied to a clean printed envelope to Linlithgow by the Edinburgh Type A11 dotted circle for August 15th 1878.

Type A11 is common but the envelope was sent from the County Constabulary Office, Edinburgh,

initialled bottom left corner, and with printed at the top 'On Police Service'. 

On the reverse is a very fine embossed/imprinted 'County Constabulary Edinburgh'

with a shield surrounded by a lion and a unicorn.

The scan does not do justice to the quality and clarity of the embossing.

The envelope has a very small filing? pin hole below the stamp and the stamp too

has a very small pin hole on a bottom bar below the '131'. 

We have not seen previously a dotted circle cancellation used on any Official Police Envelope.

The code combination of 12Y is unrecorded by Arundel.

An attractive and very scarce item.

Price:  £58.50


Oxford Error of Duplex: SUNDAY usage


1d pink embossed stationery envelope to Ipswich and cancelled by a

superb Oxford '613'error of duplex, flat topped '3' variety.

The correct number should have been '603' and not the '613' assigned to Petersfield in Hants.

On the reverse is a partial strike of the Ipswich Sorting Tender with no index letter, Wilson fig. 520.

The envelope has been roughly opened and a part of the top reverse flap is missing.

However, the duplex date of July 27th 1873 is a rare SUNDAY usage

and is the only Sunday example we have seen for this duplex error.

We have seen few examples of this error on embossed envelopes and

it is hard to see how a better strike could be found.

 An attractive and rare item item that displays well. 

Price:  £75.00

NB: Other examples of the Oxford duplex error can be found in

the '1d reds Line Engraved' and 'Surface Printed'  Sections.


Medical invoice re birth of a child and with scarce 1/2d surcharge


Medical invoice sent within London, Ontario, March 6th 1857: the London date stamp has the '6' inverted. 

The invoice isfrom a doctor, Andrew McKenzie MD, setting out charges for visits,

medication and assistance with the birth of a child on

June 25th, 26th and 27th and on June 28th, 29th and 30th 1856: a total of £1-13-9. 

On the front is a very fine strike of a surcharge '1/2': this was the charge for a dropletter

 ie a letter posted in the same place in which it was to be delivered.

A superb item that gives a glimpse of social life at that time and with a very scarce surcharge variety. 

It would make a fascinating display page.

Price: £63.00

NB: the condition of the item is finer and cleaner than in the scan;

there is NO browning on the front or along the edges.



Various LATE USAGES on 1911 Piece


 August 4th 1911: piece with various QV stamps and a cut out tied by Anerley Road - Crystal Palace cds’s for this date.  


The stamps are: the bantam 1/2d Plate 19, issued  1878: 1/2d SG164 and 1d SG166 both issued 1880;  


1/2d SG187 issued 1884 and a 3d rose cut out from an embossed envelope.  


All were legal tender at that time except the 1d SG166 and the 1/2d plate 19.  


When this item was posted in the Crystal Palace area, The Festival of Empire Imperial Exhibition

was being held at Crystal Palace – May 12th to October 27th 1911. 


Perhaps the person posting it expected the item to be cancelled with the Flag Duplex! 


A remarkable and rare usage of QV stamps between 27 and 33 years after they were issued.   


Price:  £85.00



W H Smith Advertising Rings:  very rare cancellation


152367.  Large front from W H Smith & Son, 186 Strand, London to Havre, France. 

The one penny pink embossed advertising ring has a dater printing die for 25 - 3 - 69 which is

an UNRECORDED 1869 date by Arundel with only two other 1869 dates noted by him: 15 - 1 - 69 and 2 - 2 - 69. 

The ring is cancelled by a fine/very fine ' TO6' which Parmenter notes was used in the Foreign Branch:

this cancellation has a rarity grade of 'H' ie 'Very few exist'.

Offered with the 1d pink example is a 2d blue embossed Adverising Ring, printing die date of 27 - 5 - 65. 

Arundel records this date and only three earlier printing dates  including only one other for 1865, 18 - 02 - 65. 

The latest dated die is 31 - 7 - 88. 

The example offered here is cancelled also by the 'T06' and hence making a very rare pairing - possibly unique. 

Price:  £90.00 

NB: the age marks are less pronounced than in the scan.

We have NOT previously seen a 'TO' cancellation on either of these Adverising Rings.


TEN 1/2d postcard cut outs: 1909 usage



Piece with TEN 1/2d purple cut outs from a postcard. 

Each cancelled, and three tied to the piece, by a FARNWORTH BOLTON

date stamp for April 23rd 1909 and hence a late usage. 

The date stamps show an early time: 5:45am. 

An unusual item. 

Price: £37.00  


NB: the brown marks along the top of the cut outs is a trick of the scanner

and the brown marks at the right are far fainter than the scan suggests.


