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We specialise in the stamps and postal history of Great Britain covering

the pre-stamp era and the reign of Queen Victoria (1840-1901).


Our service, whether you are a newcomer to this fascinating

period of our social and philatelic history,

a Specialist or an Exhibitor, is based on 40 years experience

as Specialist Dealers handling rare and unique items.


Our emphasis has always been on quality and rarity.


Having helped to build many fine Collections, which is ongoing today,

we are always pleased to give advice on developing a Collection.


Our stock contains quality items:

the unusual; the exceptional and the unique. 


If you have for sale an individual item, or a Collection, from the

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New additions in all Sections including:

Pre-stamp and Stampless:  

Early Guernsey to Southampton Ship Letter;

Uniform 4d Post letter sent abroad;

Sunday usages in Uniform 4d Post Period;

Handstruck '4's;

First Day of the Uniform1d Post;

Manchester Sunday May 17th 1840.


Surface Printed and 1d Lilacs:


trial cancellations;

usages in the Channel Islands;

wide range of covers;

 rare varieties on cover.


Scottish, Irish and Welsh:

Edinburgh Paid 6d Extra on cover;

Dumfries Distinctive Cross on cover;

Dublin Additional 1/2d's;

Experimental Duplexes including rare varieties;

Last Day of usage Edinburgh Cross;

Irish Crosses on Cover.


1d Blacks:

Distinctive Crosses on cover;


Inverted watermarks;

turned letter with a 1d black both ways;

Ruby cross on cover.


Line Engraved, 1d Reds and 2d Blues:

Range of missperfs on 1d reds and 2d blues;

1d Reds from Black Plates on cover;

2d blue Paisley Cross New Years Day;

covers with LATE USAGES of the 1d Black,

2d Blues with Re entries;

Disinctive Crosses on 1d Reds;

Used blocks of 1d reds.


Hand Drawn and Pictorial Envelopes:

Wide range of unusual and attractive examples.


The following are a few examples from some Sections of the website.


151676.  FIRST DAY Uniform 4d Post: Stampless Section


151288.  FIRST DAY Uniform 1d Post: Pre-stamp Section


15136.  Number 2 in Cross on a front: Mulready Section


151783. Envelope, illustrated BOTH SIDES.  Hand Drawn and Pictorial items Section


151998.  Registered Front: Hand Drawn and Pictorial items Section

 151567.  Bristol, SUNDAY MAY 31st 1840, Plate 3: 1d Black Section


15143.  Plates 8 and 6 on wrapper Belfast to Armagh: 1d Black Section


151206.  Superb Plate 1a pair: 1d Black Section.


151851. Plate 1b INVERTED Watermark: Watermark Varieties Section.


151547.  Plate 1 WORCESTER numeral: 1840 2d Blue Section.


15142.  Plate 1 Steel Blue Greenock Cross:  1840 2d Blue Section


151882. 1d plate 63 and 2d plate 3 ON COVER: Line Engraved Section.


151656.  2d Plate 3 Envelope Dublin to Australia: Line Engraved Section


 151905.  1d SG17: Line Engraved Section



151487.  T.0.5 on letter written on board Cunarder 'RUSSIA': Line Engraved Section   


 151528.  Very early usage of Boston Trial: Early Machines Section


152018.  3d Plate 6 SALISBURY Trial:  Early Machines Section


151240.  1d SG16b: ARCHER PERFORATION with RPS Cert - Scottish and Line-Engraved Sections.


151608.  1/- SG55 on entire to Harpers Building New York: Embossed Section


152032.  4d SG66a with RPS Cert: Surface Printed Section


WM10.  4d Plate 16 INVERTED watermark: Watermark Varieties Section


5100. 1/- SG117, Plate 4, Inverted Watermark: Watermark Varieties Section


151856.  1/- SG115 Plate 6:  Surface Printed Section


151670.  5/- SG127 Plate 1: Surface Printed Section



151849.  5/- Plate 2 SG127: Surface Printed Section


151936. 5/- SG130 Plate 4: Surface Printed Section.


151464.  4d SG152 variety LARGE 5 in plate number: Surface Printed Section.


152030.  6d Plate 12 ABNORMAL on cover with RPS Cert: Surface Printed Section



151552.  1d SG166: Surface Printed Section


151720.  1d lilac Die 1: Surface Printed Section


151648.  SG197 INVERTED Watermark: Jubilee Section 


151485.  Registered FIRST DAY of Issue: 1890 Penny Post Jubilee Section


151653.  1841 2d Blue Envelope: Stationery Section


151751.  UPU Card SECOND DAY of Usage: Stationery Section


151675.  3d Empire Card used to Australia - Stationery Section


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   Early Machine Cancellations and Trials

Pre - stamp and Stampless

  Postal History of Scotland, Ireland and Wales

 The 1d and 2d Mulready  

Hand Drawn & Pictorial Envelopes 

  1d Blacks  1840 2d Blues

1d Reds, 2d Blues and other Line Engraved


Surface Printed, High Values, Lilac and Greens and 1d Lilac  

Jubilee Issue

  1890 Penny Post Jubilee 

Stationery, Registered Envelopes and Printed Adverts.

Watermark Varieties  


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