LIMERICK Cross: very rare usage on a Stationery Envelope.



A fine/very fine 1d pink stationery envelope from LIMERICK to Woodbrook,


cancelled by a fine strike of the Limerick cross with a superb Limerick date stamp for March 26th 1844 on reverse. 


In 'The Maltese Cross Cancellations of GB and Ireland', Volume 1 page 157,


the examples listed do NOT include one used on a stationery envelope and only one example, on a 1d red, is recorded for 1844. 


Gibbons in the latest Edition, 2011, of QV Volume 1, prices this rare cross on a 1d red cover at £1,900. 


Usage on a stationery envelope is significantly rarer. 


An Exhibition item.


Price: £475.00


NB: we cannot recall seeing previously this cross used on a stationery envelope.




152271.  1d, 'HI', 3-margined, filing crease: Registered Letter from Leeds to Pontefract, Yorkshire, November 18th 1848:

a Pontefract receiving date stamp on the reverse for the following day.

The registration fee was reduced from 1/- to 6d in March 1848:

on the front is a m/s '6' in red paying the newly introduced registration fee. 

The letter refers to enclosing FOUR Banknotes with a total value of THIRTY POUNDS

confirming that this was a registered Money Letter.

A very scarce and attractive item which displays well. 

Price:  £110.00 

NB: £30 was a considerable sum in 1848!! 



Glasgow - Carlisle SORTING TENDER


152140.  A small collection of the GLASGOW CARLISLE SORTING TENDER duplex used on very fine postcards.

The FIRST: June 10th 1872 on the first type of 1/2d postcard. This is Figure 730 in the Railway Philatelic Group (RPG) publication.

It is the first type of 'UP' cancellation.  From January 1st 1872 numbers 1 and 2 were used on alternate nights.

A very scarce cancellation and especially so with such a fine strike.

The SECOND: August 29th 1879 on a 1/2d UPU postcard, Figure 731 in the RPG Publication. 

An example from the second series of the 'UP' duplex.

The THIRD: December 8th 1890 on a UPU postcard with '& Ireland' added, Figure 738 in the RPG Publication.

This is a rare/very rare cancellation and appears to have been infrequently used.  The bars in the duplex appear to be  breaking up.

An attractive grouping that would display well.

Price:  £135.00  SOLD

NB: the reverse side of each postcard has either a printed or hand written message.




15119.  1897: Privately printed advertising envelope by D MALLOCH,

'Fishing Tackle Maker and Bird Stuffer’ of Perth depicting various exhibition medals won

for their Fishing Reels and Flies.

SG197 1/2d vermilion, tied by Perth cds for December 14th 1897.  

Some age browning at the right edge though much fainter than the scan suggests. 

Only the second example we have seen of this attractive envelope – the last was in 2004!  

Price: £145.00

Wrapper with a rare illustrated Advert.

15120.  Half Penny brown wrapper for newspapers and other printed circulars,

London to Paris, with NPB cancellation in very fine condition. 

Superb printed advert on the front for the

‘Instantaneous Heating – Gas Engine Tube’ from the Tube Co,

100 Queen Victoria St, London E C. 

A very rare advert. 

Price:  £110.00


1/2d Postcard with Adverts 1876


152141. 1/2d postacard from PETERBOROUGH, October 12th 1876,

with a very interesting range of adverts from Wilson's Chemists in Peterborough.

Vertical crease but not as pronounced on the reverse so displays well. 

Price: £29.50 SOLD



Late usage of 1d imperf on a Registered Envelope

152126.  Printed buff Registered Envelope from London to BEDALE. 

An additional insurance compensation fee of 1d, cover up to £10,

was paid by a 1d red imperf, alphabet 1, not full margined, but a rare usage.

Cancelled by an indistinct Bishopgate St Without EC cds: the month of May is visible but not the year. 

However, this type of Stationery Envelope, RP22, was issued in 1898. 

The 1d red was placed across the flap as added security for the contents. 

An extremely late usage of this 1d red and the latest we have seen on a registered envelope.

A rare item.

Price:  £148.00  SOLD


Third Type of Printed Registered Envelope: G Size from Early Printings




Please note: although there are age spots on the peripheries, they are much much fainter than the scans and

there are NO age spots on the scallopped flaps. The reverse side also is much finer than the scan.


The very scarce G size printed Registered Envelope sent from Liverpool to Berlin, August 10th 1878. 

Franked with a 3d SG144 Plate 19 and a 2d SG47 Plate 15, 'AI' and tied by the '466' of Liverpool.

The printing dates were only between 5-3-78 and 18-3-78: this envelope from the second day of printing, 6-3-78.

The G size is much scarcer than the F size envelope which was printed between 6-2-78 and 13-3-78. 

Both stamps are perfinned B B &Co with the first B reversed.

On the front of the envelope, bottom left, is the name of the sender: BLESSIG BRAUN & Co hence the perfinned lettering.

HOWEVER, B B & Co is the perfin of Baker, Baker & Co of Bristol hence Blessig Braun & Co have a reversed first B in the perfin

to differentiate their name from Baker, Baker & Co. 

An attractive rare combination of features with an interesting and perfin: 

it which would make an interesting display item.  

Price: £75.00


NB: We believe the identity of this perfin has not previously been confirmed.

The 2d blue stamp allows the perfin to be superbly visible



G Size Envelope : very scarce franking




A 'G' size printed Registered Envelope from Manchester to Salonica, May 29th 1884; part of the rear flap is missing. 

Franked by a 5d indigo, SG169, some light creasing at the right, and a twopence halfpenny, SG190. 

Both are tied by a fine strike of the Manchester '498' in a scarcer BLUE ink and with a very fine

Manchester Registered upright date stamp on the front.  There are no date markings on the reverse. 

We have seldom seen this 5d on a registered envelope which is priced by Gibbons at £325 on a non-registered cover.

A scarce and attractive item.

Price:  £75.00

NB: the condition of the envelope is finer than the scanned image



Advertising Poster for Auction of Land in SHAP

152112.  1d plate 85 tied by a double strike '606' of PENRITH to a printed poster sent to a Lt Colonel Salmond in Alfreton,

with a receiving cds for April 26th 1865 on the reverse. 

The poster, approx 42cm by 34cm, is in excellent condition. Printed in black, it is advertising the auction sale of valuable lands at SHAP.

Sale to be held at The Greyhound Inn, Shap on Friday April 28th 1865.

Two valuable Closes of Grass Land situated near The Kings Arms Inn, Shap.  The Auctioneer was a Mr John Jackson, Penrith.

Superb item in excellent condition: a rare survivor. 

Price: £67.50

NB: on the internet are uptodate pictures of the two Inns mentioned.



Matched Pair of Embossed Valentine Envelopes

152093.  Two fine/very fine identical envelopes, with delicate embossing, posted the day before Valentine's Day February 13th 1868,

to the same addressee in THORNER near LEEDS from Newcastle upon Tyne. 

From the time code, it would appear they were posted at the same time. 

The handwriting appears to be different but the top envelope has a fine 1d red 'BG' plate 86 and the other a fine 1d plate 86 'AG'. 

The top envelope has a part of the rear flap missing. 

Intriguing to ask the question why the same sender would try and disguise their handwriting? 

 Both are addressed to three young ladies! 

On the reverse of each is a Leeds receiving cds for February 14th 1868,

applied in almost the same place on the envelope and with the same codes. 

A remarkable and attractive pair of items which would make an interesting and memorable display page

which might well stimulate a conversation.


Price the pair: £130.00


NB: the house, Thorner Lodge, can be seen on the internet.

Both envelopes are finer than in the scan.



QV UPU card: invalid usage




1d UPU card sent from ALFRETON Derby to Shrewsbury and cancelled by an Alfreton machine for August 31st 1963. 

No postal markings on reverse but an interesting dated message for August 30th 1963

with what appears to be the initials of the sender or the recipient. 

This postcard was demonitised in 1915 and should have been surcharged but it was not. 

This is the LATEST invalid usage of any Victorian stamps or postcards,

which got through the system without a surcharge, that we have seen. 

A rare item which would display well.


Price: £58.50  SOLD


SG141 Plate 9 on printed embossed envelope from Ireland to USA




SG141 two pence hafpenny Plate 9: from LETTERKENNY to the USA. 

Stamp tied by a superb '302' of Letterkenny but the date portion of the duplex unclear.

A very considerate sub postmaster/mistress may have deliberately lightly impressed

this portion of the duplex to avoid spoiling the embossed design on the envelope.

A date of '26' is visible and as it was received in New York on January 6th,

 the letter was more than likely sent on December 26th.

The front of this delicately and attractively embossed/embroidered envelope

is in a remarkable condition except for a very small portion of the top right flower. 

A very rare, and superb example, and especially so emanating from Ireland.

Exhibition quality.

Price:  £135.00  RESERVED

NB: SG141 plate 9 was put to press on September 14th 1877.

Envelope in cleaner condition than the scan suggests.



1900 Souvenir Postcards of Queen Victoria

151904.  Two very fine Tuck postcards, both no.382: one mint and the other a very scarce used example to Malden, USA. 

The 1d lilac unfranked - perhaps the post office official left the Queen untouched in view of the card's significance. 

The photographer's names are in the oval with the Queen's image:

the mint card photo is by Gunn and Stuart and the used card photo by W and D Donney. 

More photos of Queen VIctoria by these photographers are available on the internet. 

A very scarce and attractive pair.

Price: £48.00  SOLD

NB: the brown marks on the used card are a lot fainter than in the scan.


British Protectorate OIL RIVERS




UPU 1d carmine post card overprinted British Protectorate OIL RIVERS. 

Addressed to Fairfield, Nr Liverpool England and cancelled by a fine cds for

OLD CALABAR RIVER for October 23rd 1893. 

Some age spots and no message or other postal markings on reverse.   


Price:  £55.00  SOLD

NB: the age spots are not as dark as the scan suggests.


1841 1d and 2d SPECIMENS




1841 1d unfolded envelope and and 2d folded envelope both overprinted SPECIMEN in red. 

The 1d is very fine and the 2d generally fine but with some light creasing.

 Prepared for circulation with the Post Office Notice describing their introduction.

Very scarce as a pair. 


Price: £140.00


Number in Cross on 1d Stationery Envelope

151256. 1d pink envelope from London to Warwick, June 16th 1843:

uncreased and cancelled by a fine/very fine sideways Number 1 in Cross.

Rockoff, Volume 3, records four 1d pink envelopes with this cross

but the one offered here is not listed. 

A 1d red cover is priced by Gibbons at £550.00. 

Scarce item. 

Price: £90.00


Rare usage of No.4 in Cross on 1d Envelope




1d pink envelope London to Glasgow: neatly cancelled by a fine/very fine Number 4 in Cross.

London cds for March 29th 1843 and a Glasgow boxed receiver for March 31st.

The EKD for this cross on a 1d red cover is March 21st 1843 and

the earliest recorded by Rockoff, Volume 3, on a 1d pink envelope is April 24th 1843. 

This example used on March 29th 1843 is the earliest known usage on an embossed envelope.

Gibbons prices a 1d red cover with this number in cross at £1,600.

The Number 4 in Cross on a 1d pink is considerably rarer and especially so with this quality of strike. 


Price: £385.00


NB: the item is in better condition than the scans suggest.


LIMERICK Distinctive Cross.

15203.   1d pink envelope, some light creasing, from Limerick to Kingstown, May 29th 1844

and  cancelled by a fine characteristic LIMERICK CROSS. 

Rockoff Volume 1 has NO record of this cross on a 1d pink envelope and this

example is close to the latest recorded usage of this distinctive cross. 

Priced by Gibbons in the latest

QV Specialised Catalogue at £1,500 on a 1d red on cover

and is clearly much scarcer on a 1d pink envelope.  

Price:  £485.00

NB: envelope in better condition than the scan suggests.



KELSO Distinctive Cross.



Fine 1d pink envelope from Kelso to Edinburgh, December 30th 1842. 


Cancelled by a fine strike, with usual partial debris-filling, of the characteristic KELSO CROSS. 


Rockoff records only ONE OTHER 1d pink envelope with this cross and that for November 8th 1842. 


Priced by Gibbons in the latest  QV Volume 1 at £3,250 on a 1d red on cover. 


Rare item.  


Price: £425.00


LEAMINGTON Distictive Cross 

15117.  1841 1d pink envelope:

 to Audlem Cheshire, April 29th 1841, LEAMINGTON characteristic cross. 

Rarely found on cover other than with the 1d red and priced by Gibbons

in the latest QV Volume 1, at £600 on cover with a 1d red. 

Overall fine condition and a fine strike of this cross. 


Rockoff and Jackson record only a small number of a 1d pink with this cross.


Price:  £170.00


NB: envelope in a finer condition than the scan suggests.


DUBLIN Distinctive Cross

15118.  1843 1d pink envelope:

 cancelled by a superb characteristic Dublin cross, October 16th 1843,

and rarely found so fine on a stationery envelope. 

The envelope was then written across referring to the return of books

 and enclosed with the books. 

Very unusual and economical with paper! 

Price: £55.00


Nine QV 1/2d cut outs on registered envelope



Registered envelope from London to Chemnitz, Germany, July 12th 1906. 


The 2d registration fee and the twopence halfpenny postage


paid by NINE QV 1/2d cut outs from stationery envelopes. 


Remarkable and rare franking and possibly a unique usage. 


The green of the cut outs is deeper than in the scans. 


An attractive envelope which would make an interesting display item.


Price:  £68.50


W H Smith and Son: Pre-cancellation


151782. Halfpenny brown wrapper, pre-cancelled by the rare type illustrated in Alcock and Holland. 

The 'S' in diamond can be seen and the number 11: the date is for September 1884.

Addressed to 'Ward Room Officers, HMS Neptune, Queenstown': there are no postal markings on the reverse.

Designed originally for the Brazilian Navy in 1872 as a Unique Battleship Class and Type,

she was purchased by the British Government in 1878 at the time of the Russian war scare.

In 1884, she had been assigned to the English Channel Control so why was she in Queenstown - for repairs? 


A rare cancellation and the first we have been able to offer.


Price:  £125.00 


NB: the wrapper in better condition than in the scan.



Penny Letter Card: second day of usage

151750.  1d Letter Card pale carmine printed on pastel blue card:

superb complete example, no message inside, sent from London to Antwerp.

The two pence halfpenny postage made up with a 1d lilac and a Jubilee 1/2d SG197. 

All cancelled by very fine London E C scrolls for FEBRUARY 12th 1892 - the SECOND DAY after issue.

First Day of Issue examples sell for up to £2,000. 

Booths Catalogue, 2017 Edition, prices a FDI at  £2,150. 

A rare and attractive item especially so in such superb, and complete, condition.    


Price: £275.00  SOLD


NB. The scan does not show the pastel blue colour at all well.


UPU Postcard: second day of usage


151751.  UPU postcard, 1d red printed on thin buff card, sent from Hampstead N W to Brussels.

 Dated on the reverse April 2nd 1892 and cancelled by a very fine Hampstead N W duplex for this same date:

the SECOND DAY after issue.


Booth, FDC Catalogue, 2017 Edition, prices the First Day of Issue at £2,000. 

Rarely is a FDI example on the market and we have seen such examples sell for well in excess of £1,000. 

Some peripheral faults but an interesting first sentence of the message. 


A rare early usage. 


Price:  £185.00


British Empire 3d Postcard used

151741.   Very fine 3d British Empire postcard,

condition better than the scan, sent from London to Germany. 

Cancelled by a Hoster machine for January 14th 1891. 

This card used within the period of its issue,

October 1889 - September 1891 for usage to Australia. 

 Scarce usage to a European destination and with this cancellation. 

Price:  £95.00



1841 2d Blue Envelope: rare Liverpool 1882 usage




1841 2d Blue uncreased embossed envelope with security silk threads:


used locally within Liverpool and cancelled by a superb squared circle for MAY 24th 1882. 


Some light overall toning of the envelope but much fainter than in the scanned images.  


The envelope was carefully opened by a slit at the reverse as seen in the scan. 


The latest provincial usage of this envelope we have seen


other than at the 1890  Penny Post Jubilee Exhibition.


A superb and very rare Exhibition item. 


Price: £575.00


Very rare late usage of 1841 2d Envelope


1841 2d blue embossed envelope with Dickenson blue threaded paper:

cancelled by a legible but lightly applied strike of the Penny Post Jubilee Exhibition cancellation held at

The South Kensington Museum on July 2nd 1890.  The envelope was addressed but not posted.

The only example we have seen of this 1841 envelope used in this way. 

A RARE item despite the light cancellation and in better condition than the scan suggests.

Price:  £85.00


The FIRST Postcard used on its DAYof ISSUE

151674.   1870 First issue of the halfpenny purple postcard;

and in the rarer LARGE FORMAT used locally in London

 on the DAY of ISSUE, October 1st 1870, and with a written message on the reverse which starts

 ‘Partly as a curiosity on the first day of their use I send one of the new postage cards’. 

Minor faults but very scarce when written with a message rather than having an advert.

In the latest Edition, 2017, of the Booth Catalogue of First Day Covers,

this Large Format, used on the Day of Issue, is priced at £1,000.

The browning is not as pronounced as the scan suggests.

A scarce item: the first large format on its Day of Issue

we have been able to offer for some considerable time.

 Price: £590.00  SOLD


3d Empire Card used to Australia


1891 3d British Empire Card. 

Fine example of this rarely used card to Australia sent from Windsor

February 4 1891; Adelaide receiving date stamp on front for March 10 1891. 

 An interesting address and message as detailed in the scans. 

A very rare item, as the writer identified, even in 1891.

This card is rarely found used to Australasia as the rates were reduced

relatively soon after its introduction and a new postcard replaced it. 

Price:  £395.00 


Valentine embossed envelope: 1854

151649.  1d red imperf, 'QJ', Plate 169:

3-margined example with a diagonal scratch to the plate in the NE corner. 

This has resulted in an unprinted area. 

The stamp is tied by the '798'  of THRAPSTONE, Northants. 

Sent to a Miss Beale in Cambridge, on Valentine's Day, February 14th 1854. 

On the reverse is a receiving cds for the day after Valentine's Day!! 

This might explain why the reverse of the envelope has some damage to it:

perhaps the recipient was very eager to get at the contents? 

A delightful fancy printed envelope with an embroidered and flowery design. 

Some peripheral faults but a rare example of a Valentine with a 1d red imperf.

 Rare also to find the 1d red displaying damage to the printing plate. 

An attractive and rare item. 

Price:  £195.00

NB: the reverse side is in better condition than the scan suggests




Two different 1d Fiscals on a Registered Envelope

151576.   2d embossed envelope: very fine and registered from London to Germany, April 17th 1893. 

The additional twopence halfpenny postage fee paid with a 1/2d SG197 and two different 1d fiscal stamps:

1d SG F19 (issued initially in 1868) and 1d SG F22 (issued initially in 1878) tied with Registered WCDO cds's.

 F19 priced by Gibbons on cover at £140 and F22 at £120 - priced in the latest, 2011, Edition of QV Volume 1. 

A rare usage of two different fiscal issues. 

An attractive and rare item.

Price:  £95.00


9d SG195 on cover




1/2d slate blue, SG187 and a fine 9d dull green, SG195:


used on a registered letter to Reichenbach, Saxony from Bradford, Yorkshire, August 11th 1885. 


There is a Reichenbach receiving cds on the reverse. 


The stamps are tied by dumb cancellatons.


The 9d, printed in highly fugitive ink, is very sensitive to moisture and light: the example here is in a fine green shade. 


When the 9d was first sold from August 1st 1883, there was no postal need for this stamp other than on some heavy parcels. 


It could be used postally and a small number of examples are known.


In his publication: 'Scarce Victorian Postage Stamps of Great Britain on Cover', Theo Brauers,

provides details and illustrations of only 8 examples, one of these is only a part front. 


Moreover, only one of these has the 9d and a 1/2d stamp - on a registered cover to the USA, a correct rate. 


The example offered here would appear to be underpaid as 10d was the rate to Saxony

for a letter weighing between 1.5 and 2 ounces with 2d registration fee: no surcharge markings so it got through! 


Some minor wrinkling to the NE corner and this item is unrecorded by Brauers.  


Gibbons prices the 9d on cover at £4,750 which reflects its rarity.


This is the first example we have been able to offer.  


Price: £1,490.00 SOLD


NB: the envelope is cleaner than the scanned image.


Unfortunately, the item is not addressed to Mr Sherlock Holmes!




4d SG153: variety 'large 5' in the plate number





Very fine Registered Envelope from Leith to Prussia, September 3rd 1879. 

Leith duplex on the reverse cancelling the embossed ' Registered Two Pence' die. 

The unusual franking is made up of a bantam 1/2d and a 4d SG153, Plate 15, lettered 'AA'. 


The very fine 4d sage green - superb colour - shows the listed variety, Spec J64d: Stamp 'AA', 'Large '5' in '15'.

The cancellation leaves both plate numbers almost totally clear.


This variety priced by Gibbons in the latest, 2011, Edition of QV Volume 1 at £800 on a stamp not on cover. 

The estimated Gibbons price on cover is £1,500 plus.


Although we have handled several of this variety, this is the ONLY example we have ever seen used on a cover. 


A very rare Exhibition quality item and likely to be a unique survivor with this variety on a registered envelope.


Price:  £850.00  RESERVED


NB: the browning around the stamps and on the front of the envelope is NOT present


and neither is it present on the reverse side: tricks of the scanner.



Unofficial Adverising Ring on full cover.




1d pink envelope with an UNOFFICIAL advertising ring for 'Publishers of the Permanent Stamp Album Brighton'

with a 1d lilac and a 'Jubilee' 1/2d vermilion tied by the Preston Rd. Brighton duplex, May 29th 1891.

The envelope was sent to Rotterdam with a Rotterdam receiving cds on the reverse for May 30th 1891. 

The envelope has been opened at the base not the top and has a small preipheral fault at the centre top. 

This adverising ring is illustrated by Arundel in 'Advertising Rings'.

His listing for this one is 36.2, 'the 1d pink envelope with an Orange Ring'.

It is priced at £75 for a cut out example and he comments that the price on cover for the scarcer ones,

of which this is one, is 4 to 10 times the cut out price.

 A rare item and one of the few Unofficial examples we have been able to offer on full cover. 

Price:  £320.00 


NB: the brown mark at the top is not as pronounced as in the scan.


Very late usage of QV stationery envelope

151550.  Twopence halfpenny Victorian stationery envelope:

very fine uncreased envelope addressed to Caversham. 

Cancelled by the Wokingham, BERKS machine for MAY 16th 1938. 

An illegal usage as this envelope was demonitized in 1915

but it appears to have got through the system. 

No postal markings on reverse. 

Very unusual and one of the latest used stationery envelopes we have seen. 

Price:  £48.50


A very rare TPO.




1d embossed envelope with 1/2d SG165:


cancelled by three strikes of the Bangor and Crewe From West TPO, Sp 13 1882. 


This cds is Fig 137,  but without code, illustrated in Wilson's TPO Part 1. 


He records only TWO known examples and in the Price Guide published


by the Railway Philatelic Group, this cancellation is priced 'above £250'. 


An interesting address too: more information on the internet re the Minton Tile Works. 


Very rare/unique item especially with multiple strikes. 


Price:  £220.00


NB: some damage to the top flap on opening.


The envelope is cleaner than the scan suggests.



F size: January 4th 1878.




Very fine First Issue of the 2d printed linen Registered Envelope by the Post Office:

released in 'F' and the larger 'G' sizes on January 1st 1878.

This 'F' size example was registered from Birmingham to Rotterdam with the postage rate paid by a 3d plate 9 SG 141. 

The 3d is tied by a heavy '75' of Birmingham but in BLUE ink and alongside is

a superb Birmingham Registered cds, in the same blue ink, for JANUARY 4th 1878.

Only one example is known used on the day of issue and that is also an 'F' size:

it was sold at auction 15 years ago for an inclusive figure of  almost £1,900.

 In 2004, we sold an 'F' size, used on January 3rd 1878, for £450. 

The postage fee in the January 1st and the January 3rd examples, was paid with a 1d plate number. 

The printing issue of this envelope, on the reverse side's 2d embossing, is 11-12-77.

The example offered here is the earliest known usage going to an overseas destination

and the earliest known used with a numeral cancellation in a colour other than black. 


Price: £435.00



the browning on the edges of the envelope both front and back is nowhere near as pronounced as the scan suggests.


Please note: this would make a unique pairing with Item 151505,


'G size Registered Envelope: Earliest Known Usage',


scroll down to view.



G size Registered Envelope: Earliest Known Usage.




Very fine First Issue of the 2d printed linen Registered Envelope by the Post Office:

released in 'F' and the larger 'G' sizes on January 1st 1878.

This 'G' size example was sent from London to Devonport on January 3rd 1878: clear Registered W.D.O. cds on the front. 

The larger G size is much scarcer than the smaller one.

Only one example is known used on the day of issue and that is an 'F' size - it was sold at auction

15 years ago for an inclusive figure of  almost £1,900: in 2004, we sold an 'F' size, used on January 3rd 1878, for £450. 

The 'G' size offered here, also used on January 3rd 1878, is believed to be

the Earliest Known Usage of this scarcer and lesser used envelope:

the 1d postage fee has been paid unusually by a pair of bantam 1/2d's plate 11. 

The postage fee in the January 1st and the January 3rd examples, was paid with a 1d plate number. 

The printing issue of this envelope, on the 2d embossing, is 18-12-77 and the

 London W/8 cancellation is rated very rare by Parmenter.  

A remarkable and an extremely rare item. 

Price:  £680.00 


NB: the few age marks are much fainter and less obvious than appears in the scan. 


Please note: this would make a unique pairing with Item 151395,


'F size Registered Envelope: Earliest Known Usage with a blue numeral',


scroll up to view.



First Day of usage: Edward 7th 1/2d and 1d on Victorian Envelope




KEV11, two 1/2d's and 1d used on a fine Registered item sent within London,

January 1st 1902 - the Day of Issue.

Used in combination with the 1/2d SG213 that was being replaced. 

Unusually a label issued to commemorate Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897 also attached. 

Attractive and scarce item. 


Price:  £275.00


1/2d ahd 1d blocks: Grimsby Day of Issue 


151629.  1/2d SG216 and 1d SG219:

both superb used blocks of 4, no gum, each with a GRIMSBY cds for

8pm, January 1st 1902, the DAY of ISSUE of both these values.

The 1/2d block shows the two left hand side stamps each with the split frame listed variety: Spec M1j. 

unpriced by Gibbons used but priced at £150 each in mounted mint condition. 

The only example of this split frame variety we have seen used on the Day of Issue. 

A superb and rare pair of blocks. 

Price: £270.00


1d used the Day Before the Official Date

151630.  1d SG219: superb used corner marginal example, no gum.

Cancelled by a SOUTH MOLTON squared circle date stamp for 6pm New Years Day,

December 31st 1901: the DAY BEFORE the official issue date for this stamp.

Scarce item.

Price:  £55.00


Late usages on Registered Envelope to Germany.





February 2nd 1891: 2d SG200 used with 1d red imperf, 1d plate 160 and 2d SG168

on One Penny embossed envelope, Registered to Germany. 

Small part of top flap removed but late usages

of SG8, SG 43 and SG168. 

Some faults but a rare example of a late usage of both line engraved and surface printed issues.

 Price: £185.00

NB: envelope in better condition than the scan.



5d SG207a: used on a Registered Wooden Box/Crate




5d SG207a (Die 2):


tied to part of a wooden case/box by a Registered Oval - date unclear.


Possibly a wine box!


Addressed to The Town Clerk, EXETER. 


Remarkable item of which we have never previously seen the like!! 


A talking point and worthy of being displayed. 


A unique item and the only such usage we have seen.


Price:  £76.50



Very early 6d Registration Fee

151496.  2d SG 14 Plate 3, very fine pair, 'SE-SF' with excellent margins

showing portions of three other stamps, and a single 'KB' just shave at bottom 'B' square:

tied to a neat, clean REGISTERED wrapper by the '436' of LANCASTER, m/s '6' in red. 

May 4th 1848 blue cds alongside the 2d's and a Kendal receving date stamp,

also in blue on the reverse for May 5th 1848.

The registration fee was reduced from a 1/- to 6d on March 1st 1848 and remained at that figure until 1862. 

This usage in one of the earliest examples known of this new registration fee

and the earliest we have seen with the fee paid in stamps. 

A superb, rare and attractive REGISTERED item of Exhibtion quality.





Schultze Gunpowder Advertising Envelope.




Advertising envelope to Stirling from London, 1d lilac, November 10th 1897.


Overall in fine condition.


Price: £47.50



Schultze Gunpowder Envelope in BLACK



Clean and uncreased envelope from London to Stirling, July 25th 1900:


very scarce printed envelope giving details of Pigeon Shooting statistics


and a World Record by the Noble Marquis.


Price:  £110.00 


NB: envelope is cleaner than appears in the scan.  


Diamond Jubilee Card.

151455.   Privately produced printed postcard Beechings Ltd, London:

celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria.

Superb condition with the printed images much crisper than the scan. 

Scarce item. 

Price:  £42.00  SOLD



1947 usage of an 1892 UPU Card


UPU 1d postcard issued in 1892:


used from Weybridge, West Byfleet, February 25th 1947. 


The message passes a comment about 'more heavy snow':


1947 saw some of the worst snow ever across the UK.


An extremely late usage as this card which was invalidated


by the Post Office for postal usage in 1915. 


No surcharge so it got through the system.  


Small corner crease top right.  


Very scarce/rare item.  


Price:  £50.00



Rare 5d Rate: London numerals on piece.


1d red and pair 2d Plate 4 SG14, 'EK-EL', 'EL' full margins, 'EK' 3 plus margins:

tied to piece by London '12' in diamond in oval of bars. 

All tied to a piece of a wrapper? posted under the Printed Matter scheme, introduced in February 1848  

by Rowland Hill to encourage the circulating libraries of the time.

The charge was 6d up to 16oz: this piece has printed on it 'Under 12 oz'.

Perhaps the sender calculated a pro rata cost would be 4d halfpenny for 12oz

but no halfpenny stamps had been issued at that time so they rounded it up to 5d? 

A rare and unusual usage which would repay further research. 

Price:  £275.00



DUBLIN distinctive Cross: rare type with break.




1843 1d pink embossed envelope, December 27 1843:

with very fine strike of the characteristic DUBLIN cross.

Seen clearly at the right is the BREAK in the outer cross.


Rockoff Volume 1 page 93, lists only five recorded examples of this constant variety

with NONE for usage on the 1d pink envelope.


SG spec B1tf and priced by Gibbons at £300 on a 1d red on cover


but much scarcer usage on embossed envelopes.

Price: £185.00 



Unusual usage of 1/2d Printed Matter Wrapper




1/2d green wrapper for printed matter or circulars etc:

originally addressed to INDIA from Edinburgh with

Edinburgh NPB cds's, 1/2d plate 10 and 1d plate 197.

Appears to have been reused to send a message re gloves!

A very scarce and unusual item.

Price:  £40.00



1d pink uprated with SG52 Plate 3 to Chicago.




1d pink envelope uprated with a fine SG52 Plate 3:

tied by DALMALLY duplex for September 13th 1878 and sent to Chicago, USA. 

On the reverse is a purple CHICAGO MAIL CARRIER cds for September 27th. 

A rare usage of this stamp on a 1d pink envelope. 

Price:  £125.00



Very Late Usage 1d SG40: 1890




Registered envelope from London to New York City, March 17th 1890 (St Patrick's Day):

the 2d registration fee and the two pence halfpenny postage charge paid by a 1/2d SG197 and

TWO pairs of 1d SG 40, originally a block of 4, 'HH-II'. 

SG40 issued in 1857 so a very late usage of this stamp. 

'II' perfs damaged on the letter being opened, overlapped onto the back of the envelope,

and 'HI' crossed by a registered blue crayon but 'HH-IH' are very fine. 

Registered SMP (London) ovals for March 17th 1890. 


The latest usage of 1d SG40 on registered mail we have seen. 


A rare item. 


Price: £140.00




151340.  1/2d brown postcard to Germany,

printed Memorandum from Dobbin, Ogilvie & Co., Cork requesting a quote for Liquid Glucose.

 The card cancelled by the distinctive and scarce Cork scroll date stamp, December 11th 1888.

Fine/very fine overall condition. 

Scarce item.

Price:  £29.00   SOLD




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